D.A.D at Green Concert 2010 in Valby Parken Copenhagen Denmark



Green Concert


Valby Parken



25/7 – 2010


Reviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Guest Contributor: Ulrika Henriksson

Pictures: Anders Sandvall



Back in July was it once again time for us to visit the annual travelling festival Green Concert. The festival has toured through Denmark since 1983 and last year 160.000 people came to see the shows in Denmark and the festival is the largest of its kind in the Northern Europe. The tour started out on the 15th of July and ended on the 25th of July in Copenhagen and in between that the festival visited 8 cities throughout Denmark. The artists that toured with the festival this year were Tina Dickow, Carpark North, Thomas Helmig, Selvmord and D.A.D. The shows in both Odense and Arhus was sold out and that was something that never had happened before. The organizer of the festival is the beer giant Tuborg together with Muskelsvindfonden (a foundation that raises money and awareness for people that have muscle diseases) so if you visit the festival you automatically donate money to the foundation because a large percent of the ticket price goes as well as beer and food money straight to the foundation. Other sponsors of the event are Stimorol, Jack and Jones, DSB, Gaffa and Forex so there’s many that want to help the festival and the foundation to live on. The show in Valby Parken was also sold out and it’s the third time the festival sold out the huge outdoor park so besides us there were 40.000 people at the festival in Copenhagen this day.




It all began at 1:00 and ended at 9:30 so it was a few intense hours filled with music, fun and beer that awaited the many visitors. We were there only to see D.A.D so we turned up later in the evening to see the band and D.A.D was the head line act and were going on stage at 8:25. Even though the festival had been sold out the previous times we’ve been there we again were struck by how many people 40.000 actually is. Many of the visitors were disabled and sat in wheel chairs but they had their own platform to stand/sit on at the front of each of the two stages so they could see the performances really good. The foundation also had their own tents where you could have information about different muscle diseases and so on and we have to say that the organizers really do a great job each year with the Green Concert. The audience consisted of all kinds of people, younger, older, families, teenagers and couples and the festival had got something for every music or food taste.



It took us a while to navigate through the huge amount of people towards the press area but once we got there it was only to sit down in the sun and wait for D.A.D. To go on and have a beer while we waited. The stage was huge and a ramp led out from the stage to the middle of the crowd and where the ramp ended was a smaller stage . 2 huge video screens were put on each side of the stage so that everyone could see what was going on up on stage. Behind the drums hung a huge backdrop with the bands famous mascot – the cow head on it but instead of being drawn the head was made out of various small light bulbs.


A few minutes after I had gotten into the photo pit the presenter, Jacob Haugaard, come out on stage and presented the head line act.



While the intro played the members entered the stage

Jesper Binzer – lead vocals, guitar

Stigge Nasty – bass

Jacob Binzer – guitar

Laust Sonne – drums

The Binzer brothers ran out on the little stage first while Sonne and Nasty remained on the large stage behind them and while they ran they kicked off the show with the first song which was “Evil Twin”. D.A.D is highly and truly loved in Denmark and the huge audience exploded in happiness when the guys came on stage. “Beautiful Together” followed and the brothers once again ran out on the small stage and connected with the fans. It was really hard to get pictures on the guys because they ran around on stage most of the time.



From what I could hear when Jesper talked, he spoke in Danish so it was a bit hard to understand what he said, but I could hear that he said that the audience looked great and that it was really fun to once again be playing in Copenhagen . In “Jihad” as well in the most songs did the crowd sing a long and sometimes did they almost overpower Jesper. Jacob Binzer was amazing on guitar and Sonne was solid as a rock behind the drums. Nasty on bass is a clown and a stage personality and this time was no exception. “Point Of View” followed as well as the amazing “Everything Glows” and it must be an amazing feeling to be playing for 40.000 fans in your hometown which was just was D.A.D was doing. Nasty uses to dress up as something and I have seen him as a pilot, as Zorro and a gladiator but it was hard to determine what he was dressed up as know, take a look at the pictures yourself and see if you can guess it. During “Everything Glows” did fire go off at the side of the stage which looked really cool. Jesper said that this show was the last one for the this tour before it is time for the band to take a break.





