Michael Monroe on Another Night In The Sun Tour 2010 at Kb Malmoe, Sweden



Michael Monroe

Another Night In The Sun Tour 2010






Reviewed and live photos by: Anders Sandvall





This Tuesday was dedicated to seeing Michael Monroe at the best club in Malmoe – Kulturbolaget. It was only Michel Monroe that was gonna play and he didn’t have a support act with him. I haven’t been to the club since the early summer so it felt like it was a great opportunity to once again set my foot in the venue. On stage this night stood Michael Monroe who recently released his brand new live disc called ANOTHER NIGHT IN THE SUN – LIVE IN HELSINKI which was released at the end of September. The album has only been released in England and Finland so far. Personally am I a bit disappointed over the fact that Hanoi Rocks have been put to rest but it felt like a little consolation to be able to see Michael Monroe. Monroe was backed up by an all-star act, see the Finnish teams live review with Michael Monroe if you want to know who the guys are, and I was anxious to see guitarist Ginger (The Wildhearts) live on stage again. I could walk straight into the venue when I arrived at 19.00 because the line into the club was minimal that could depend on the fact that on this day Sweden played an important game of soccer and most Swedes are crazy about our national soccer team. There were a few fans at the front of the stage anticipating Monroe to come on stage but overall weren’t there many people in the club. Monroe was a little delayed but about 40 minutes after scheduled time came he and the band show up on stage.



Michael Monroe

While the intro was played came the all star act out on stage and they were:

Sami Yaffa- bass

Ginger – guitar

Steve Conte – guitar

Karl “Rockfist” Rosqvist – drums

Yaffa and Ginger stood on the left side of the stage while Conte was on the right and while they waited for the intro was the guys plugging in their instruments. The first song they kicked off was “Nothings Alright” and after a while entered the evenings idol the stage and as soon as he showed himself went the crowd even crazier. It felt like many, like me, had waited to hear this song that is taken from the debut album and the only album that Monroe did with his band Demolition 23 in 1994. Next song was the Hanoi Rocks classic “Motorvatin” and the entire club exploded with joy. It seemed like Monroe was in good shape and he was dressed in nothing but a leather vest and leather pants. Monroe ran around on stage as usual kicking and jumping his heart out.





The songs came straight after each other and there was not time to catch your breath and the next song was another Demolition 23 song in “Hammersmith Palais” in which everyone in the crowd sang a long with Monroe. Monroe asked if we were ready to do some rock’n’rolling on this Tuesday night and everyone screamed YES! And Monroe kicked off “While You Were Looking At Me”. But it was not only Monroe that ran around like a maniac on stage also Conte and Ginger did their share off running and it was only Yaffa that had a more reluctant approach to the audience. Monroe’s band sounded really tight and it was really fun to see Yaffa and Ginger sharing the stage and the music sounded really heavy and edgy and the guys had a really great co-operation going on.

Songs that followed later on were “Not Fakin It”, “Another Night In The Sun”, “I Wanna Be Loved” and “Back To Mystery City”.

In the middle of “Not Fakin It”  Monroe ran down through the crowd and away to the mixertable and stood up on a chair beside the table and sang the rest of the song. Monroe told everyone to say hello to the guys that mixed the sound and everyone waved at him. The bar is located pretty near to the floor and when Monroe spotted the bar he went there and brought a bottle of water with him back to the stage. Monroe thanked the audience and said that Malmoe looked very pretty from where he stood. Monroe played harmonica in some songs and he also played saxophone like back in the day and it was great fun to see, not hear, him play again. To be honest it didn’t sound good at all. The reason why the sax sounded so lousy was because something was broke with it said Monroe.




Monroe said that last time Hanoi Rocks visited Malmoe Monroe was quite mad because a certain person was gonna leave the band but that was then and now is now he said and kicked off “Back To Mystery City”. “Love Song” and “Machine Gun Etiquette” followed and these songs seemed to be covers of The Damned and everyone knows that Monroe is a sucker for doing covers. It felt like the audience was a little reluctant towards those songs but the heat turned up again when Monroe kicked off “Dysfunctional” and “You’re Next”. I guess it’s needless to say that everyone sang a long and went crazy when “Malibu Beach” was played and even though the number of people wasn’t too high did everyone sing their lungs out and almost overpowered Monroe in the chorus. The song allowed both Conte and Ginger to show off on guitar and they both did some great solo parts.

“Dead, Jail or Rock’n’Roll” followed shortly and that was also the last song on the ordinary set and Monroe walked off stage immidiately after the song had ended. When I looked at my watch I could see that Monroe had only played for a lousy 60 minutes and I really hoped that he was gonna return on stage to do encores. Shortly after the band up came again and fired off two encores in “Taxi Driver” and “Ain’t Nothing To Do”. He also introduced his band and let Rockfist kick off “Taxi Driver” to the audience’s delight. Monroe said that the evening had been great and that it was fun to come and perform here in Malmoe again and he said that the next and final song for the night was “Ain’t Nothing To Do”. That song included a solo from both Ginger and Conte and when the song was over so was  the show and it had lasted for about 1.15 which felt a bit cheap with the thought that he didn’t bring any support act.





I thought that it was a great show and there’s no doubt that Michael Monroe is an excellent front man. He’s still going strong and many younger singers have something to learn from this old gentleman. I really hope that the band can stick together for a while now and that they are coming back to Sweden soon. If Monroe and CO are playing near you be sure to check them out. I also loved the set list that contained a lot of Monroe’s solo songs as well as songs from Demolition 23 even though I think that many would like to have heard more Hanoi Rocks material. I wonder why he didn’t feature any material from Jerusalem Slim after all he was also with Yaffa a part of Jerusalem Slim back in the day.

Set list

Trick Of The Wrist

Nothing’s Allright


Hammersmith Palais

While You Were Looking At Me

Not Fakin It

Another Night In The Sun

I Wanna Be Loved

Back To Mystery City

Love Song

Machinegun Etiquette


You’re Next

Malibu Beach

Dead, Jail Or Rock’n’Roll


Taxi Driver

Ain’t Nothing To Do


Thanks to The Boss of Kb Totte Lundgren for help with press/photo pass to the show. Thanks to head of press Kristian Kornhage for the help.


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Also a huge thank you to the nice staff and crew at the club for nice treatment at Kulturbolaget.

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