HELIX Sign with EMI


This week we returned to the E.M.I. fold by signing a licensing deal with Canada E.M.I. for “Smash Hits Unplugged”. E.M.I. won’t be releasing the CD until January, but in the meantime I’m allowed to sell the units I have at live gigs, on Ebay, and through Planet Helix. Last night at Molly Blooms we sold 20 units and at the release party today at Planet Helix I’m sure we’ll go through a whack as well. We’ll also be releasing two songs to radio in January: That Day is Gonna Come to rock radio and Dream On to Hot AC. For any of you that pick up the CD please let me know what you think the first single should be. Email me at bvollm0656@rogers.com

Last night’s show at Molly Blooms was once again sold out and the club was packed to the rafters. Thanks to all of you who made it out for the show. Also Gary Kelly for having us.

We’re in St. Catherines (Daryl’s hometown) this upcoming Thursday, November 18th at Barracuda Pretty. This is a HTZ presents and we’ll be going into the studio in the afternoon to play a couple of songs acoustically as well as going to supper with the station’s contest winner. HTZ will be giving out 20 station shirts plus 20 “Smash Hits Unplugged” to other contest winners as well. Should be a fun night. If you live in the Niagara region we hope that you can make it out to the show.


Throughout all these gigs we’ve been busy filming for the pilot for our reality show “Vagabond Bones” with Pat Portelance, Mike Valenza (sound), and Thane Silliker. I felt kinda sorry for all three of them last night at Mollys as they were getting knocked around in the crowd. Definitely guerilla filming! Mike and Pat will be coming out west with us for our three day stint at the end of the month and then in December we’ll start editing everything down. It’s a long process and we’re working on a shoestring budget, but ya gotta walk the walk if you’re gonna talk the talk. As well as the live gigs Pat has also been filming me while I go about my “daily” routine, which is about as un-routine as you can get. The other night, for instance, the Trailer Park Boys were in town at Centennial Hall and Rob Wells phoned me up and asked me not only to the show, but also to come over to their tour bus before the show to say hello. Lynda, Pat, and I showed up with Helix hoodies for all of them (Jean Paul wore his onstage when he came out at the end!) and Pat got some good stuff in the dressing room. Of all people who know about “guerilla filming” and trying to get someone to pick up the show, it’s them. It was their low budget film at the Atlantic film festival many years ago that got them their deal with Showcase and led to one of the most popular series on Canadian TV. Even though the show has now finished production, ironically it’s finally taken off in England and the U.S. Rob told me the dates they’ve just finished in England saw fans lining up 2 hours before showtime. Ditto for the States.

Pat also filmed me last week when I was interviewed at Rogers TV for a show they have about people over 55 and what their retirement plans are (if any). They’ve asked me to be their “poster boy” (which ties right in with the whole vibe of Vagabond Bones), to which a quickly accepted. They’re sending over a photographer to the house tomorrow to shoot me and I’m also going on-air in the morning to talk about my teaching and the new CD. As well, I also did an interview this week with CBC radio:

To catch my recent interview on CBC radio:
Broadcast: 10 am Saturday, CBC Radio 1
Online: www.cbc.ca/day6
Podcast: iTunes


Last week I made a comment in the Sunday Update about Dick Wendling being a “dick”. I had the usual suspects snipe at me on Facebook-Jason Jansenkovich the main one. At first I was going to write a little “expose” on why I was so upset and also about the people attackilng me, but during the week something changed my mind. It was a dinner I had with my old friend John Ball, whom I greatly admire.

John is a very successful businessman whom I’ve known for years. We had planned some weeks ago to get together for a meal. When we went out for lunch the talk turned to the psychological aspects of success and failure (John is worth several million dollars) and also our spiritual outlook on life and how that has affected it as well. John is a person who speaks no ill of anyone, although there are probably plenty of people who he’s had bad run-ins with in his life. We discussed how talking about people and running them down was just negative energy, and so, with that in mind, I decided to refrain from getting into plastering my grievances with the aforementioned individuals all over The Sunday Update. I decided to let my reputation speak for itself instead. Those that know me personally know how I conduct my affairs & life. Those that know the people cutting me up on Facebook know how they conduct their lives as well. Thanks to all of you who came to my defense on Facebook.

Having said that however, I would still like to make a comment about London radio, as a few people on Facebook were trying to insinuate that Helix not getting airplay was nothing but “sour grapes” on my part. Consider these facts:

1.Helix is from London
2.Helix is one of the few “international” acts to come out of London.
3.Helix has sold out the last four times we’ve played London.
4.We received airplay on Bruce Dickenson’s Friday Night Radio show, Dee Snider’s House of Hair, The Boneyard (Sirus Radio), and heavy rotation on KOOL FM (Kitchener), Q104 (Halifax), and The Fox (Fredericton) as well as getting airplay right across Canada on other stations like Krock in Kingston, C103 in Moncton, Free FM in Grand Prairie, HTZ FM in St. Catherines, and The Eagle in Sarnia. “Make ‘em Dance” went to Number 31 on the Active Rock Charts (the chart most Canadian radio stations follow). Even stations that didn’t add us to their playlist had us in for an interview or did phone interviews with us (especially if the gig we were playing was being advertised on that station). In the next 5 dates we’re playing before the end of November for instance, all of the stations in those markets have interviewed the band or given us airplay.
5.Our last CD “Vagabond Bones” has also gotten airplay around the world in England, The Netherlands, and France.


Our position is this: It’s London radio’s right not to play us, although we can’t figure out why they won’t even give us a chance. Can you? It’s OUR right to point out to London listeners what we consider an injustice. All we’re asking for is a chance, but it’s pretty hard for any of the London listening audience to have an opinion one way or the other on the song if they won’t even feature it. ‘Nuff said.