Dusted Angel – Earth Sick Mind

Reviewed: December 2010
Released: 2010, Mankind Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Dusted Angel are a stoner doom outfit, featuring former members of California skate-core legends Bl’ast. Their debut, EARTH SICK MIND is a stoner dream from start to finish, incorporating dusty, doom metal elements with a hint of California sunshine added for good measure. Dusted Angel’s doom falls in line with traditional acts like 70’s era Pentagram and Saint Vitus’ more rockin’ moments, which is to say, a fine thing indeed. The 7 tracks here are pretty standard, by-the-numbers, stoner tunes, some of which are better than others but overall make for a good time.

Opening track “The Thorn” was the title track of the band’s previous EP and makes a second appearance here on the band’s official debut. Many consider this to be the best track in the band’s catalog, so it sets the bar pretty high as the first tune on the album. “Seeking the Dawn” follows suitably, with some groovy riffs and slow gallop, while tunes like “Dogwhistle” and “Pulverizer” have a filthy bar band quality to them. The closing title track pulverizes like a Sasquatch trudging through a molasses filled swamp.

While there’s more good than bad on EARTH SICK MIND, the middle of the album gets a little monotonous and stalls some of the good will that the band has garnered along the way. But the album’s bookends support the album overall and get it past the goal line. The production is dirty, the cover is goofy, and the music is pretty good. Interested yet? EARTH SICK MIND is a heavy foundation for the band, and I’m really curious to hear what the band comes up with next, as it sounds like Dusted Angel are brimming with potential. EARTH SICK MIND is available on iTunes now.


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Track Listing:
1. The Thorn
2. Seeking The Dawn
3. Tards On Shards
4. Scottstober
5. Dogwhistle
6. Pulverizer
7. Earth Sick Mind

Clifford Dinsmore – Vocals
Bill Torgerson – Drums
Eric Fieber – Guitar
Scott Stevens – Guitar
Elliot Young – Bass