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Dag bass player in Psy:Code

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

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Here is an interview with Dag the bass player in the Danish band Psy:Code that released their debut album DELUSION this past summer. We talked about the album, touring, production and what the band are gonna do under 2011. So here you have a  interview with  Psy:Code.




Hi Dag, thanks a lot for taking the time to do this interview with me and Should we begin?

Yes lets go.

Well, your brand new debut album is called DELUSION and was released during early 2010 could you tell us a bit about the album?

As you know it’s our debut album, so some of the tracks are rather old… We’ve gone through a lot of musical changes, but we kept the elder songs, we thought would work just fine with the new material. Four of the songs also appear on an EP that followed free with Metalized Magazine nr.60 January/February 2009.

How would you like to describe what kind of music Psy:Code plays?

Well, it’s always difficult to label your own music to a specific genre. But we think of Psy:Code as violent, groovy and bit complex metal. We realize that a lot of people think of us as a new metal band, which we won’t deny, but point out that we’re in the very hard end of this genre.

What are your lyrics about and who writes the lyrics?

Schou, our vocalist, takes care of all the lyrics. He writes about many and much, but always very serious lyrics, mainly about his personal life (frustrations, delusions, despair…), which is why we chose not to include the lyrics in the booklet. After the release we’ve talked about releasing the lyrics on our website anyway, but let’s see what happens…


Where does the title DELUSION come from and how come you chose to name the album that?

Originally the track called “As we fail” was called “Delusion”, but we thought that Delusion was a very powerful word that really covered the main theme throughout the lyrics. With that being said, it was natural for us to find another name to the track, because we already had decided that the album shouldn’t have a title song, and we ended up calling it “As we fail”.


Who has done the cover art work and what do you think of it?

The cover art was made by Kasper Hansen at Quite Unique studio in corporation with Psy:Code. We had a lot of ideas and he helped us visualising them. He is a very professional and ambitious man and he spend a lot of time making it perfect. We are very satisfied with the final cover result.


Did you have a release party to celebrate the release of the album?

Yeah, we held a release party at “Huset” (in English: the house) in Copenhagen. We had been sponsored by “Djævlebryg” (in English: Devils Brew) who provided a lot of free strong beer. There was full house all night with lots of friends, fans and media, and we played a very well received gig… fantastic night…

Have you read any reviews of the album yet? What have the media to say about DELUSION?

Well, as always there are a thousand different opinions when any band releases an album. But I can proudly say that the majority of reviews have been great. We’ve received quite a lot of reviews with many different opinions, so it’s hard to say what the media says about in general. But check them out at our facebook profile.

I know that you have shot a video to the song “Set It Loose” what can you tell us about the video?

The video to “Set it loose” is made by the film company “Royal Baboon” from Denmark, which only have made a few music videos before “Set it loose”, and these weren’t even metal videos. But we thought it could be interesting to work with a film crew that weren’t influenced by all the metal videos that have been made throughout the years. The video is based on the lyrics, which is about a very sick and twisted mind. But enough said, just watch it at youtube.

Are you happy with the outcome of the album now that you look back on it in retrospective?

Indeed, we’re very satisfied. We think we made a great debut album, which still sounds powerful and aggressive after listening to it for a year or so. The production is still awesome, and combined with all the great reviews and our Denmark tour with mighty Illdisposed, I think it’s fair to say we’ve done a good job and that it has paid off.


Who is playing additional guitar in the biography it only says Krist?

Well, Stein did almost all the guitars on delusion, Krist actually only did the lead in the end of “The silent majority” and other minor parts. Currently we’re looking for a new guitarist, since the guy who filled Krist’ place Tommy, didn’t lived up to our expectations.



Studiowork and production

In which studio did you record the album? And how long did it take to get the album ready for release?

We recorded Delusion at SteinLab Studios, which is actually where Psy:code rehearses, so we have the option to record at any time which is a great tool for making music. But the recording took too long because we ran into some obstacles, and maybe we took ourselves a little too good time. But the biggest obstacle, in order to get the album done, was when we were contacted by Metalized Magazine concerning the EP I mentioned earlier, so we had to postpone the album and make the EP, because we thought it would be great commercial for the upcoming album.

The band have produced the album how come you chose to do it yourself? Wasn’t it hard to get along?

As mentioned we rehearse in our own studio and have been for a very long time, so Stein is used to work as a producer. Besides he’s also producing for various artists, when he can find the time. But it was great to work without time limit, so we could try all our ideas back and forth, without the money clock ticking. We had all the time we needed to perfect the recordings.

Do you like to produce and is that something you think that you’re going to continue on doing in the future?

It’s hard work but there are a lot of benefits by producing it yourself. On the other hand it’s always inspiring to go to a brand new place and studio to do your work, and to get a professional outsider to come with ideas and all kinds of input. I don’t think we’re determined to one or another right now, we’ll probably decide when it gets relevant.


Who has done the mixing and mastering?

Delusion was mixed and mastered by the great Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studio.


Were you friends with Hansen before he worked with you and how was it to work with the well known Hansen?

No, we contacted him specifically to make the album. Hansen is a very professional, kind and talented man. He’s very easy to work with, and has a great gift in understanding incompetent musicians, as ourselves, when we try to explain the sound of our music, and all our crazy ideas.


Do you think that you’re going to work with Hansen in the future?

I can’t exclude the possibility of working with Hansen again, but Psy:code likes to experiment with the music in all its aspects, so we will definitely work with other producers/mixers in the future. But who knows, maybe we end up at Hansen again some years from now…



Was it hard for the band to land a deal with a record label?

No, they we’re actually very interested right away. The only question was about the details of the deal.

You inked a deal with Mighty Music how come you chose to sign on for them?

