Canadian Music Week – Cryptopsy, Beneath The Massacre – Montreal Metal Storms The Gates – March 9th – Opera House

Montreal metal will be storming the gates of Canadian Music Week, March 9th, 2011 in Toronto, ON at The Opera House (735 Queen St. East) for a true celebration of Montreal’s metal scene. Technical death metallers Cryptopsy & Beneath The Massacre will be leading the charge alongside Toronto’s own Fatality and Montreal’s The Catalyst who will give you a lesson in old school meets modern thrash.

Ontario’s own bastion of all things gore, Disgust will be making an appearance to the pleasure of those who like their death metal pure & sickly to the veins.

Also representing Canada’s metal capital is Montreal’s Dissension, Dush, and Sykode who round out the opening acts; each delivering very different styles and sounds to illustrate the variety in Montreal’s metal scene. From melodic/symphonic, blackened thrash, to gothic-tinged doom rock, and progressive metalcore, STORMING THE GATES…TABARNAK! is the CMW event for METAL.



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