EXUMER posts new video clip from K.I.T. festival

German thrashers EXUMER have posted one out of two video clips taken from the “Keep it True Festival 12”, DVD compilation, which was filmed in spring 2009. The band’s performance on the festival was recorded during their “5 Nights of Fire  Tour”, and featured former singer/guitarist Paul Arakaki alongside main frontman Mem V. Stein. The DVD also includes a bonus interview with both singers recorded at the same show.

Vocalist Mem V. Stein comments: “We posted the song “Fallen Saint”, and decided to showcase Paul. We wanted to give the fans who were not able to attend any of our last year’s shows a chance to see how we looked/sounded like with two singers. We have been missing our friend during our current tour and missed him on the first leg of the “European Ignition Tour 2010″, earlier in the spring.
However, we are currently rehearsing and writing the new EXUMER material from the up-coming album, to be released next year, between dates in order to sound as organic as possible. This was one of our greatest challenges with last year’s line-up, where 3 of us were located in the U.S. and two in Germany. It is a little easier now with me and our bassist residing in NYC and the rest of the band living in Germany. It makes it possible to get together and operate as a band, rather than a bunch guys in front of computers swapping files. The new album should satisfy most our old fans and we hope to gain some new ones alog the way”

For more information go to www.myspace.com/exumerwakingthefire




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