Doro Pesh, Meshuggah and Evile Interview

Doro Pesh, Meshuggah  and Evile

Interviewer: Agamoth Abgott

Photos by Altercarnated Photography

5th July 2010


Bloodstock’s on fire this year with Doro Pesh, Meshuggah and Evile and we managed to meet in London for an interview to discover what we can expect this year and discuss the positive and negative energies that will be spread on stage at Bloodstock 2010.

A: Fear no Evil – What can you tell us about  the title?

Doro: I wanted to have a title that sounded positive but metal, it sounded like it had something to it, so it worked very well for album title. When I started music, I was so much flirting with the dark, but DARKNESS IS A MATTER OF PROSPECTIVE, back in the days with Warlock we were a die metal band and of course darkness was a full on part of it, but now I need more positive aspects in my life, long has pass since those days.

I believe in positive and good stuff now.


A: Do you find nowadays, metal to be positive or leans more towards a darkside?

Doro: Actually the world is cold enough, so for me personally, I like to make people happy, to give good energy. I do speak of cold things in my songs, but I definitely like to give positive energy, I am not as destructive as I used to be when I was a teenager.



A: Thomas; with Meshuggah with have a blend of trash, death and awesome progressive music, Obzen sound quite aggressive and spiritual album, how would u see yourself as musician in this idea of positive energy through darkness?

Thomas: For me as I have written most of the lyrics EVIL in whatever form it represents itself, IS SOMETHING COMPLETELY HUMAN MADE. If u look around the world, the human cruelty is endless, for instance destroying the planet and more, so evil is more a human aspect. It is hard to write positive and happy lyrics and put them into metal, but art the same time, as Doro was saying, even though our music is aggressive, with a lot of symbolism and darkness in the sounds and in bleak and cynical lyrics, so definitely not positive, at the same time I think it is the force of the music and its energy that gives the listener a positive experience.



A:  Ol Drake so what your point of view on this? Evile the name itself is quite evil.

Ol Drake: Well we are relatively the newest band here; we are at the stage of playing for nothing or for some beer!


Doro: It is always that way since the beginning and after many years; Old Dake: so I think in terms of evil in music, we only come from England, and we are not going to say “The world is evil”, we try to comment on the UK and our life here and how basically it’s got a lot worse; around the area where I come from, you tend to be stabbed just because u have long hair, so there is a lot of aggressiveness subjected in our music and we trying to express it getting an evil sound as we don’t write happy music. We are angry at how people are, no one will ever learn to be nice to one another, it is just getting worse and that’s what we write about.


A: SO Evil is going to play on the same stage as Doro, how do you feel about it, when did u hear about her music?

Ol Drake: Well I discovered Warlock with Kerrang along time, ago and it is great to play with such a legend, we were the youngest one here and it is awesome to have such opportunity.


A: Thomas you guys are playing on Friday at Bloodstock opening for Opeth, a proper Swedish stage, how do you feel about that?

Thomas: That’s really cool! Opeth is a one of those band we have great respect for, they have a great sound and they definitely have found something unique in their style. They have been around for a long time which is amazing. We feel like we belong in the same field, as them we have done our own thing, and obviously we have reached a good stage and hopefully we are going to tour with them, it is only a hope for the moment. Commenting on what u said earlier I had a poster of Warlock in my room, as a fifteen year old boy and that was my encounter with Doro Pesch.



A: Doro a big question, you have seen the history of metal happening with Warlock and Doro Pesch Solo career, you did collaborate with bands like R.J. Dio, Destruction and many more, so u can teach us a bit more, what’s your opinion about nowadays metal?

Doro: It is so funny, cause when we started with my first band, we were considered a “kindergarten band”, I was fifteen, my guitar player was thirteen, and the drummer was fourteen, you know, and they always had the most beautiful girls, cause the guys looked cool with their look and actually we got a record deal, so I must say I cannot believe now it is twenty-seven years later and I was witness to the rise of metal.

When we were starting I did not know we were playing metal; once a guy came to our rehearsals room to listen to the music and one guy asked me “Are you a heavy metal band?” and I thought that was pretty cool and so I answered that I guessed we were, and then I found out that there were many bands like us.

There were no magazine back then in Germany, until years later so we did not know much about it. It happen that a band from America was coming to Germany to play, so we got invited to open for them, there were two or three hundred people there, only after we found out it was Metallica, it was so cool.

Warlock album came out in 1983 and it was 1984 that we become part of a big metal scene. We played all over the world; we got on tour with Judas Priest and they were our absolute heroes, after we went on tour with Wasp and the Dio in 1987. We did learn from the best and I think the traditional metal bands new what to do and how to put on a show, the building of a stage, the lights, entertaining the crowed, specially the singer was always doing something special, with a own originality and personality.

We always thought it would grow up, but then suddenly in the nineties when grunge came, it was a big disappointment as metal seemed not to be supported anymore, then one by one the bands got dropped from their record deal.

Our first release in the USA was when we toured with Ronnie James Dio in 1987, since then ten years we couldn’t get a release in the States, but since 2000, Metal is coming back again and no one really believed it would become so big again and now I think it is actually in a pretty good shape, world wide it is bigger then ever.

I have never played at Bloodstock, but people told me it is cool to do and it is growing bigger every year & organised by metal fans for metal fans, which is great!

When we first played at Waken there were only two thousand people in the middle of nowhere, five years later there were twenty thousand; last year fifty thousand and we played for its twentieth anniversary and this year we are playing for the first time at Bloodstock and it is amazing as it is its tenth anniversary.

Thomas: it is also our first time as well.

Ol Drake: it is our third time, but first time main stage.



A: So what can we expect from you at Bloodstock 2010?

Doro: I want to play the highlights of each record as old stuff from “Burn the Witches” to “Hellbound”, of course “All We Are” few songs from the new album and of course a Ronnie James Dio song and “Fur Immer”, yes.

Thomas: It will be a good mix of song from different albums, there will be at least one or two songs from “Chaosphere” album, we of course will be playing more of the new album “Obzen”

Ol Ddrake: We kind of play by ear, we’ll go out and play few songs and then we’ll play something new. Expect from us the head-banging and also some slow songs a furious mix.


We suddenly we got stopped in our interview by other appointments taken by their agent, so we had to abruptly end the interview but we managed to ask Doro,

What is her massage to the newest bands in the metal world?:

Doro: Stay true to yourself, be yourself, do it with a true heart!

Always give hundred and fifty percent, never ever give up and try to find good people who support you, we are on a mission!


To all the ladies in metal; Go for it!

We are the living proof that no matter where you are from, you can do whatever you want and whatever you feel and you’ll be successful!



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