Scorpions: Toronto, Canada June 27, 2010



June 27, 2010

Molson Ampitheater, Toronto, Ont.

Review and photos by Celtic Bob



A beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon in Southern Ontario was the scene for the “Get Your Sting and Blackout” 2010 World Tour which is said to be the last for German Metal band the Scorpions. For this leg of the tour they had 80’s Rockers Cinderella opening the shows. Having seen Cinderella twice before I knew they would put on an excellent show (and they did exactly that). This being my first Scorpions show I was psyched (Hell, I even bought the 5 Star VIP Ticket). As showtime neared the excitement inside the Amphitheater heightened.


Cinderella hit the stage and played a fairly short yet energetic set. Despite the rumors that Tom’s voice was shot he did a remarkable job. Yes he did appear to have some difficulties hitting a few of the notes he sang on the LP’s some 20-odd years ago but he did do a damn fine job nonetheless. Musically they were tight and were obviously enjoying themselves. There was one point in the show that they all began having a laugh when one of the roadie’s wheeled Tom’s piano out onto the stage to which he remarked something along the lines of “Nobody knows what song we’re doing next”. They then proceeded into the next song which wasn’t done using the piano. They performed the hits from the first three albums which is what the fans really want to hear. If you ever get the opportunity to see Cinderella live then I highly recommend that you do. I have seen them a few times now and they have never disappointed.





After a short stage prep and the rain starting to come down in buckets the Scorpions hit the stage.


Klaus and Rudolf hit the stage donning shades while Mathias wore his signature ball cap. The energy of the backbone to one of Metal’s longest surviving bands is unparalleled. Rudolf with his V shaped guitars and Mathias with the Explorer styled ones were grinning from ear to ear and really enjoying the show as were all of the audience. It was drummer James Kottak that really stole the show. Not only is he an excellent drummer, he is also an excellent showman. Watching him play makes you think that he will keel over with exhaustion at any given moment. He just continuously hammers away at the drum kit like a madman. I have never witnessed a drummer in my life that has impressed me in a live setting this much. That is not an insult to all the great drummers i’ve seen in the past, it is just Kottak  stole the show and impressed the fuck out of me. It was during his “Kottak Attack” drum solo that he really shined and put on a show. The back of the stage was a giant screen which displayed images of previous album covers reenacted by Kottak himself. It was a mini movie with him acting out the different covers of the Scorpions discography. At one point he had a lady against a car giving her a thigh tattoo (LOVE AT FIRST STING) then he proceeds to push her into the backseat of the car for the LOVEDRIVE reenactment. He does this for the majority of the albums including  BLACKOUT complete with the ‘Fork’ glasses. It was played out so well that when he took a drink on screen he was doing the same on stage. At one point during this solo James hopped up on his drums to show off his “Kottak Attack” shirt and the back which read ‘Rock and Roll Forever. He then removed the shirt and he had the ‘Rock and Roll Forever tattooed on his back. I do not mean a small one either. This covered his full back.  The “Kottak Attack” is the best drum solo you will ever see in your life.



jabs1.JPG rudy1.JPG

Not one to be outdone by the ‘New Guy’, Rudolf donned a mask for “Blackout” to transform himself into the cover of the infamous album of the same name. Klaus (like all the band) appeared to be really enjoying the show as he kept singing and beating on his tambourine and cowbell. He was constantly throwing drumsticks out into the audience for most of the performance.


Throughout the show the audience were treated to a perfect mix of new and old Scorpions music including such songs as “The Zoo” and “No One Like You” before ending the evening with the ultimate classic: “Rock You Like A Hurricane” An excellent night of Rock n’ Roll.


Thanks to Larry Morand and Barry Lieberman for Media access.