HARDCORE SUPERSTAR -Live at Club Tavastia, Helsinki



03.02 2011




Sweden’s finest glam rock/metal sleaze band Hardcore Superstar returned in Finland to play two shows legendary Club Tavastia in Helsinki. Hardcore Superstar have been around for over twelve years and it seems that their popularity is constantly growing. Their ascension might look slow but it’s happening all the time for sure and the proof for that is that now band did two sold shows in here. The latest release SPLIT YOUR LIP came out in the fall of 2010 and it’s definitely one of the strongest releases of the bands career. Things seem to be going good for Hardcore Superstar so it’s time to check out their current live condition.

Originally it was announced that the band would take to the stage at 9:30 PM but as expected the show started a little bit late and they went on around 09:45. Some of the younger fans had a surprised look in their face when show started off with band’s debut album BAD SNEAKERS AND A PINA COLADA track “Liberation”. The song worked out fine and when guys next headed into a pair of new SPLIT YOUR LIP songs everybody in the front went completely insane.  “Sadistic Girls” is already a true Hardcore Superstar classic and “Guestlist” does have the funniest intro that any band has used in years. The bands roadie, who “happens” to speak good Finnish, roared the intro part and it sank into the audience like a hot knife in butter. If you want to know how the intro is… please listen to SPLIT YOUR LIP and choose track two.


The title track of new album followed and then band headed into two “Black album” tracks and did “Bad Reputation” and “Wild Boys” from that one. “Into Debauchery” from BEG FOR IT was a great up tempo rocker before things little settled down with DREAMIN’ IN THE CASCET album title track. Next they  went back to up tempo with “Bully” before slowing down properly with acoustic “Here Comes That Sick Bitch”. The latter worked out fine with Jocke singing and Vic doing acoustic guitar so it was performed as a Hardcore Superstar duo.

The strong opening riff of “Medicate Me” raised dozens of fists in the air and “Bag on Your Head” made sure that the atmosphere stayed on high level. During the song Udde handed his drumming duties for the same roadie who did the Finnish intro part in “Guestlist” and he then enjoyed a beer or two in the front of audience while the rest of the guys kept on playing. It was noticeable that “black album” tracks were the ones which always got the best response during the set. The next one was such a surprise for many. “Dear for Many” from THANK YOU (FOR LETTING US TO BE OURSELVES) was a great addition on the set list and especially elder long term fans for sure were pleased to hear it.  Another new album track and up tempo rocker “Last Call for Alcohol” closed the main set and band took a little break before the encores. 


“Moonshine” opened the encore game and it got a good response. Personally I’m not a big fan of this particular song (it could easily be replaced with something else) but the audience seemed to like it and that’s what’s most important here. For me the song did seem to last forever but fortunately another BAD SNEAKERS AND A PINA COLADA track “Someone Special” put the show quickly back on track when Jocke next announced that it was time of evenings very last song, everybody in the audience then knew what’s going to happen. Almost every band there has their own signature track or anthem and Hardcore Superstar have “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays”. The song is always kicking asses because it’s simply a brilliant one. What a perfect closer for this brilliant show.

To put long story short, this was an excellent, high energy rock ’n roll show and there’s no doubt that Hardcore Superstar are currently of the best bands of its own genre. Although Jock Berg is the chief on stage still each band member has their own visible and personal role on the show. Everybody had tons of energy on stage and the whole band was playing really tightly. Nothing was played from NO REGRETS neither there wasn’t “Shame” on the set but overall band played material from wide range of their career.  Welcome back anyday! 







Sadistic Girls


Split Your Lip

My Good Reputation

Wild Boys

Into Debauchery

Dreamin’ In a Casket


Here Comes That Sick Bitch

Kick On the Upperclass

Medicate Me

Bag on Your Head

Dear Old Fame

Last Call for Alcohol


Someone Special

We Don’t Celebrate Sundays


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