Meliah Rage to Record & Tour with Paul Souza; Band to play Headbangers Open Air Festival 2011 in Germany

Meliah Rage has announced that singer Paul Souza has returned to record a new full length CD as well as the band’s first ever cover song, a version of Alice Cooper’s Halo of Flies. The song will be a bonus track on the soon to be re-released remix of 2004’s “Barley Human.” The band will then begin recording its next record with Souza in February and March, slated to be called Dead to the World.

The band’s original singer Mike Munro has become very dedicated to his church and recently spent time volunteering in Haiti—Munro felt these and other missions of goodwill would not allow him the flexibility of schedule to tour with Meliah Rage.

Souza recorded two records with Meliah Rage—Barely Human as well as 2006’s The Deep and Dreamless Sleep. The remix will officially be called Barely Human Remix. “We feel very fortunate that we have the ability to work with Paul, complete this CD and play some shows,” explained Meliah Rage founder Anthony Nichols. Souza was the singer when the band toured with Metal Church across the U.S. in 2007.

A video for Halo of Flies was shot last month and will be released in mid February. Dead to the World is slated for release in July just before the band heads for Germany to play The Headbangers Open Air Festival. The track list for the new record is:

Skin And Bones

Up In Flames

Absolute Obedience

Hurts Like Hell

Time Won’t Let Me Breathe

Blood On The Stage


Static Station

Black Moon Sk



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