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Ahhh…The joys of Autumn. The leaves turn pretty shades of orange and brown, the weather is generally cooler this time of year and maggot ridden zombie corpses rise from their graves to crack the skulls of the living, ripping their spines from their flesh only to ultimately climax by sucking out their brains like a gelatinous milkshake for the undead. No day in October is more synonymous with these kind of timeless festivities than Halloween… or “All Hallow’s Eve” if you happen to be of British descent. You can expect to find marathon horror movie specials on all of your major television networks this time of year, but for those of more discerning taste, we thought we’d compile some Halloween chit-chat and feedback specific to those of the metal faith. We at Metal-Rules.com have put together a compilation video of some of metal’s biggest acts weighing in on every headbanger’s favorite holiday and if that weren’t enough we reached out via e-mail to an even broader panel of our bretheren of steel for a lengthy Halloween text roundup. It wouldn’t be A METAL HALLOWEEN without some Trick or Treat action, so make sure you enter our exclusive giveaway located towards the bottom of the page. From everyone at Metal-Rules.com, we wish you all a happy and bloodsoaked Halloween!

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What does Halloween mean to you?

Halloween was super-fun when I was a kid, absolutely. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any dressing up for it though. I guess my costume these days would be, ‘a dude trying to look like Gene Hoglan’. A few years ago I borrowed a couple of those ‘shot-girl’ bandoleros, filled ’em with shot glasses, put on a pair of angel wings, strapped on a couple bottles of the ol’ Alberta vod, and went as the “Vodka Fairy”, and I wasn’t even drinking at the time! That was my nickname for the years where I gave up the booze, cuz even though I wasn’t drinkin’, I sure as hell made sure you were!

— Gene Hoglan

Halloween means the smell of burning leaves, candy corn, awesome costume parties, projectile vomit, girls dressing in a provocative manner (my favorite part!), horror movies, hallo-weekends at Cedar Point… I could go on forever. Halloween is definitely my favorite time of the year.

— Trevor Strnad (Black Dahlia Murder)

It means good company, sweet shows and beautiful women dressing to impress.

— Ezra Haynes (Allegaeon)

Well since it’s my emergence from the canal day, to me it means that I’m a year older…and a flash of childhood memories of kids having better things to do than come to your birthday party (laughs)… But as of recent years, it comes with awesome gigs!

— Greg Burgess (Allegaeon)


It means: Starting about mid-August, our house, driveway, the sidewalk out front and any adjacent property will be transformed into a Hellish netherworld engulfed in blood, mutilation and torture; much like my dirty laundry hamper.

— Tommy Niemeyer (The Accused)


To myself it means a time of celebration of all things I hold spiritual. It’s a very, very powerful night especially for practitioners of the left hand path. It has always been an important date to our band. That was the first day we ever got our first mastered copy of our first album was on Halloween, which was also the first time I jammed with Monstrosity which eventually led to me getting the job in that band. Now this Halloween will be my first ever home town show since I started playing music professionally, which is promised to be another very magical night for sure. With Halloween it’s on the tips of everyone’s tounges. You can just feel it in the air unlike any other holiday. There is just something magical about that night that has always drawn me to it like a priest to a nine year old boy.

— Brian Werner (Infernaeon)

It was the one time of year I was allowed to go into sugar comatose. As a kid I never really thought much about the real meaning of Halloween. I thought more about what I wanted to dress up as and how I could attain the most sweets. Even to this day I know very little about the pagan holiday. I suppose these days it means watching as many “B” movies as possible. I enjoy Halloween and the dark and somewhat foreboding mysterious air it carries. But being from Ohio, to me, Halloween means horrid weather is right around the corner.

— Vic (Vindicator)

Halloween isn’t just an excuse for me to dress slutty and get away with it. I love Halloween and I enjoy the pagan tradition even though I don’t believe in much supernatural things. I feel though that it is a chance for me to express my dark side publicly by dressing up and trick ‘r treating. Yes, I still trick ‘r treat! I love its atmosphere. That I can believe. It’s so damn metal! Spirits are let loose from “The Otherworld” because for some reason there is only one night in the year that fills the sky with grimness and such fear of the unknown. It’s just exhilarating to walk around in costume and receive treats. Just don’t accept wrapped candy!

— Conan (Exmortus)

Heavy metal, horror movies, beer, headbanging, sugar hangovers!

