‘Mean Deviation’ Author Jeff Wagner Names 2010’s Top Ten in Prog Metal (and Beyond!)

VOIVOD Members Contribute to 'MEAN DEVIATION: Four Decades of Progressive Heavy Metal'
'MEAN DEVIATION: Four Decades of Progressive Heavy Metal'

Jeff Wagner, author of the acclaimed Mean Deviation: Four Decades of Progressive Heavy Metal, explains his list of 2010’s best prog metal releases (and more!) online at the Bazillion Points Blog [blog.bazillionpoints.com].

Recapping a banner year for progressive metal, Wagner’s picks include releases by Enslaved, Cynic, Atheist, Solefald, Deathspell Omega, along with… Dax Riggs?

As for his top pick, by veteran metal act Anathema, Wagner says: “I didn’t think they still had this kind of album in them, but they do.”

“When I’m nestled in the dark of my music room,” he explains, “inescapably tuned into a particular album, that’s exactly what I feel like I’m doing: comprehending infinity. Or getting close. It doesn’t happen often, but the albums listed here helped me almost get there… The Anathema actually landed me right on Planet Infinity a few times.”

In the meantime, Wagner’s book Mean Deviation earned year-end kudos of its own from AOL’s Noisecreep and Metal-Rules.com, and has been hailed by members of Cynic, Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Voivod, Porcupine Tree, and others.

For more information, chapter sample, complete index, or to buy the book, visit this location: www.mean-deviation.com



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