Best of 2010 – Luxi Lahtinen

Best of 2010 – Luxi Lahtinen

01. Melechesh – THE EPIGENESIS (Nuclear Blast Records)

It´s hard to fight against the fact THE EPIGENESIS is loaded with amazing tracks. Melechesh has developed a sound that is very unique in the Metal world; there´s a never-ending flow of great songs on this record – and their whole concept for their ´Mesopotamian Metal´ has truly culminated on THE EPIGENESIS. It´s even scary to think how they are ever going to top this very record in question with their forthcoming releases in the future? That – of course, will remain to be seen…  

02. Heathen – THE EVOLUTION OF CHAOS (Mascot Records)

Heathen´s comeback album THE EVOLUTION OF CHAOS was probably one of the most sought Thrash Metal albums in my personal list 2010, pretty much fulfilling all my expectations that I had in advance toward it. The guys´ song writing skills on their comeback album, were unquestionable: There´s speed, there´s aggression, there´s heaviness and everything else really strongly present on Heathen´s impressive Thrash record. THE EVOLUTION OF CHAOS more than proved itself why some comebacks of long disbanded Metal bands are worth your time..   

03. Helstar – GLORY OF CHAOS (AMF Records)

Helstar still keep on impressing me from one album to another. The band´s THE KING OF HELL 2008 album was a true jackpot for them – and now GLORY OF CHAOS continues the band´s tradition as one of the finest head-banging and fist-pumping Metal acts there´s to offer nowadays. James Rivera´s voice only gets better hand-in-hand the same way when the whole band is aging – and getting even angrier and more mean sounding from one album to another. Just a brilliant album from the Helstar maestros again. Long live the hellish stars for them!!

04. Accept – BLOOD OF THE NATIONS (Nuclear Blast Records)

05. Ares Kingdom – INCENDIARY (Nuclear War Now! Productions)

06. Demonic Resurrection – THE RETURN TO DARKNESS (Demonstealer Records)

07. Overkill – IRONBOUND (Nuclear Blast Records)

08. Profanator – DEATHPLAGUED (Stormspell Records)

09. Sotajumala – KUOLEMANPALVELUS (Cobra Records)

10. Spazmosity – WELCOME DEATH (Khaosmaster Productions)

11. Hail of Bullets – ON DIVINE WINDS (Metal Blade Records)

12. Immolation – MAJESTY AND DECAY (Nuclear Blast Records)

13. Fallen Angels – ENGINES OF OPPRESSION (Metal On Metal Records)

14. Space Eater – AFTERSHOCK (Stormspell Records)

15. Tarot – GRAVITY OF LIGHT (King Foo Entertainment)

16. Unholy Lust – TASTE THE SIN THROUGH THE FIRE (Blood Harvest Records)

17. Watain – LAWLESS DARKNESS (Season of Mist)

18. Weapon – FROM THE DEVIL´S TOMB (Agonia Records)

19. Forbidden – OMEGA WAVE (Nuclear Blast Records)

20. Iron Maiden – THE FINAL FRONTIER (EMI Music)

Best New Band


Old-school Death Metal done right. Murky, eerie, corpse-heavy – and coming with a strong flavor of an old graveyard.

Discovery of 2010


This blackened Mexican Thrash horde simply came from the bushes for me, and put my socks on fire. Profanator´s 2nd album DEATHPLAGUED captures all those essential elements that make savage and vicious Thrash Metal so tempting and appealing for myself personally. Expect nothing but 100% thrash-tastic sonic violence!

Best EP of 2010

Krypts – OPEN THE CRYPT (Detest Records / Me Saco Un Ojo)

Best Stadium Concert of 2010

Seeing Iron Maiden at Sonisphere festival in Pori, Finland on August 8th 2010. Maiden´s performance is almost like a larger-than-life-itself experience – and you can hardly argue about this fact if you are a longtime follower and fan of the band.

Best Club Concert of 2010

Sadistic Intent at Dante´s Highlight in Hell-sinki on September 30th 2010, as a part of Black Mass Ritual III. These old-school Death Metal warriors from LA, always sound and look very impressive whenever they climb onstage, and unleash their furious and evil inner beasts out from themselves.

Biggest Disappointment of 2010

Just too many to mention… Off the top of my head, perhaps no. 1 disappointment for me this year obviously was Judas Priest making an announcement they stop making extensive world tours after their final farewell “Epitaph” tour in 2011. Well, aging won´t come alone, so…

Saddest News of 2010

Hearing one of the major voices of Heavy Metal, Ronnie James Dio, had passed away due to a stomach cancer. That was the day for me when I felt the whole Heavy Metal community worldwide was together as one, mourning his death. Gladly, Ronnie´s music will live forever.

Greatest Hopes for 2011

1. Hearing new material from bands like Autopsy, Possessed, Sadistic Intent, Testament, Sacrifice, Paradox, Destruction, Heathendom, Agent Steel (with Cyriis on vocals – FUCK YEAH!), Moonsorrow, Onslaught, Krypts, Survivors Zero and so many other bands, too.

2. Without any doubts, 2010 was overall a great year for Metal, so hopefully 2011 will continue to be much like 2010 was album release-wise. Time will obviously tell…

3. Seeing many great Metal acts playing at (Metal) gigs and festivals in Finland during 2011. Autopsy, Accept, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, Ozzy Osbourne, Absu, etc. – and the list shamelessly goes on and on and on…



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