Rob Halford
Rob Halford

JUDAS PRIEST singer ROB HALFORD spoke with Steve Newton from recently about his upcoming dates opening for BLACK SABBATH singer OZZY OSBOURNE. When asked what his fave Black Sabbath album was, the Metal God chose the band’s scary self-titled debut from 1970.

“It took 24 hours to make,” he says, “believe it or not, but the sound is absolutely mindblowing. If you just listen to the sound, how they were able to do that work in such a short space of time is extraordinary.

“I think a lot of musicians agree that generally your first record is very, very important,” he adds, “because you’re really coming from a very pure, new, uncluttered source. You’ve got nothing to prove because you’ve proved nothing yet; you haven’t really got a massive fanbase, so you’re searching to build that. Your record company’s not interfering with your music as they tend to do when you become successful—same with managers, agents, promoters. You’re really coming into your existence at a different level.

“If you look back at the history of your favourite band, generally the first couple are the ones that really kind of grab you. So that’s why I feel that first Sabbath album for me—much like Sad Wings of Destiny for Judas Priest—is a very important release.”

Halford has performed as the vocalist for Black Sabbath at three shows. He replaced Ronnie James Dio for two nights in November 1992, when Dio elected not to open a show for Ozzy Osbourne. Halford also replaced Osbourne in Black Sabbath on August 25, 2004 (his 53rd birthday) at an Ozzfest show in Camden, New Jersey, since Osbourne could not perform due to bronchitis.



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