Rory Gallagher – The Beat club Sessions

Rory Gallagher
The Beat Club Sessions
2010, Eagle Rock Ent.
Rating: 4/5

To anyone familiar with Blues-Rock then the name Rory Gallagher should be part of your musical vocabulary. If it isn’t then you are missing one of the greatest players of this genre to ever have lived. The dozen songs on THE BEAT CLUB SESSIONS were culled from three different performances on the show.

Rory is one of the greatest Blues-Rock guitarists of all time. His music is much more enjoyable to listen to than that of the likes of Clapton who is heralded as a guitar god. Yes, Clapton was a great Blues guitarist that incorporated Rock into it to become highly respected. Yes he was and is commercially successful BUT Gallagher’s work is more interesting to listen to and he was highly underrated. The sound he got out of that old beat up Strat was magical, such tone. His voice complimented the music perfectly. He sang like he spent many hours in a smoky club playing and sipping some good whiskey. Slightly rough, but maintained a smoothness to it.

THE BEAT CLUB SESSIONS gives us the listener a sampling of what Rory could do. There are traditional styled blues numbers like “I Could’ve Had Religion” right up to the balls out rocker “Messin’ With The Kid”. Rory was diverse with his music performances but the maintained that consistency while doing so. Like many musical greats, he died way before his time.