Heart – Live At Mile One, St. John’s, NL


Live At Mile One, St. John’s, NL


Review and photos by Celtic Bob


Heart have been around for many years and although many of their songs are staples on Classic Rock Radio I have to admit that apart from the ‘Hits’ I was pretty unfamiliar with their music until the release of RED VELVET CAR last year. This somewhat sparked my interest in the band and when it was announced that they would be starting their 2011 Cross Canada tour here in my Province I was quite interested.

After a 4+ hour drive I arrived at the venue and ready for an evening of music. Heading into the show I had somewhat low expectations based solely on a TV appearance a couple years ago. I wasn’t too sure on what to really expect.

The lights go down at 8:30 and the Wilson sisters hit the stage. Nancy is armed with an electric guitar with the distortion pedal turned up, way up. I never thought of her as a lead player until this moment but she is quite a guitarist. Having the opportunity to see her from such a close range left quite an impression and a new appreciation for her playing. All the while she was moving around, jumping up and just plain rockin’ out and given’er on guitar. Even during songs where she was playing an acoustic she still rocked out. Very impressive.

Heart - Nancy Wilson Heart - Ann Wilson

Like her sister Nancy, Ann was in great shape and on top of her game. She sounded amazing and much, much better than she did on the aforementioned TV appearance that had now left my mind. She was nailing all the note’s and high’s. She was really running off the energy from the crowd and appeared to be fully enjoying the opening night of the tour here on the island.

The band were great but tended to stay in the background for the most part and let Ann and Nancy dominate the stage. Guitarist Craig Bartock did take to the front of the stage for a few solo’s throughout the course of the evening and to trade lick’s with Nancy during the cover of Led Zep’s “What Is And What Should Never Be”.

An excellent mixture of old and new material was performed with a heavy focus on the 70’s and current releases. There was a bit of between song chatting to the audience during which time Ann was telling stories of their stay here and of them getting ‘Screeched In’. She was quite fascinated by this cultural tradition and mentioned it a couple of times throughout the course of the evening.

Seeing Heart with both of the Wilson sisters is an experience I won’t soon forget. They put on a hell of a show with some amazing music. For an act that got their start in the 70’s, they still have it in many ways.

Heart - Nancy Wilson Heart - Nancy Wilson

Heart - Nancy Wilson Heart - Nancy Wilson

Heart - Ann Wilson Heart - Ann Wilson


 Heart - Ann Wilson Heart - Nancy Wilson

Heart Heart - Nancy Wilson

Thanks to Kerry at Rebel Music for Show and Photo Access



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