The old classic “Grow Or Pay” followed as well as “Riding With Sue” which was sung by Nasty who introduced the song with saying “How Do You Do, Riding With Sue”. D.A.D has the ability to drag out their songs into almost too long and in the long run it gets a little tiring to listen to the loooong solos and it brings down the energy and tempo in the show. “Riding With Sue” is a huge personal favourite for the both of us and it’s fun to hear Nasty sing again, nowadays he normally don’t sing as much as he did in the early beginning of the bands career. I think that Nasty should sing more live now than only one song but I’m happy with the one I got. Nasty also got a lot of different bass guitars that he switches between and during this show he used the rocket bass and two other bass guitars. “The Road Below Me” was another personal favourite we heard as well as the title track from the last album MONSTER PHILOSOPHY.

All of the guys except Sonne then went out on the small stage and when all of the guys were in order Sonne came out through trapdoor in the floor on his drumkit that continue to rise up into the sky and Jesper stood with him on the kit and kicked off “Bad Craziness”. D.A.D mostly have a card up their sleeve when it comes to a live show and this time they almost outdid themselves. Jesper reminded us that this was the last show for the band for a while now and said that this evening had been a brilliant evening. When they kicked off their monster hit “Sleeping My Day Away” the audience went completely wild and screamed their lungs out and as always Jesper let the crowd sing the first verse. While the song proceeded Nasty disappeared off the stage and when he came back he had on his flaming rocket hat that blew fires and sparks. After the song ended did the guys thanked us all for an amazing show and went of stage but that was not what the crowd had in mind, they wanted to hear much more from their favourite Danish act and shouted for the band to come and and do encores. We also thought that 55 minutes was too short and screamed along for more songs.





We didn’t have to wait long before we heard the sound of acoustic guitar and the Binzer brothers came on stage again and they walked out on the small stage and played the intro to the long awaited “Laugh n a 1/2” while the singing took the audience care off. After the song had ended Nasty came out on stage and Jesper and Jacob picked up their guitars and began to play “Marlboro Man” which they also made longer than the original version. In the middle Sonne fired off one of his amazing drum solos and while he was doing that his drumkit go up into the air and while he played Jesper screamed to us that we should scream Come On Laust We Know You Can Do It. Jesper also decided that he wanted to take a ride with Sonne on his flying drumkit and buckled up and joined Sonne in the air while he sang the last part of the song. But when they were gonna come down the platform had gotten stuck in the air and Jesper said Houston We Have a Problem. Finally the two pilots came down to earth and finished the song and the show and everyone stood up and thanked the audience from the bottom of their hearts.





That amazing show ended this years version of Green Concert and what better way to end it than with D.A.D. The only thing that we weren’t happy with was the lack of songs from the new album otherwise this was one of the best times we’ve seen the band on Green Concert.




The head of the foundation Henrik Ib Jorgensen said in a statement at the foundations website that he is thrilled that Green Concert is going so well and that it feels great that the public shows up supporting the cause come rain or shine.




This version of Green Concert broke all the records when it came to paying visitors. 187.000 people saw the tour and it’s the largest amount of people in the tours 28-year old history. The large amount of people means that the foundation are gonna gain about one millions DEK which is great. A huge thank you goes out to all the sponsors, the organizers and the volunteers that make the Green Concert possible year after year.

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Thanks to Maria Andersson at Have Communication for help with press/photo pass


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Set list


Evil Twin

Beautiful Together


Point Of View

Everything Glows

Grow Or Pay

Riding With Sue

The Road Below Me

Monster Philosophy

Bad Craziness

Sleeping My Day Away


Laugh n a ½

Marlboro Man




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