AIRBOURNE – Live at Tampere, FINLAND




October 12’th 2010



Australian rockers Airbourne returned last November to Finland to play two practically sold out shows just less than a year from their last visit here last February. The band is still touring to support their early 2010 release NO GUTS.NO GLORY and it seems that this run will last another year from now on. The future does look good for Airbourne. The band is getting great reviews everywhere and they’re playing bigger venues across the world. In Finland, they last year performed in sold out Club Nosturi for approximately 800 people and band now sold altogether near 3000 tickets in Tampere’s Pakkahuone and Helsinki’s Cable Factory. The band is however still in the early stages of their career, with only two studio albums under their belts, so only time will tell how popular the band will end up to be in their career? 


The English band Black Spiders were tonights opening band. Unfortunately I managed to miss all but their last three songs on the set. The songs, what I heard, were pretty interesting stuff.  It did sound like some kind of mix of stoner rock and bands like Down and Monster Magnet. Altogether the band did a good and energetic performance and they’re definitely worth to check out.

After a brief break Airbourne was on stage and the hyper energetic show opened up with latest album NO GUTS. NO GLORY track “Raise the Flag”. The song was a perfect opener and both the band and the audience went literally nuts during that one. As excepted the lead singer/guitarist Joel O’Keefe was the main show director with his incredibly energetic and whacky performance while the rest of the band was staying more in the background but with really high level energy as well.


As a whole the atmosphere was more than compelling there and thing became even better when band next headed into their debut album track “Hellfire”.  It was interesting to notice how different folks were in the audience. First of all, the age structure was really wide. There were of course teens in their 18’s there abut also older veterans who have already passed their 50’s.  There were usual metal heads in the audience but there was also a lot’s of regular business men and women in their suits and lots of just ordinary people there.  When the rest consisted of everything possible between these extremes there can be said with in good conscience that Airbourne seems to fit for everyone nowadays. That’s something what only a handful of bands are able to achieve nowadays if you’re not Metallica, KISS, Iron Maiden or AC/DC.


More songs followed. “Chevin’ the Fat”, “Diamond in Rough” and excellent “Blonde, Bad and Beautiful” worked out fine and during the “Cheap Wine and Cheaper Woman” Joel drank a bottle of red wine with just one gulp. That’s rock’n roll …  “No Way But a Hard Way”, which is familiar from Finnish radio, seemed to be a crowd favorite. Before the song started Joel suddenly appeared in the middle of public, sitting on his assistant shoulders and playing an endless guitar solo. It did remind a lot of certain Australian band who has done the same stunt for several decades already… but who cares? It did work fine everyone seemed to have good time there.  “Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast” closed the main set and in the middle of it Joel opened a bunch of beer cans by banging his head against those until they popped open. That was rock’n roll if something…


Debut album favorite “Runnin’ Wild” was the first encore and, as usual, “Stand Up For Rock’n Roll” closed the 90 minute set with a vengeance. The show was over and it’s time of small analyzing here.  In brief, this was excellent and entertaining rock show at its best. AC/DC was mentioned here before in few occasions and it has to be said that it seems that with Airbourne they have finally got a worthy “successor”. There’s no doubt that Airbourne is one of the hottest live acts at the moment. Their music is such a simple, but catchy as hell, a straight ahead rock’n roll.  It’s true that they don’t offer anything new here. There are plenty of bands there playing the same type of material and there is actually nothing spectacular in their live shows but there’s certainly something which distinguishes them from many of its competitors and that’s the endless energy and unyielding attitude which positively glows out of them in every level. Hopefully band will return soon and perhaps it’s time to book even bigger venue for the next time?





Raise The Flag


Chewin’ The Fat

Diamond In The Rough

Blonde, Bad And Beautiful

Girls In Black

Bottom Of The Well

Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women

Born To Kill

No Way But The Hard Way

Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast

Runnin’ Wild

Stand Up for Rock ‘N’ Roll


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