Mighty music is the biggest and most serious Danish metal label who also houses a lot of other great Danish metal bands, so it was very natural to get in their stable. And after negotiating a fair deal, we signed the contract.

Are you happy with the work the label have put into the band and the album so far?

Yeah, they’ve fully fulfilled their part of the deal. We got a lot of publicity on webzines and in the big European magazines, interviews and reviews and a great tour with Illdisposed.

Mighty Music works close with Target Promotion how is to work with them do you think?

Well Target Promotion were responsible for our promotion mentioned above, so they have done a great job in promoting Psy:Code and Delusion.

Do you also co-operate with any management or booking agency?

No, unfortunately not. Though we’re working on it it’s hard to find a serious, affordable booking agency, which actually can make a difference for Psy:Code. But are on the look and are interested in any serious offer.


Is the album only released in Europe so far or has it been released in other parts of the worlds as well?

So far it has only been released in Europe.

Do you have plans on releasing the album in North America and Asia in the near future?

Mighty Music and Target Promotion does not have any contact to America or Asia, so it’s up to us if we want it released in these parts of the world. So far we haven’t really have got the time to make an effort to do so. But off course we’re interested in releasing in as many countries as possible.


Past present and future

When and where was the band born and who is the founder?

Gøtsche and Stein started the band back in 2002, but under the name Psy:Code, the band was formed in 2005.

Has the line up always been the same as the current one?

No, Gøtsche, Stein and Schou have always been in Psy:Code, but there have been some replacements throughout the years on the other guitar and bass. But I’ve played in Psy:Code for a couple of years soon, and Tommy joined around the same time Delusion was released. But as said said before,currently we’re looking for the 5th member of psy:code.

Do all of the members live in Copenhagen?

Yeah, and we’re even come from the same small island called Amager (The devils island by Danes).

At the end of 2008 did you won a competition put together by the Danish metal paper magazine Metalized, Danish Radio and Live Nation Denmark what was the competition about?

Psy:Code was one of five upcoming Danish metal bands who were chosen to participate in a competition where the price was 15 minutes of fame as an opening act in Valbyhallen to the Unholy Alliance were Slayer, Mastodon, Trivium and Amon Amarth played. The competition part was collecting votes from cell phones, and we did a huge effort in getting these. And fortunately hard work paid off, and we opened the unholy alliance tour in front of 2000-3000 metal fans. We ended up in the back stage with Mastodon just chilling, playing, drinking beer and smoking weed. A truly unforgettable evening.


You were support act to Illdisposed earlier this year how was that?

Illdisposed is one of the true Danish metal giants all the way back from when we were kids. So to support them around in Denmark was a great honour and experience for all of us. We had great time with the guys from Illdisposed and will play with them again at any time.

Were the fans of Illdisposed nice to you?

Yeah, I think so. In general the response was very positive and there were circlepits and headbanging most of the gigs, so we think it was a success. But off course it’s hard to battle the main attraction, which fired up the fans every single night.

Does the member have any common musical influence?

Not really. There will always be classic bands as Metallica and Pantera that almost every metal fan likes, but we actually have very different kind of music preferences and influences. Nevertheless we all agree when it comes to the sound of Psy:Code, and we actually appreciate the great variety of music we’re influenced by.

Sweden has always been a strong hold and a strong producer of hardrock and metal act but now it seems like it Denmark’s turn to give the world a lesson in heavy metal and brutal metal. What do you think is the reason to why the Danish metal scene have exploded during the last few years?

It’s hard to say. I think there has always been a great metal scene in Denmark, right now there’s just focus on it, thanks to bands as Volbeat, Mnemic and Hatesphere. There are thousands of great metal bands out in the wide world that we don’t know about, it seems like it’s about being in the right place at the right time…

Do you have any personal favourites amongst the up and coming Danish metal acts?

Hehe, well of course my two other bands PitchBlack and The Omnihil, but bands like 100 Knives Inside, Kolera, Invisius and Whelm are also bands with great potential.

Have Psy:Code established a strong and loyal fanbase in Denmark yet?

Through the time we’ve got quite some loyal fans who always some to our shows, but there’s always plenty of room for more.

The band has got its own MySpace and Facebook page but not a website why?

We figured that the days of the website are dead. People surfing the internet for new music don’t use the website, but pages like, so we just didn’t want to spend our time at a site no one uses. 

Do you think that MySpace and Facebook are good ways of getting your music out to the masses?

I don’t really know about facebook. They’ve got a lot of users, but whether they search for music or not, I can’t really figure out. But it seems like people are starting to use it more and more. I think MySpace is a great network for musicians and fans and has been for a very long time now. That is one the networks I search when I want to check out some new music.


Do you get a lot of mail from fans? What’s the most common question you get from fans?

We get mail from our fans, but I wouldn’t say that we’re overloaded with mail. But we have contact with our fans and we try as well as we can to maintain our contacts. We really appreciate fans who’s showing interest in Psy:Code. But most frequent question must be:” when will you play live again? ”.

Are you heading out on any European tour later on this year or next year?

We’re hoping on a European tour this year, but nothing is planned yet. Well probably hook up with some other upcoming/or big metal band.

If you only were aloud to describe a live show with Psy:Code with three words what would the words be?

Violent, Intense and Overwhelming.

You have been working really long with the debut album but are you currently working on material to a new album?

Yeah, we just started making new material a couple of months ago, so the fans won’t have to wait too long for the next album.


What are the plans for the band in 2011?

The plans are a lot gigs in Europe, making a lot of music and hopefully record the second album in the end of the year.

Do you have any words of wisdom to the readers and fans?

Motherfucking Shitfucker…

Thanks a lot for answering the questions, that was all for me now. I wish you and the band all the best in the future.

Thank you.



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