Christmas With The Puppini Sisters

The Puppini Sisters – Christmas With

Released: 2010, Verve | Rating: 4/5 | Reviewer: Celtic Bob


With the holiday season upon us once again it is time for the annual onslaught of seasonal music releases. Like every other year in the past, 2010 is no different. One of the discs that stand out this holiday season is CHRISTMAS WITH THE PUPPINI SISTERS with it’s unique and classic style.

So, what sets this disc apart from the rest? The most obvious thing is the style of the music. The ‘sisters’ turn these holiday songs into WWII era styled vocal classics. The slightly Jazzy music mixed in with old style vocal harmonies that are reminiscent of the early 20th Century wartime female singers. While listening to this album you cannot help but be transported back to that point in time and imagining what it was like. It is the kind of image where you visualize soldiers on a night off in a club that is more like a ballroom with a stage for the band and the girls to dance and sing on drinking Whiskey and having a smoke. The music has that sound and style to it. Despite using the old fashioned stylings it sounds fresh and not dated, almost timeless if you will. There are a pair of songs that really grab your attention moreso than the rest. The first being “Step Into Christmas” which was made famous by Elton John and the other being Wham!’s “Last Christmas”. They really do an outstanding job on Wham!’s modern classic taking it to another level. While the original was an excellent song, this version of it newver sounded better.

An original holiday album with a nostalgic twist. CHRISTMAS WITH THE PUPPINI SISTERS is guaranteed to be one of the most treasured holiday albums in your collection for many years to come.