DIMENTIANON Revamp Lineup; Live Chaos To Ensue

NYC-based extreme metal unit DIMENTIANON, after a slight break from public appearance, have recently revamped the band’s lineup and are again booking live appearances for the coming months.

The first confirmed DIMENTIANON appearance for 2011 will see them taking part in a brutal Saturday night show at Brooklyn’s deafening The Acheron alongside a collective of other tri-state-based underground metal outfits including Horrifier, Sacrificial Blood, Cain and Brohammer on February 26th [view flyer]. More live actions will be announced in the coming months.

The turbulent, trademark DIMENTIANON style of combining death, black and doom metal elements with eerie atmospherics has been a part of the New York underground scene since the mid ’90s (then known as The Forgotten), but really sank its teeth into the public’s ears in 2010, with the release of the band’s third full-length Collapse The Void. The short but potent release shows the band at their most creative and destructive peak yet, inciting incredible reactions from the underground metal media, and shows the band tackling new approaches to their own “dementia” within the supposed realms of extreme metal.




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