Casablanca – Kings, Queens & Guillotines


Kings, Queens & Guillotines

2010, Independent

Rating: 4.5/5

Casablanca is a new project that features ex Alice Cooper member Ryan Roxie on guitar and backing vocals. This E.P. is just a small sampling of the great things that will hopefully come in the near future. Earlier the year they released the single “Downtown” along with an accompanying video and it gathered such an interest that KINGS, QUEENS, & GUILLOTINES got issued in time for some of the summer shows and to hold us over until the full length.

This E.P. is insanely catchy especially the debut single, “Downtown”. Like the single, all the songs on here are catchy Rock numbers that are drum and guitar driven. There is a bit of a 70’s vibe happening with a healthy dose of mid to late 80’s Sunset Strip sleaze added in. The perfect blend of music giving you something fairly unique and very enjoyable.

Casablanca have all the talent and makings to become a huge band on the scene. Search them out, listen to the samples and buy the album. You will feel much better after you do.