Demonstealer Records has announced a new contest for fans who support and buy original music called “The Demon’s Dinner Party”. All fans who purchase music and merchandise through the month of Feb from the DSR OFFER section of the online retail store or the “Monday Specials” on the DSR Facebook page stand a chance to win an invite to the party.

What makes the party different is that the Demonstealer, frontman of prolific Indian band Demonic Resurrection will cook dinner for the winners of the contest who will get to pick a member of their favourite DSR band (Demonic Resurrection, Albatross, Devoid & Workshop) who will join them for dinner. Winners will also get to select what dish they want to eat from the Demonstealer’s cooking blog on Facebook.

“I’ve been posting recipes and photos of my food online for almost 2 years now and I’ve always had fans saying ‘open a restaurant’ or ‘let us taste your food’. So I figured this would be a great chance for fans to not only get to eat some of the food they’ve been seeing but also interact with their fav metal musicians. “ says Demonstealer.

Details on the entire contest can be found here:



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