Kaktus Project cover art revealed + medley

Kaktus Project
Kaktus Project

Metalodic revealed the cover art of the new Heavy Metal project Kaktus. The cover art has been realised by JP Fournier (Edguy, Avantasia, Kerion, Instanzia…)

A medley of 4 songs has been published in the MySpace page www.myspace.com/metalodicrecords

Kaktus is a brand new metal project which will kick ass of all fans of heavy metal. The impressive guest list make this album one of the most important metal release of the beginning of 2011. More infos and guests will be announce soon!
Guest List:

Amanda Somerville (Avantasia…)

Mike Dimeo (Masterplan, Riot, The Lizards)

Henning Basse (Metalium, Sons Of Season )

Oliver Hartmann (ex At vance , Hartmann)

Severine (Krestenta)

Patrick Manouguian (Helene Segara, I muvrini…)

Alesk ( No Way, Chattahoochee)

Vincent Morla (Larry Crockett Band, Teste of hell)

Charley Corbiaux (Heavenly)

Olvier Lapauze (Heavenly)

Didier Chesneau (Headline)

Christophe Babin(Headline, Virus IV..)

Matthieu g Plana (Heavenly)

Fanfan (ex Cry Freedom Family)

Igor Lalai (Igor Lalai)

Manu Martin (Patrick Rondat..)

Oliver Palotai(Kamelot,Sons Of Season.)

David Rousseau  (No way, Sainte Ombre..)

Benoit vedrenne (edgar allan)
Track list

1 : Alone in the dark “3:44”

2 : Farewell “4:55”

3 : I’m living my death “4:45”

4 : My reality “4:30”

5 : Possession “3:20”

6 : Superstition “3:35”

7 : Tonight “5:20”

8 : My tears “3:50”

9 : Above the flames “4:00”

10 : Cold in the night “3:25”

11 : Dark room “4:48”

12 : The sadness “4:08”

13 : Resurection “4:20”

14 : Future World “3:40”

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