Ever wondered what it would be like to be on tour?

All the ups and downs, drinks and burgers from SONATA ARCTICA’s South American Tour of will now be brought to you absolutely free via SONATA ARCTICA TELEVISION.

Join the band as they travel through South America, starting from Finland on October 14th and all the way through their adventures until they get back home on November 1st.  Meet characters such as Tero the “guitar tech, flight sock 1st timer, battery specialist, lingual sausage man,” learn new terminology such as “shit early,” and witness a public apology to the Mexican Government.

Season 1, Episode 1 airs November 15th 2010.  New episode airs every Monday, as long as the band has material.

SONATA ARCTICA’s lead vocalist Tony Kakko shares the background on the band’s dedicated YouTube channel:

“The idea for this channel came about when I caught myself shooting a lot of video with my mobile phone on this latest Latin-American tour. As there was a lot of time to kill on the hotel rooms and airports, I figured trying to edit these bits and see what I can come up with. At least it might be something our families might enjoy to watch. I have to admit I am way lazy when it comes to compiling all the thousand of photos I´ve taken on tours and showing them, explaining where I´m at, what´s that and who or what are these… half the time I CAN’T EVEN REMEMBER!  So obviously the other function would be to serve as my ‘spare memory’ for the years to come.  Anyhow, the band and crew seemed to approve and enjoyed the humor, so I just kept on bugging them all with my ‘camera.’  As a result I now have [material] for 6 to 8 15minute episodes: The first season of SONATA’s television series of our great adventures all over the world.

“The quality is what it is, as my equipment is what it is, and my skills in editing are what they are. None of it is very professional, but besides the point, I think that: We want to offer you all, including our families, friends and relatives, a glimpse of what the life on the road is.  Everyone is welcome to see what happens on stage, as a member of the audience… but the behind-the-scenes world, it´s something else. I sure wish I could have my personal fast forward-button sometimes (something you will see on this documentary)… Waiting in many forms, but also some precious, glorious moments you would happily slow down and watch frame by frame, again and again and again.  We travel the world, see and visit places and often wish we could share it all with our loved ones. Well, this is one way of doing just that.  In a goofy kinda way.  And now we want to give you all the same opportunity.

“Hope you enjoy!  Channel is open.”

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