COLLAPSE – Band Interview

Collapse Interview – Camden, London UK

Interviewer: Danny Draper

Photos: Altercarnated Photography

London UK based metal band Collapse formed in 2009 by guitarist Andy Ongley and vocalist Duncan Wilkinson, with current members; bassist Andre Purvis, guitarist Charlie Webster  and drummer Scott Harris.

In February 2010 Collapse entered the studio to begin recording their EP in March saw the band opening up the Hammerfest festival and April saw them being asked to record their own take on Judas Priest’s classic ‘Between the Hammer & the Anvil’ for Metal Hammer magazine.

The completion of their debut EP ‘Scar the Silence’ with Rohan Onraet (Slipknot/Machine Head) signalled that Collapse were about to carve a very big name for themselves and it was on the strength of this material that the band were requested to play the second stage at the UK’s Bloodstock Open Air festival.

Drawing from the European melodic metal of acts such as The Haunted and Carcass, but infused with the crushing grooves of US bands like Lamb of God and Pantera, Collapse are proud torchbearers for the future of Heavy Metal and everything that it means to the legions of fans worldwide, we managed to meet up with the guys for a catch up…& a few beers!


So guys, how are u all doing?

All – Very good, very well!

Its been an incredible year for you, if im right…you recorded the EP in February, then you opened Hammerfest a month later & then you played at this year’s Bloodstock, second stage?

Has it all been abit of a blur the last eight months?

Andrew: Its been pretty relentless, we’ve not had much time to think but its all been very cool, very very good. There is always a surprise around the corner which is great!

So, how did you guys form, how did it all start?

Duncan: I think it all happened around last November; it was a wintery day….

We had all been in previous bands and we all wanted to do something new, something quite honest & raw. I had written a host of material that I gave to Andy, he had a listen to it & I went away, he came back & had re-written most of it, between what I had written & what he came back we had the basis for the first few tracks!

We were in the middle of recording when we got the opportunity to play at Hammerfest, we were busy but that’s not something you turn down!

Charlie: Our main point was to concentrate what’s important to us, to get the music right & everything else we can do as we go along as it’s the most important thing to get right.


What do think you have brought to the world of Metal?

Andrew: Honesty, it’s the one thing I always strive for, even when I go to see other gigs I ask myself ‘Do I believe in this and what they are doing?’

Some bands you can just see the marketing prospects but some bands you can see that they’ve just got it! This is what we are aiming for, for the true metal in myself and our fans.

Duncan: Yeh if you see us on stage you know its just ‘us’ we aren’t just about image, of course we want to put on a great show but its more important to get the right people on and off stage then it all just works & I think that comes across.

How was playing one the biggest festivals in UK this year…Bloodstock!?

Charlie: Fucking awesome!

Andre: It was mind blowing, we only knew a week or two before and it was all amazing! The whole festival was amazing really, was very well organised with everyone being friendly & we got a great response on stage.

There are no words to really describe it!

How well is the EP doing now? You guys get a good reception?


Charlie: Yeh….good!

Everyone starts laughing…

Duncan: Yeh, everyone seems to like it! Its one of those things when u write it & you ask yourself after…’Does it sound like the idea I had in my head?’ And this does!

Of course your mates come up to you & say ‘Aww mate, its great, we love it’ but when you get to be on stage infront of only 20 people & half way through the first song everyone comes running in & grabbing their mates & you see the audience getting bigger & bigger, that’s the response that means the most, you can see them liking what we’re doing!

Everyone we have played it to so far has really liked our first output as a band.

So now all we want to do is a full album.

Our next question was…’Are you guys planning to record an album?’

Andrew: I started writing three days after we had done the EP, it was a stressful time for me as I recorded the whole thing myself & then mixed with Rohan Onraet who did all the mastering. Think I was getting like three/four hours sleep a night, so once that was done I was like right, lets start on the album!

So yeh, think I had one day off and now we are writing for the album.

Do you have a date in mind for release?

Andrew – We are hoping around March 2011 time, the way things are going but that’s just a date we have in our heads, we shall see.

How about tours? Got any planned for next year or you just concentrating on recording?

Charlie: We do wanna keep the ball rolling, we’ve had a really good couple of months but the writing of the album is our priority and we will carry on regardless if anything else that comes up, as we do want to do things before the end of the year.

Duncan: We’ve got a good team & friends! We did have a tour planned but it got cancelled, it would’ve been perfect for us really but hopefully there is another one which we are hoping to secure.

Thanks guys, we are at the end of our questions…we didn’t do too many.

You are still quite a new band but doing so well, is there anything else you’d like to add?

Andrew…Hmm juicy goss?

Bloodstock Goss?

Andrew: Not anything we don’t want published! *everyone laughs*

Duncan: I wanna secure some clothing co’s, that’ll be cool!

Andrew: Andre has just been endorsed by Fender, that was announced today.

So are you guys getting a lot of support from the music industry?

Andrew: Yeh we really are actually! Starts listing endorsement names…

All of the guys have been really good to us, really supportive.

You find with endorsements you get introduced to other people and making suggestions so its been good, really really good.

So to have this happening, to have this support is just awesome!

Duncan: Yeh genuine offers of help

Andrew: With Bloodstock we were so happy of their offer that we promised them if we make it big we will come back and play again for a bag of peanuts!

*everyone starts laughing*

Yeh the price of cashews will go up!

Andrew: Yeh exactly!

Charlie: Well it’s a good choice of nut!

Andrew: Dried fruit maybe?

*Everyone laughs*

Ok then guys, thanks again & we wish you well for the future!

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