Party San Festival – Bad Berka Germany


Thursday 12th

After I spent the evening and the following morning to gather supplies for the weekend (maily of alcoholic nature), finally Thursday evening is the time to open this edition of the german festival. It’s good to note that to avoid drowning in the mud, I had to buy a new pair of boots, so that I would have been ready for this rainy weekend. But after that I can find my way towards the stage to attend at Ketzer’s show.

The young band has the not-always-easy task to make an opening for this event, and has the opportunity to show itself with a few songs from its first full-length, “Satans Boundaries Unchained”, sounding as a mix of Black Metal with Thrash influences. Nothing so special to be honest, which reminds here and there about the usual “historical” influences. However, it is still a good way to pass time while having a look around at the merchandise stands, but also those with food and drinks. That’s never a bad thing after all.

Good start afterall, while perfectly on time we find on stage Merrimack, still on the side of darkened Black Metal. Way more catch! y is the performance of this french formation, which begins to catch the attention of the audience, in the meantime increasing in the first rows.

The gray sky and the rain which feeds this mud – such a pain! – are the perfect frame for the show of these five guys, who offers to their fans tracks such as “In The Halls Of White Death”, “The Golden Door”, and one of their best works, “Live The Lie”.



Following a rapid change-over, it’s now time for a change with the american Devourment. The masters of this fast and extremely pissed Brutal Death, continued with their former bassist Mike Majewski as a vocalist, after Wayne Knupp’s death in 2007. Now at the sunset they are performing in front of the excited crowd, who keeps rolling the hair and headbanging. Intense, aggressive, sometimes overwhelming, these are three adjectives that I could easily use to describe the concert of these guys from Dallas, playing various songs from the latest “Unleash The Carnivore”.

Since some choreography never hurts, we see the bass player Chris Andrews wearing an horse-head mask (don’t ask me why), while keeping to flail and jump like crazy all over the stage.



A truly convincing gig, which starts to warm up the fans for good. In fact now is Monstrosity’s turn to get on stage and show what they got with their old school Death Metal from the sunny Florida.

Personally, I was really curious to see this band live for the first time myself, and I can say for sure that I haven’t been disappointed. The earliest group of Cannibal Corpse singer, as well as many other famous musicians of this scene, lives up to its fame and give moments of real emotion to the fanatic fans – increased in the meanwhile – even though a cold wind started blowing over the Thuringian fields.

All in all, Mike Hrubovcak does an honest job as a vocalist, but I’m not really all hot about it. Anyway a nice performance, supported by the precision of Lee Harrison at the drums, as well as the other band members, overall giving the impres! sion of being in a pretty good shape.




The real surprise of today for me is represented by the dutch band The Devil’s Blood, who truly manage to catch the audience, delighting it with its smoky atmospheres and that psychedelic rock which marks a clear cut from what we’ve been seeing so far. The show is something that get stucked in your head and makes you think “maybe this band really deserves to play right before the headliners”, and that it’s seriously worth your attention.

The band begins slightly later, the reason being the increasing rain which cause the crew to cover monitors and cables on the stage. In this dark scenery here they come, all rigorously covered in blood, as the first notes of “Come Reap” fill the air.

Immediately the crowd down there is enchanted by the occult music of the dutch combo, lead by the mysterious “The Mouth Of Satan”, with her confident attitude and charisma, even though the band is still relatively new. And this tells a lot about their talent.

To follow, songs filled with emotions as “House Of 10,000 Voices” and “Voodoo Dust”. These give the idea that this show could last longer than it should, and for once in a good way. “Christ Or Cocaine” marks instead the end of this real personal revelation of the day. Absolutely a must-to-see again!




Some waiting also for the headliner, Erik Danielsson’s Watain, coming from Sweden streightened by the good critics collected with the new “Lawless Darkness”. Only three the new songs offered to the audience today, but even with a quite short setlist, the boys of Uppsala provides a great show full of emotions to the followers of this extreme music, making the waiting of about half hour totally worth it.

“Sworn To The Dark” and “Legions Of The Black Light” can’t of course be omitted, as two of the best masterpieces of this group. It’s even worthless to describe in this case the enthusiastic reaction of the audience. But still this is n othing compared to the moment when our uber-tattoed and bloo! dy singe r – framed by the many flames around in the set, along with chains and other freaky stuff – stops for a moment to dedicate the next song to Jon Nödtveidt. Exactly four years ago, Dissection’s leader committed suicide (on August 13th, 2006 – Watain’s show started after midnight, so it’s already the 13th).

From here, praising the vocalist/singer of that great band, Watain surprise us with a wonderful cover of “The Somberlain”, accompanied by the shouting fans all over the area. The show ends with

“Waters Of Ain”, with the certainty that the swedish band is here. Strong as ever. A truly amazing and solid performance, the only problem being maybe just the short duration. But after all it doesn’t really matter to most of the metalheads here, because soon after the gig on the opposite tent starts the traditional metal disco. This means even more alcohol, bratwurst, and good music in a good company. What do you want more than that?