Dillinger Escape Plan @ Electric Ballroom, London

Dillinger Escape Plan with Support: The Ocean, Rolo Tomassi

Venue: The Electric Ballroom, London

Reviewer: Danny Draper

Photos: Altercarnated Photography

The night was cold and wet with the queues were building to get into tonight’s chao-sphere of metal tonight.


The weather didn’t put a dampener on the intensity of tonight’s performances. The theme of the evenings show had to be chaos combined with aggression and beauty.

That’s what The Ocean has in abundance, the ability to fuse genres while still sounding original and fresh.


They are a top band that performed well but possibly didn’t sound as amazing as I have heard them before. But they still put on an intense show which definitely revved the crowd up. A well deserving 5/5

Rolo Tomassi, or as some punters were coining, Rolling Tomato, were similar in intensity and wowed a vibrant crowd but never struck me enough to make me gawp.


I’m in no way knocking the band, they have some good music and are definitely doing the right thing. Maybe on such an intense night The Oceans melancholy would have been better in the middle with the others pairing either side. Still, Rolo played very well, a good clear sound and will probably have won a few more people over to their camp of metal mayhem.

A respectable 3.5/5


Dillinger Escape Plan. Wow indeed!


A completely incendiary performance, featuring a light show that would have left some poor soul foaming at the mouth! The songs were there too, playing a decent set list that featured Mike Lizard, The Mullet Burden and Sunshine the Werewolf.


The volume of stage dives was as high as ever and crowd interaction could not have been matched, these guys owned the Ballroom crowd and they loved it! By the end of the show Ben Weinman was swinging from the lights while the sound of distorted feedback penetrated our senses.


From and objective point of view, it went a little flat in the middle, but you could not fault the intensity of the ending. A full 5/5 for these boys.

An intense night, senses were surely tested and brutalised!



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