The Furious Horde (EP) – ST

Reviewed: February 2011
Released: 2010, n/a
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Creating some serious waves within the UK’s metal scene; Furious Horde’s reputation precedes them. Recognition from small labels, a song featured in Terrorizer and playing alongside Interlock and are all sure signs of success. Musically this three track EP alone will show you the reasons why.

The band opens with a traditional sinister trait that is shared by bands in the black metal genre. A sinister procession of guitar riffs amidst a bleak soundscape evoked through an emphasis upon the keyboard effects. The fury behind ‘Dogma’ is one that appears unwavering within its colossal weight and descent into darkness. A spoken dialogue between Angels and the Devil ensues before a well executed breakdown. The alluring nature of this band becomes hard to resist.

Following hence is ‘Nevermore’ a track that explores more of the next chapter in the spoken narrative, as the guitars weave in melodically before exploding into the brutal grandeur that these guys have become masters of. Clean vocals and devilish growls invade from all angles, tearing your eardrums apart.

Being at a haunted circus was the impression found in the intro of ‘Possession’. In this track the keyboardist injects a majestic backdrop to an abyss of guitars and drumming before lapsing into a keyboard outro.

Furious Horde are a band who tell a powerful narrative within their music. One that is ethereal, romantic, spiritual and apocalyptic. For those who have never appreciated Black metal or those who have never heard of it, get yourself a copy of this EP and you will see what you’ve been missing out on.

Reviewer: Ben Spencer


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Track Listing:
01 Dogma I
02 Nevermore
03 Possession

Ruptured Souls – Vocals/Guitars
Aaron \’Awake\’ Ferdinando – Bass
Josiah Lutton – Keyboards
Overlord Mortiroth – Guitars
Patrick Lazarus – Drums




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