Headbangers Open Air 2010


FRIDAY (fields of honour)



Getting up and getting hot at 12 clock was no problem as my tent was like sauna already at 9 am. So a "few" cold ones later it was time to check out the openers of Friday, the mighty and so called obscure NWOBHM act Jameson Raid. One can only salute them for that mornig session. Opening up with rockin and flowin "It’s A Crime" and ending to a NWOBHM classis "7 Days of Splendour" I know that we saw and heard something historical (as the guys live in four different corners of this planet, so there won’t be many chances to see them anymore). I still can’t imagine why they did not make it big back in the day? So get up, get out, and get their anthology record. You might just learn something new.

It’s A Crime


Stop Looking At Me

The Raid

Hard Lines

Getting Hotter

Catcher In The Rhye

7 Days Of Splendour




After Jameson Raid the stage was set for Stormzone who sounded like HIM to my ears so I went to have a nice quiet picnic with fine gastronomic surprises. Then it was Roxxcalibur from Germany blasting out their NWOBHM cover set and later I found out the lads from JJ’s Powerhouse had been special guests on stage. It would have been cool to see and hear JJ’s Powerhouse classic "Balckrods" played by them but you can’t always win.


No more obscure NWOBHM classics but more well known NWOBHM Tygers Of Pan Tang were up next! More rocking, and not so 70’s sounding like Jameson Raid, ToPT were something I really wanted  wanted to see!

Even if only Robb Weir is left from the original and legendary lineup it did not matter as much as I was afraid of. As their NWOBHM is more high energic (just listen to Slave To Freedom for example) it made you stand up against the hot blazing sun and even pump your fist in the air despite the smell from your armpits. But still one can listen to their old BBC sessions and think how damn good they were back in days…

Raised On Rock; Hellbound;Live For The Day; Suzie Smiled; Dark Rides; Slave To Freedom; Never Satisfied, Rock’n’Roll Man; Take It, Don’t Stop By; Hot Blooded; Wild Catz; Euthanasia; Gangland


The whole morning had been triumphatic victory for NWOBHM so it was time to Amulance step up and defend lines of US metal. After Jameson Raid and ToPT they could easily keep their ground and even move a few meters forwards from their trench. Amulance is a furious and heavy band but at that hot afternoon my mind was wandering somewhere else and soon after last song my legs wandered away from the stage area to somewhere else. And that tells the tale of Amulance, not much was left in my memory-files afterwards. Quite good, but nothing to die for.


And Demon was the one (surprise, surprise) to break the circle of alcohol abusers in the beer garden. Never have they been the heaviest of NWOBHM acts but they have something scary and truly occultist in their AOR’ish and almost sugarcoated melodic sound. Especially when the sun was already going down and Night Of The Demon lurked out the speakers. Maybe all of their material is not so strong or to be more exact, metallic all the way but they manage to make up a good setlist. 10 point to Dave Hill, that guy is one hell of a singer and 9 and a half points to keyboardist Paul Farrington.

Excellent choice to play in HOA (I think they came in to replace Icon) and Don’t Break The Circle seemed to be the song of the day (like always in Germany). The noise of the crowd during the chorus  still probably echoes somewhere in the forests of Schleswig-Holstein.

Night Of The Demon

Into The Nightmare

Blue SKies In Red Square/Commercial Dynamite

Sign Of The Madman; Liar


Remembrance Day (A Song For Peace)

Standing On The Edge Of The World

Live On The Wire

Don’t Break The Circle

One Helluva Night



It had been one helluva of a night already but the best was to come. Most of the metalheads nowdays have never even heard about Culprit but it’s their shame. They are a little bit like a more "in your face" version of Shok Paris and they still easily seem to find melodic and angry aspect. They fired their cylinders on full power by going through the whole "Guilty as Charged" LP (except Ambush) and to top that, the last song of the day was a tribute to Ronnie James Die. Heaven & Hell ended the night literally in flames as oh so cocky and rock’n’rollishy arrogant bass player Scott Earl lighted up his bass on fire and gently hacked it in pieces on stage. US metal perfection.