John Lennon – Double Fantasy Stripped Down

John Lennon – Double Fantasy Stripped Down

2010, Capitol Records

Rating: 5/5

A refreshing new outlook on John Lennon’s last album. For this release the focus is put on John’s voice which is brought to the front of the mix slightly. The vocal effects have been removed as well as some of the background instrumentation giving his singing and vocal talent more of a spotlight which highlights just how great a singer he really was.  

Hearing his natural voice, free from studio effects is much more pleasant to the ears and it will give you a greater respect for him. This lack of reverb/echo on his voice makes it much more real and listener friendly. If you only buy one studio album from these new re-issues then this should be it. Guaranteed you will not be disappointed. Even if you would rather the original version it is included in the package as well but one listen to the STRIPPED DOWN disc and you may never go back.

Hopefully Yoko will see it in her heart to do this with some of John’s other albums after we get the missing titles such as LIVE PEACE, LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY, SHAVED FISH and MENLOVE AVE.