Helheim – �…sgards Fall

Reviewed: January 2011
Released: 2010, Dark Essence Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Helheim. It´s been a while since I have followed what´s going on in this Norwegian Viking Metal camp. I remember hearing the band´s BLOD & ILD album many years ago (actually it came out in 2000 precisely), leaving me not that impressed at all. I really happened to like the band´s debut album JORGMUNDGAND (on Solistitium, 1995) and the next album, titled AV NORRØN ÆTT (on Solistitium, 1997), but then I sort of lost track of them – and don´t know why that happened in the first place? Since those Helheim had released 3 more albums that I haven´t heard at all.

“…SGARDS FALL is, however, a brand-new 6-track EP from these murky Norwegian Viking Metal warriors, offering 2 new tracks that can only be found from this release – added with a re-recording of an old Helheim song “Jernskogen”, taken from the band´s BLOD & ILD album. In addition, they have also recorded a teaser song named “Dualitet og Ulver”, which can be found from the band´s forthcoming studio album, titled HEIðENðOMR OK MOTGANGR, set to be released in February 2011.

“…SGARDS FALL in its entirety, is a pretty darn pummeling release; Norwegian Viking Metal done at its best; I might add. Full of great, dark and grim atmospheres that truly captivate your mind, and lock it into the deep depths of the universe – without letting you out once you become completely addicted to them. Listen to the title track (or title tracks), consisting of 2 parts, separated by an interlude. They alone, make this EP worth checking out. Like I said earlier, Viking Metal at its best – cleverly and skillfully done the way only Norwegians can mostly do it properly and convincingly enough. This new song from Helheim on the other hand, “Dualitet og Ulver”, is a more grim and brutal type of Black Metal song, having a nice and epic atmosphere carrying the song forward. The same words could be used for the re-warmed song “Jernskogen”, that simply closes this EP in a great way.

“…SGARDS FALL, even if being only an EP, is a great promise of what can be expected from Helheim´s forthcoming album, HEIðENðOMR OK MOTGANGR, in next February. I for one, am definitely going to be one of the first ones standing in the frost and snow to purchase a copy of it for myself when it arrives at record stores for sale, no doubts.


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Track Listing:
01. “…sgards Fall, Pt. I
02. “…sgards Fall (interlude)
03. “…sgards Fall, Pt. II
04. Helheim, Pt. VII
05. Dualitet Og Ulver
06. Jernskogen (2010 Version)

V´gandr – Vocals and bass
H´grimnir – Vocals and rhythm guitar
Noralf – Rhythm and solo guitar
Hrymr – Drums, timpani, percussion and mouth harp

Guest members:
Hoest – Vocals
Gunnar Emmerhoff – Vocals
PV – Vocals
Trine Mjanger – French horn