DARK TRANQUILLITY @ Camden Underworld

Dark Tranquillity

@ Camden, Underworld 28th September 2010

Reviewer Alex Agamoth

Photos: Altercarnated Photography

The Underworld is always in the top five favourite venues when it comes to reviewing extreme metal shows, and having the chance to review this bill is something very exiting and definitely unexpected.


By the time we managed to get in, given the awkwardness of passes for the journalists we only managed to see only the ending performance of Cypher16 so the only things I can say about the band is that they are really young and a very long road to walk.

I must say I could have appreciated the Metallica “Creeping Death” cover if they wouldn’t miss the best bit of the song! So I am afraid, I am personally not impressed with this combo.

It is a synonymous of welcome, when Finnish bands land in UK and so is the crowd warm welcome for Insomnium.

Who were greeted like heroes on their entrance to the stage.


Straight to the core of their musicianship the Finnish are impeccable, their sound is the perfect soundtrack for the nature of their homeland, cold, vast, immense, endless, melodic yet extreme.


Definitely slow, which isn’t of my liking, but they won the audience over so they get the thumbs up for it.

Dark Tranquillity Mikael Stanne joined the band on stage to sing Weather the Storm, which has being a top extra, highlight to their performance. Leaving to Dark tranquillity to top it up.

Sadly as happens to many bands at a certain point of their career, a technical problem with the drums has left Mr Stanne trying his best to entertain the crowd and cope with the endless wait that it has created, after opener At the Point of Ignition, honestly I was expecting him to handle it better, but it was obviously the crowd that has kept up the mood as they were overwhelmed for the arrival of this band to our shores after a very long time.

Dark Tranquillity have been in the scene for more then twenty years!


Moulding their sound, image and style to what the latest hype has launched over the years, which at times could be quite a controversy.


I appreciated the fact that they played a set which included 1995′s The Gallery, the only album I loved of this band and a wide selection of tracks from their back catalogue. 

I personally found the whole set and the show itself not of my liking at all, but it is not what I like that matters here, but how the crowd has responded to what Dark Tranquility have offered.


I must say it was impressive and the best response ever from each single person in the venue. It was great to see Mikael Stanne crowd surfing (not many bands vocalists do that anymore)!

It makes me positively smile watching a so excited crowd and literally astonished band feeling so much good vibe going on.


All together selling out the Underworld is a great point for Dark Tranquillity.


This is a gig which surely won’t be forgotten, the band promise to come back and we all will be here to support them again!



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