Dark Descent Records to Release Grave Ritual Debut LP

Nine new heinous hymns from Alabama’s resident death metal maniacs, Euphoric Hymns from the Altar of Death is Grave Ritual’s full-potential realized on this murky and oppressive debut album. The long player is limited to 500 copies (100 on maroon vinyl, 100 fire orange & black, and 300 black). The LPs come with reverse board printed jackets, an 18″ x 24″ poster, and double-sided insert. Dark Descent Records has set a December 15th release date and pre-orders are being taken now at www.darkdescent.net.

Intro/Beyond Diabolus

Sink Into the Grave

Abysmal Rotting

Drenched in Madness

Grotesque Summoning

Invoke the Realm of Tormenting Blasphemy

Morbid Auro of Desolation


Incanted Celestial Devourment



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