John Lennon – Power To The People: The Hits (CD/DVD)

John Lennon – Power To The People: The Hits (CD/DVD)

2010, Capitol Records

Rating: 4.5/5

This 15 track ‘Best Of’ compilation replaces previous issues such as WORKING CLASS HERO, LEGEND and the JOHN LENNON COLLECTION. This set is aimed at the new generation of fans who just require ‘The Hits’, and this disc provides them with the very basics of Lennon songs. Released as a part of the Lennon 70th Birthday Celebration it would have made more sense to give us SHAVED FISH as it was the only compilation released during John’s short life.

The 2nd disc is a DVD and makes it an obvious purchase for all Lennon fans. The DVD itself is basically the JOHN LENNON COLLECTION VHS from many years back. Without a side by side comparison this is how I remember the videos with the exception of “Cold Turkey” which I recall was a bit psychedelic on the old VHS. Unfortunately I cannot do a side by side comparison.

A nice introduction to Lennon’s catalog and a perfect gift for that music lover on your list who is unfamiliar with one of Rock’s Royalty. It is a perfect starting point but far from complete.