Silas – To The Ground [EP]

Reviewed: February 2011
Released: 2010, Unsigned
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Silas were winners of UK Band quest 2010. This was a series of live shows in south London/Kent in which the winner gets to play at Bloodstock festival. The showcase provided a refined and ever winding journey for the bands and for the thrash metal on the Silas EP TO THE GROUND.

The quartet opens with ‘In the Grind’ in which the vocals in the first 40 seconds appear distant before exploding into a procession of thrash riffs along with a solid bass groove. Vocally the song shifts between infectious husky clean vocals and demonic growls before the guitars bursts into a jaw dropping array solos. From the powerful chorus in ‘Angel’s lie’ to the well timed breakdown ‘To The Ground’ the band draw upon the same fundamentals that made Metallica, Black Stone Cherry, and Alice In Chains so well recognized.

Aside from being solid songwriters, the band shows no fear in experimentation as elements of blues, funk and some impressive tech guitar and drumming on ‘Rollin On’ (one of the highlights of the EP). This not only sets Silas apart from their contemporaries, it also reflects their wide appreciation of music. The breakdown in ‘Open Your Eyes’ in which the guitars take a wayward journey into 70’s prog territory, is just one example of this.

Perhaps the only drawback with the record is that while the progression was there, certain moments felt slightly misplaced. For example, the solo mid way through ‘Flip the Script’ felt somewhat forced and disruptive to the rest of the song.

Silas’s HIT THE GROUND is an EP that deems them worthy of playing a festival like Bloodstock with a future appearances being high in demand. Fans of thrash metal will be awestruck; while newcomers will find a new found love for the genre.

Review: Ben Spencer


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Track Listing:
01 In The Grind
02 Angels Lie
03 Flip The Script
04 Open Your Eyes
05 To The Ground
06 Rollin On

Vocals: Dave Runham
Bass: Matt Drumm
Guitar/Drums/Backing Vocals: Tom Ross
Guitar/ Drums/Backing Vocals: Mike Ross




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