Reaping Havoc – Serpent of Hate [EP]

Reviewed: February 2011
Released: 2010, n/a
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Combing elements of Children of Bodom and Meshuggah with some off the wall time signatures, Reaping Havoc’s SERPENT OF HATE EP delivers a brutal, technical and a “scaring the shit out of someone” sound.

This 5 track recording opens with ‘Riding Death’, a song that wastes no time in addressing these aforementioned qualities. In terms of structure, the opening proceeds with a soaring growl that ascends beyond the layers of heavy riffs and the orchestral moments; before building into an impressive 40 second plus guitar solo. These guys clearly have the right idea when it comes to busting their way through with full force! The EP also displays a lot of experimentation in which the bass meanders in and out of sync with guitars – in ‘FUBAR’ and ‘Self-Destructionology’ – a deliberate and interesting ploy. The same can also be said for the outro of ‘Hate Vol’ as the keyboardist’s interception flows back and forth. The vocals in this track transition into a spoken dialogue: “Everyday seems worthless” that magnifies the song’s dark tonality.

While this may be an impressive display of musicianship; the constant solos do become taxing after a while. It is clear that both guitarists are skilled but their skills do become over-indulgent. This being said, the final solo itself signifies a satisfying closure to the record, one that that will get air guitar fans dedicating hours of their free time to try and keep up.

Reaping Havoc are a band with a lot to offer the London Metal scene, appealing to both metal fans and technical musicians.

Review: Ben Spencer


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Track Listing:
01 Riding Death
03 HateVol
04 Self Destructionology
05 Serpent Of Hate

Nick Green (vox/guitarist)
Gabriel J. Garcia (bass)
Jesel Gohil (drums)
Shaz (keyboard




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