INCARNATE releases new album March the 4th on DRA

A new year and a new INCARNATE album coming up! It’s almost there, the cd is baptized “Hands of Guilt / Eyes of Greed” and will be released March the 4th!

NEW CD “Hands of Guilt / Eyes of Greed”
This summer, Incarnate recorded the cd at the Independent Recordings Studio in Utrecht. The new album was once again engineered by Quintijn Verhoef. For the release of “Hands of Guilt / Eyes of Greed”, the band officially resigned a deal with Demons Run Amok Entertainment (GER). Guitarist Chris states: “We already worked with both parties for our previous album and that turned out very well. There was no reason to change the recipe. We are glad to stay within the DRA family.”

It’s the first album with new vocalist Koen Mattheeuws. Frontman Koen comments: “After being with the band for about a year, I am proud to show the results of our song writing. This is INCARNATE’s third studio album and it’s a killer! This record has a great thrash and death metal feel to it, but the groove and slower tempos are represented. There’s something for everyone.”

INCARNATE worked together with Jacob Parmentier to visualize the album’s concept. Parmentier is an upcoming artist known for his black and white horror-esque style of drawing. Recently he also worked for bands as Arkangel and Rot in Hell. He did an awesome job on the cover artwork, which now perfectly fits to the music. The artwork is included as attachment.

The album track-listing for “Hands of Guilt / Eyes of Greed” is as follows:

1. Doomed to Wander
2. Sinner’s Fate
3. Tempted (by an Angel)
4. Caged
5. The Damage Done
6. Act of Reason
7. Pains of Grey
8. Seven – VII – 7

On our myspace you’ll find the new song “Sinner’s Fate”, the first single of “Hands of Guilt / Eyes of Greed”. You’ll find a sneak preview video – shot in the studio during recording – there as well!

Incarnate will present the new album to the crowd at De Spot, Middelburg (NL) Saturday March the 19th. This time we’ll be playing a Belgian releaseshow as well. That one will be March the 26th at JH De Lochtink, Eeklo (BE). Both the flyers for the releaseshows are included as attachment.

Since we’re going to promote the new album live a lot, we’ll be all over the stages. The 9th of April we’ll be supporting FULL BLOWN CHAOS in Terneuzen (NL) and one week later we’ll be playing with American death metal giants MALEVOLENT CREATION at Bibelot, Dordrecht (NL). Ofcourse, in May and June we’ll continue playing live shows, so keep an eye on our website, myspace, facebook or hyves for new dates!

Incarnate is always looking for new shows. If you’re willing to book us or could be of any significance to us, let us know! Drop us a line at


Incarnate is a Dutch metalcoreband with clear death- and thrashmetal influences, going strong since 2003. Released albums: A dark age of lies (MCD, Lucifer’s Legions Records, 2004/2005) and Embrace the Horror (Full-length CD, Demons Run Amok, 2008). Furthermore Incarnate made a contribution to the Integrity-tribute cd “Harder they Fall” (Escapist Records, 2007) and a split cd. Incarnate played live with a.o.: Nile, Gorefest, Exodus, Pro-Pain, Merauder, Born From Pain, Vicious Rumors, Sworn Enemy, Backfire, Cataract, … Incarnate shows are bulging with energy and power and often convince a wide metal- and hardcore audience. An up to date biography is added as attachment.

Thanks on beforehand for your attention and interest!


** ‘Hands of Guilt/Eyes of Greed’ out on March the 4th on Demons Run Amok Entertainment! (GER)


19 March 2011 @ De Spot, Middelburg (NL)
CD release show – Netherlands
26 March 2011 @ De Lochtink, Eeklo (BE)
CD Release show – Belgium

9 April 2011 @ De Pit, Terneuzen (NL)
w/ Full Blown Chaos, Smashface   15 April 2011 @ Bibelot, Dordrecht (NL)
w/ Malevolent Creation

28 April 2011 TBC

7 May 2011 @ B52 Club, Eernegem (BE)
w/ The Zygoma Disposal, Stabwound
21 May 2011 @ St. Jozefzaal, Kleine Brogel (BE)
Rage of Destruction Fest V w/ Leng Tch’e, Rotting Christ, …

18 June 2011 @ OHK, Oostende (BE)
Graspop Pre-Party
26 November 2011 @ OJC Maddogs, Groesbeek (NL) To Hell Fest Pt. 9 w/ Prostitute Disfigurement



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