L Sol Tace – L Sol Tace

Reviewed: February 2011
Released: 2010, n/a
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Metal-Rules.com UK Team

L Sol Tace self titled 2010 Demo EP was recorded and self produced by the band themselves.“It was a rush job just something to get us gigs around town” – and that’s exactly what it did, it landed them their second ever gig together supporting black metallers Abgott at the Arch Enemy after show in London.

Since then they have gigging in London to kick up a storm for 2011 with all things brutal, and all things Metal! With a line up of seasoned musicians, L Sol Tace are working hard at forging an original brand of metal helping inject the HEAVY back into UK scene.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this EP, and it left me wanting more! The songs are well written and are as catchy as hell. The vocals are also right on the money as far as I can tell and perfect for this sort of sound. For me the only thing (and it is the tiniest of gripes) is the production, the vocals are above it all and it could have done with some more tweaking, but by the end of the EP I understood that it works.

It gave an illusion that it wasn’t considered during recording, but once you have listened to the EP front to back, you can see it how it all comes together in the mix. The music itself is awesome, aggressive and punk, but carrying the low metal groove and technical sensibilities. The song quality is immense and these guys have got a great ear for it.

My favourite tracks would have to me \’Void of God\’ and \’Sinners Game\’, although \’Decevil\’ is also a great track and heavy as fuck. I can’t wait to hear these guys at a gig, to be able to witness the power and aggression that comes through on this EP. In my verdict, if they play their cards right; 2011 can be a very good year for L Sol Tace.


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Track Listing:
Void of God
Sinners Game

Anton Swan -Vocals
Sam Wallace – Guitar
James Murphy – Drums
Neil Hester – Bass




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