GALDER – Dimmu Borgir [Guitarist] Interview

Dimmu Borgir Guitarist – Galder

Interview Sept 2010 @ The Forum, London UK

Interviewer: Steve Sedit

Photos: Altercarnated Photography

On sunny afternoon waiting at London’ Forum for Dimmu Borgir’s gig we managed to interview Galder – Dimmu Borgir’s Guitarist!

How are you finding London? Its good to have you back!

Its very good, nice weather now we haven’t flown here for along time.

Yeh, its normally raining!

Yeh it’s the same in Norway. 

So our first question is…How did you come up with the new album title ‘Abrahadabra’ and what is the story behind it?

-We just wanted to get away from the ‘three word titles’ and have one single word and Silenoz wrote some lyrics about Aleister Crowley, so we wanted something that was connected to him and also something that represented a new era for us and a  new beginning, the rest of the album is so different than what we’ve done before, we just wanted something different.

You also have a new a new music video off the new album called ‘Gateways’ where was it filmed & can you tell us what it is about?

There really isn’t much of a story behind it, we filmed it in an old cement factory in Berlin. It was a real cool location, they filmed ‘Enemy At The Gates; there, it had a great atmosphere there as we wanted something very cold looking.

So, not much of a story behind it but we had some great producers for it, they also did Rammstein, so this was the biggest video we’ve done so far.

So it was filmed in a really large area?

Yeh it was huge, a huge factory. Infact it was one of the few things that wasn’t bombed during the War, so yeh was totally cool being the biggest production we’ve done.

Changes have been made to the bands line up, has this in anyway changed  the way Dimmu play or how you sound?

Yeh its hard to say if it does, or doesn’t but id say it probably does as we also had some guest musicians play on the album. We had 101 group orchestra playing on the album, so all of these elements make it sound different, but of course if you change members it does sound different and we also have a new drummer.

How is the new drummer bonding with the rest of the band, are you all getting along?

Ahaha, yeh we are! Hes already done many tours and festivals with us already but this is his first album with us.

Will he become a full member of the band?

Yep, looks like it, for now its going really well.

How to you handle the bands rocketing success and what do you do to relax when you’re not touring?

We all do lots of different stuff but usually we just relax, chill to tv & play video games, also playing some guitar, pretty normal stuff really.

What is your favourite game to play?

-World of Warcraft!

Looks like a lot of ppl like playing WoW … are you horde or alliance?

Ahaha im both actually!

But if you play you should play Horde!

Will Dimmu be playing any of the UK festivals next year?

Yeh, hopefully.  We haven’t booked anything at present but we’d like to some festivals and maybe a tour of the UK, be good to get out of London too as we also play here.

We have afew festivals over here in UK have you heard of them & which ones will you considering playing at?

All of them, they’re all cool so we shall see what’s available in 2011.

What would you say is the highlight of your career so far?

Every time we release an album it’s a highlight for me personally, but sometimes we play a small show in South America that can be a real highlight as the crowd are crazy. Wacken too when you can play infront of 70,000 people!

Who do you get to do the Album art work and where do the ideas come from?

There is a guy called Joachim Luetke from Austria who did the artwork for this & for other previous albums. We just wanted a cold atmosphere for it & we started talking about ice & blue, something like that.

We had a photo session & Shaggrath had a mask & he put it on which we used for the front of it and we really liked the idea.

We wanted to try to keep things abit mysterious, it just changed from winter theme to just having the mask as the front cover, was a cool idea.

What other bands would you like to tour with and why?

We’ve kinda toured with most of the bands we wanted to tour with like Black Sabbath at Ozzfest, Judas Priest, Slayer as well as many other bands.

Are there any future ideas for a new DVD?

Yeh, we are thinking about that. We have the camera with us here & there shooting some random clips  & just collecting various footage, we are always having ideas regarding the DVD.

So, many drunken moments?

Ahaha we’ve really calmed down on this tour but there has been drinking!

Ok we have one last non-serious question….Have you ever considered bringing out a Dimmu Burger?

Ahahaha! I think that would be great to have that selling on stands at the concerts!

Maybe we can bring in an oven to keep it warm, it needs to be a satanical burger with some onion rings that are pentagrams!

*Everyone starts laughing*


Needs to be evil with lots of hot chilli on it, its got to be hot!

But yep we like food so definitely something to consider.

Maybe call it The Dimmu Borgir… Hotter than Hell?

Ahaha yeh!

Thanks Galder for your time & we wish you luck for tonight’s gig!

Many thanks and see you at the show!





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