X Japan Clue Up North American Tour

X Japan - Left to Right: Sugizo, Toshi, Yoshiki, Heath, Pata
X Japan - Left to Right: Sugizo, Toshi, Yoshiki, Heath, Pata

X Japan, the biggest rock band in Japan, wrapped up its first-ever North American tour last weekend with an SRO show at New York’s Roseland Ballroom.  Over the course of the seven dates, all played at theatre-sized venues, X Japan easily demonstrated why they’ve sold 30-million units and filled the 55,000-seat Tokyo Dome a whopping 18 times.  X Japan hadn’t played venues this small in more than 20 years, so they tailored their “stadium-sensibility production” to the theaters, bringing in everything from lasers to pyrotechnics to CO2 to a jumbo screen.

If you missed seeing the band this time, they will be back, as 2011 will see a full-on North American tour as well as the release of X Japan’s debut album – with lyrics in English.

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Let ABC News’ “Amplified” fill you in on X Japan and its leader Yoshiki:
See for yourself how spectacular this band is live in concert:
Check out Rolling Stone’s photo gallery of the Roseland show:

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Read what some of the press had to say about X Japan’s North American tour, below…

L.A. Weekly:
“X Japan is a stadium band…as such, they treated The Wiltern as though it were Dodger Stadium.”

Time Out Chicago:
“X Japan is a master of epic metal on the other side of the world.  [Vocalist] Toshi screams right up there with the banshee hell ranks of Al Atkins and Bruce Dickinson. Yoshiki is his classically trained pianist and warrior drummer.  And together, with the help of a trio of guitarists, X Japan possesses a call-and-response fury infused with operatic mayhem.”

Examiner New York:
” X Japan put on an arena-quality show.”

SF Weekly:
“All it took was one show to make it very clear why X Japan is such a phenomenon in its homeland.  Many rock bands have lost the drama and theatrics that was the hallmark of the rock concert.  Clearly X Japan gets it.”

Hollywood Reporter:
“X Japan is bringing spectacle and excitement back to music – and the band proved it is a force to be reckoned with.”

Rockstar Weekly:
“Toshi, much like Freddie Mercury or even Geoff Tate of Queenscryche, is one of the most amazing singers you’ll ever get to hear live.”

Chicago Sun-Times:
“The most impressive aspect of X Japan’s show is the quality of musicianship.  Principal songwriter, drummer and pianist Yoshiki’s classical training came gushing out when he took a seat at the clear-case grand piano for the power ballad “Endless Rain…guitarists Sugizo and Pata traded grinding riffs and lightning leads on songs such as “I.V.” and “Jade” that even American metal bands would find hard to tackle.”

Metromix New York:
“Everything about X Japan is massive.  What other rock show nowadays features lasers, violin solos (of “The Star Spangled Banner,” no less), a cavalcade of power chords, and drum solos?”

Consequence of Sound:
“Fans like this hardly exist anymore – at least in rock ‘n’ roll.  People preoccupy themselves so much with what’s hip these days that they lose sight on why they listened to music in the first place.”

“As energetic as the fans were, I felt the band was the obvious winner in the ‘who is having more fun’ category, a point driven home as they all posed for multiple photos FOR THEMSELVES at the end of their performance on the front of the stage with the Massey Hall crowd in the background.”

“The X Japan live experience is meant to be seen in the space of a sports arena, but just after a couple of minutes, you felt like you were watching them a few miles away — at the Los Angeles Staples Center.”



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