MANOWAR Re-recording Battle Hymns

Manowar Battle Hymns 1982According to Manowar Official Facebook, bassist Joey DeMaio have confirmed that the band is in studio re-recording the classic and milestone Battle Hymns.

Battle hymns released in 1982 is Manowar’s debut album and it established them as one of the first epic heavy power metal bands. It is considered a classic today and one important Heavy Metal releases of the eighties.


According to the german Manowar fan site, Joey DeMaio declared recently in an interview that besides the band being in studio re-recording Battle Hmyns at the moment, a new DVD named “Blood of the Kings – Chapter One” will be published as well. On the DVD there shall be footage of the recordings of Battle Hymns. In addition to this Manowar will play the whole Battle Hymns on the upcoming tour. The New studio album from ‘The Asgard Saga’ is due to be released late 2011/early 2012.

You can find more information about this in th following interview that bassist Joey Demaio gave to colombian webzine:
Interview-with Joey-Demaio-of-Manowar