Former W.A.S.P./METAL CHURCH Members Join Forces In W.A.S.

W.A.S. (Where Angels Suffer)
W.A.S. (Where Angels Suffer)

Chris Holmes (guitar; ex-W.A.S.P.), Randy Piper (guitar; ANIMAL, ex-W.A.S.P.), Steve Unger (bass; ex-METAL CHURCH), Rich Lewis (vocals; ANIMAL) and Stet Howland (drums; ex-W.A.S.P.) have teamed up in new band called WHERE ANGELS SUFFER (W.A.S.). The group’s debut album, Purgatory, is scheduled for release on October 31st via Digital Nations.

Purgatory tracklisting:

‘Cardiac Arrest’

‘Can’t Stop’

‘Don’t Wanna Die’

‘Crying Eagle’

‘Unnatural High’

‘Judgment Day’

‘Zombie’ (CRANBERRIES cover)


‘Violent New Breed’

‘Morning After’

‘Eye of the Storm’


Audio samples are available at this location.

According to a press release, Where Angels Suffer will embrace their metal history while simultaneously astounding their fans with groundbreaking original songs that could only be created by the exceptional chemistry and passion these professional musicians discovered when they came together again.

Piper, an original member of W.A.S.P. along with Chris Holmes and Blackie Lawless, helped create the sound that took the band’s first two records to gold status. “I play from the heart!” Randy says.

Randy’s credit to heavy metal can not be summed up very easily as he is continually embarking on creative pursuits and is still very much a part of the metal scene. “You can’t go back, but you can definitely move ahead,” he says.

Holmes has etched out a stellar career which can be traced back to the early days of the metal scene that infiltrated L.A. and the Sunset Strip. A California native himself, Holmes is also well known for his role in The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years and other projects, both in film and music, having played with the “A” list of metal musicians.

Piper and Holmes, who were an essential part of W.A.S.P., have stayed in close contact and feel now is the perfect time to launch the much-anticipated project fans have been waiting for.

Longtime drummer of W.A.S.P., Howland was featured on ten albums (studio and live) and has toured with all the top metal acts, including BLACK SABBATH, a personal highlight during his W.A.S.P. years. Aside from W.A.S.P., the ever-active Howland’s resume includes TEMPLE OF BRUTALITY, RUN 21, KILLING MACHINE, BELLADONNA, BLACKFOOT and LITA FORD, just to name a few. Howland resides in Florida, where he has a recording studio to keep him busy on a variety of projects, including his newest one, a reality show that will be filmed at his home and studio.

“We’re going out and were rocking,” says Howland, who sees Where Angels Suffer as an opportunity to bring some great musicians together and make some “real music.”

Steve Unger, who played with Metal Church, is a talented bassist in his own right: his contribution to Where Angels Suffer completes the dynamic of the band. Grateful for the opportunity to play on the project, he and the other band members have a mutual respect for one another because of the unbelievable talent of each artist involved.

Unger, who comes from Seattle, Washington, has had a long career with Metal Church and has been a key contributor to their success over the years. He believes this album will be one of the best culminations of talent the metal scene has seen in a long time. Unger commented that the music is so relevant today because it is “a high-bred cross-breed between old and new.”

Lewis, a longtime friend and fellow musician of Piper and Holmes, was a natural choice for Where Angels Suffer frontman and has become a key component to this venture. He has played alongside many greats artists, including his current bandmates, some of whom where in ANIMAL. He has been compared to greats like Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson and Lawless, but his signature style has blended with the dynamic sound of his bandmates that sets this album apart from the rest.

Where Angels Suffer is a unification of style, brought together by each band member’s tenacious effort and dedication to bring the fans the music they love. Whether it was the alignment of the planets or simply the right timing, the production of the album and the formation of the band came together seamlessly.

An Amazon pre-order is also available.



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