Montreal’s K103 Metal Show “The Sunday Nightmare” Releases Charity Metal Compilation for Children’s Hospital

Montreal’s K103FM‘s “The Sunday Nightmare” hosted by “King A” (Aaron Delaronde) and “Evil” (Nick Grenier) have put together a limited edition compilation of 100 CD’s of some of Montreal’s heaviest metal bands to help raise funds for the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

The CD titled “Metal Shreds” features 9 killer tracks from the following bands:

1) Cold Anger – Betrayed –
2) Forbidden Sin – Take No Prisoners –
3) Protocol – Fire At Dawn –
4) Ashes Of Eden – Viral –
5) With Blood So Thin – Dont Make Me Shank
6) Warnatic – Urge Of Violence –
7) Talamyus – God Of War –
8) Venomenon – Arachnid –
9) Hollow – Snow –

“Metal Shreds” can be purchased at K103 Radio in Kahnawake, Profusion Records (1843 Ontario Street Est) & Labryinthe (486 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest) in Montreal and at Rock Station in Chateguay (243 Boulevard d’Anjou). The CD cost $12 each, $10 of which will be donated to the Montreal Children’s Hospital.



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