Core Device sign with Heaven and Hell Records

Heaven and Hell Records are happy to announce the addition of New Jersey’s best kept secret Core Device. The high energy progressive power metal outfit formed in the late 90s and released their first demo ‘Raped’ in 1997. The following year the self released ‘God and Man’ EP was met with great response and word began to spread quickly amongst the metal community worldwide. A second three song demo would be released in 2004. By this time a good buzz was heard all throughout the metal underground. In 2004 Core Device self released their debut full length ‘Our Fellowship Eternal’, produced by Symphony X guitarist Michael Romeo. The release was met with overwhelming response by fans and label interest began to peak. To support the release extensive gigging through the U.S., Canada, and even a self financed tour in Japan followed. An amazing number of units sold for an independent metal band. Over the next couple of years Core Device would prove they would do whatever took to achieve their desired outcome. As anticipation for a follow up began to build, mainly in Europe and Japan the band returned home to begin recording their long awaited sophomore effort ‘What I’ve Become’.

In early 2011 Heaven and Hell Records will release CD version of Core Device ‘What I’ve Become’.

Core Device Youtube clip




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