Announcing the launch of Indie Label Metal Mantra Records

Metal Mantra Records
Metal Mantra Records

Heavy Metal enthusiasts had a prayer answered recently with the launching of Indie Label Metal Mantra Records, LLC, based in Bucks County.

This upstart record label is catering to the genre that is responsible for  many others, most of which thrive today, all around the world. With strict focus on what they call ‘Pure Metal’, Metal Mantra Records is reigniting  a flame that has been fading in the local scene, for some time.

While the grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Heavy Metal flourish, their forefathers, having earned an eternal place in the World of Metal, are scaling back on touring, recording, likely in preparation for them enjoy their Golden Years,  which they richly deserve.  With only a modicum of bands from the local or underground scenes who exhibit that classic style and sound, the ‘Pure’ Metal genre risks extinction. As the waves of ‘modern metal’ such as Black, Core, Death, Screamo, etc., and all that spawns from them, are breaking on the shores of listeners, the foundation from which they are rooted has had few additions to its structure.

Bands like Slipknot, approaching their 3rd decade have Disturbed, and Korn following in their footsteps. The sounds of Morbid Angel  already in their 3rd decade, will live on through the efforts of  Autopsy, and God Dethroned. In countries around the Globe, the mid-range guitars and ‘tin’ sounding drums of Black Metal is as prevalent as the breeze, and show no signs of fading. Multi-faceted bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Children Of Bodom, Avenged Sevenfold, and female fronted performers such as The Agonist, Holy Moses, Straight Line Stitch, Arch Enemy, and the like, demonstrate an ever-popular blending of styles and sounds, that are becoming as standard, as they were recently unique.

Meanwhile those who have stood the test of time, forge ahead like the Champions they are. Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Overkill, Ozzy, and Motorhead watch as their partners fade; King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, Scorpions, Ritchie Blackmore, and  Twisted Sister,  or pass on completely; Dio, Schudiner, Steele, Chris Dudek ,Phil Kennemore. Glimmers of hope appear with the return of Megadeth, Accept, Manowar, and Kreator. Though these well respected, tireless, pioneers of all things Metal press onward, who is waiting in the wings? Who will carry the flag, and defend the faith once Father Time has deemed it necessary to retire the Metal Elite?

With the launching of Metal Mantra Records comes a commitment to provide, even on a local, ‘underground’ scale, an opportunity for bands with a traditional Metal sound to be heard.  Info taken from the company Bio states, “ METAL MANTRA RECORDS is focused on ‘Pure’ HEAVY METAL and it’s immediate sub-genres*, is personally funded by the owners, and believe that the majority of earnings attributed to a creative piece, should be paid to the Artist(s). As such, METAL MANTRA RECORDS offers to work with METAL Artists after close scrutiny of their operational processes…….Decades of experience, trial and error has produced a fresh and innovative approach to the business. Gone are the days of Artists signing away rights and royalties of their creations, or having to pay out of pocket for sub-par production.”

The up-and-coming Label defines ‘Pure Metal and it’s immediate sub-genres’ as: Classic, Progressive, Power, Speed, Thrash, and Doom Metal, and emphatically state they, “openly support all forms of METAL, and music in general.”, choosing to direct their energy, helping to re-build ‘Pure’ Metal, beginning on a local level.

Metal Mantra Records is currently involved in active negotiations with companies on several Continents, in an effort to secure distribution deals so the sound of ‘Pure’ Metal once again reaches Metal listeners, World Wide. A spokesperson for the label said, “We’re on a conference call this Friday(2/4) with a German Record Company, and are confident we’ll be announcing that we’ve reached an agreement with them, soon after.” One thing is certain; After this is achieved, once again the Flag of Heavy Metal will fly high for all to see.



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