Cutting Edge Show @ Underworld, Tesseract, Subversion, Death Remains, Sanity Burns, Training Icarus

Unified Sounds Cutting Edge Show @ Underworld, Camden

Tesseract, Subversion, Death Remains, Sanity Burns, Training Icarus

14th December 2010

Reviewer: Danny Draper

Photos: Altercarnated Photography


Tonight saw Unified Sounds Cutting Edge Show @ Underworld, Camden. Seeing the band line up tonight, it was clear to see why this event already had a massive queue forming outside well before the doors were due to be opened. Despite the half hour wait after they were due to open, the crowd soon filled up the venue & it was packed to the rim!



Training Icarus [4/5]

A very good performance, well crafted songs and the right verve in the right places.


Singer Leigh Turner has a truly great voice, I was not expecting it and it was very impressive.


She has a good stage presence and you can tell that there is a bigger personality that is going to emerge in time.


The playing is flawless barring one technical malfunction but it doesn’t detract from their performance and professionalism, showing grace with pulling it all back on track.


Sanity Burns [5/5]

These are one of my favourite bands in London.


The aggression these guys play with is equal to most bands that play larger venues.


Their playing tonight was right up there with the best of them, technicality and groove mixed in very well, their songs are now starting to feel like standards of old.


The singing is also on particularly good form, Chris Simmons vicious growl has great projection and his clean vocals are also on top form.


I think the one thing that impressed me about these guys this time is that the guitars sound more evenly matched through the PA.


Awesome show, with a frenetic wall of death and pure metal carnage!

Death Remains [3/5]

Death Remains are technically great and had a fairly strong following tonight.


They did have a good crowd interaction and played a very solid performance.


I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of their style, but I still found myself vibing to their sound but I wasn’t wowed as to why I should come back to a Death Remains gig.


I hopefully will and will be proved wrong; there is nothing better than eating your own words.



As before, it was a very solid performance and entertaining. I will keep an eye on these guys.

Subversion [5/5]

This was  a big night for the lads in Subversion.


As this was their official album release night.


Their performance was one of the best of the night.


Providing great stage presence and some very towering pieces of music.


These guys are on the rise and their stock will undoubtedly soar with more performances like this.


They are visceral but also combining a beauty that will serve them well in the world of metal.

Tesseract 5/5

Tonight’s headliners are no stranger to the stage.


There is a clear definition and change to the stage when these guys have walked on.


It’s the same sense you get when you go to bigger gigs and you see “the band” walk out.


Not tying these guys with any band in particular, but you can tell that you are about to see a performance and a very professional one.


They deliver this with aplomb and quite possibly the best of the night.


They seem like seasoned pros for a still relatively young band.


The songs are incredibly crafted and make great listening to.


The poly-rhythmic sway can be a little intense at times but it pulls you back in and throws you back out at the right points.


A rather entertaining show and a great one to cap off the night!



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