Germany’s veteran melodic heavy metal outfit, Deadlock, has released a digital single of the song, “State Of Decay”, downloadable now through iTunes at:  In addition to the track itself, the digital single contains two bonus remixes; “State Of Decay” remix by S.U.N. Project, and “Virus Jones” by TRICKPOP.  “State Of Decay” is the first track to be released from Deadlock’s fifth studio album, Bizarro World, which is due out on March 15th on Lifeforce Records.

In addition to the “State Of Decay” digital single, Deadlock has launched a free downloadable ringtone (MP3 and iPhone format), available on the Lifeforce Records official website at:

Bizarro World album teaser is currently streaming on the official Deadlock MySpace at:

The track list for Bizarro World is…1. Virus Jones2. State Of Decay3. Falling Skywards4. Earthlings5. You Left Me Dead6. Brutal Romance7. Alienation8. Renegade9. Htrae10. Bizarro World11. Paranoia Extravaganza“’Bizarro World’ is a gem of an album” –“DEADLOCK manages to combine elements of all around the musical spectrum into one giant cohesive piece of musical artwork.” SCRATCHtheSurface Webzine Bizarro World was produced by Deadlock guitarist, Sebastian Reichl, at Slaughter’s Palace studios this fall.

On Bizarro World, Deadlock has designed an interpretation of a world built up on extremes and antitheses.  The album is based on the concept of “Bizarro”, which originated in DC Comics in the early 1960s, and represents a weirdly mutilated version of earthly creations.  However, contrary to the concept of a world stigmatizing perfection, sonically, Bizarro World strives for the opposite.

Deadlock’s sound can be described as a combination of opposed elements, such as sharp guitar-assaults, pop and dance quotations, orchestral profundity, gruffly growls, and beautiful clean vocals.  With Bizarro World, the band seeks to improve on what they already did so well in the past, while offering a wider, self-assured view on symphonic and brutal metal, based on a progressive approach.

Over their previous Lifeforce offerings, Earth.Revolt (2005), Wolves (2007) and Manifesto (2008), Deadlock has accentuated the signature of their metal sound, which hovers somewhere in between beauty and darkness, with increasing relevance.  The band has toured in support of such accredited acts as Lacuna Coil, All That Remains, Sonic Syndicate, Dark Tranquillity, Caliban, and Heaven Shall Burn within the past two years.Stay tuned for more information on Deadlock and Bizarro World.

Deadlock is…
Johannes Prem – vocals
Sabine Weniger – vocals
Sebastian Reichl – guitar,
Rymen – guitar
John Gahlert – bass
Tobias Graf – drums

Deadlock online…



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