— Cory Boyd (Spellcaster)

Halloween means girls dressing up very provocatively for male enjoyment, getting pitted with your buds and woman and raging with some fine quality Pale Ale’s.

— Chris Birkle (Excruciator)

Cool and clear night, electricity in the air, the streets are alive. Gathering around a beer keg, metal playing on the stereo and hopefully a fire nearby.

— Andy Gonzalez (Hammerwhore, Witches Mark)

It’s just one of many reasons to get wasted with your bro’s and listen to Mercyful Fate.

— Robb Bockman (Witches Mark)

I can’t speak for everyone in the band but to me Halloween is a time to get together with your best friends and celebrate an atmosphere that praises the dark and celebrates evil. Nothing spiritual or magical, I’m too cold for that, but still the air is charged with Satanic energy and we thrive in that atmosphere.

— Goatlord (Panzergod)

Halloween is not much different than any other day for me. I think most metalheads can relate to that. Horror movies, metal, darkness and endless amounts of beer and smoke is part of everyday life.

— Steve Perez (Demontuary)

Just another festival kidnapped by the demonic (commercial) powers that rule this realm.

— Ola Blomkvist (Griftegård)

Halloween is always a dark and scary night. For me its smoke machines, strobe lights and a couple of shots and a few beers. Then all the trick or treaters start to come by my house, that’s when the fun begins. Some of them just keep walking, others come right up to the door, some start screaming. Those brave enough will get the candy they came for.

— Jason Darnell (KAOS)

Candy, cheap booze, and near brain-dead college girls finding excuses to dress up as slutty pirates; this is just how the Pagans intended it to be. I’m not saying they should stop dressing up as slutty pirates (Or devils, or french maids, or Sarah Palin.)

— Orlando Logan Perez (Against The Plagues, Vex, Whore of Babylon)

It’s a huge excuse for chicks to dress slutty and to cause some kind of ruckus or play a slamming metal show and dress like your favorite 80’s era WWF wrestling star!

— Wayne Holden (Omega Crom)

Not a god damn thing…just another excuse to get shitty and look at scandalous women dressed to the best possible sluttiness!

— Nick and Phil (Enemy Reign)

An opportunity for alter egos to assert themselves fearlessly.

— Dave Khan (Scythia)

It’s funny… The older I get, the less it meant wreaking havoc and not getting caught and the more it meant wreaking havoc and knowing I will get caught, then trying to remember the number of my lawyer on “All Saint’s Day”.

— Andrew Laurenson (Common Dead)

A time to flirt with the dark side of life.

— Mike Ikona (Black Brew)

Candy! Scary movies!

— Kurt Loun (Black Brew)

Its the one time of year where we can shed the costumes we wear twelve months out of the year and really unleash the beast within! Did I mention alcohol?

— Akbar Johnson (Special Ops)

Tricks or treats, mischief and mayhem, and of course “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!”

— John Conley (Moth Eater)

Like most holidays it moved away form it’s original meaning. Now it’s just good campy fun I guess. It’s also a good reason to go out to parties dressed like an idiot!

— Seb Painchaud (The Last Felony)

Celebration of the dead and the welcoming of Autumn.

— Dan Caycedo (Sons of Tonatiuh)

Halloween - Green Horned.jpg

What were some of your most memorable Halloween costumes growing up?

When I was ten or eleven, I went as Peter Criss’ “Love Gun”era, and man, did I ever look sharp! Mom went to town on the costume, my sister Lisa did my make-up spot-on, even down to the silver hair and tattoos. Man, did I look righteous! I know there’s pics kickin’ around somewhere, gotta find ’em and post ’em. Speaking of costumes, here’s a link to my costume for a Halloween party that I went to with my sister when I was twelve. hoglanindustries.com/media.html. You’ll have to scroll down four or five rows to see it. That was “Guido, Mafia Hitman”. Fun costume. I had my viola case for my machine gun, just like the old gangsters used.

— Gene Hoglan

I’ve always had glasses, so it kinda limits what you could be. I think my best costume would have to be “The Crow” (with glasses).  Actually, it was a baby costume that I assembled in 2004. I had a really gnarled, nasty looking umbilical cord that I spent a few hours constructing with a hot glue gun, some paint, a red ribbon and a guitar string.  It was one of those rare Halloweens here in Michigan where it isn’t that cold… I was alright in just a diaper. This year I am going to Brian’s Halloween party, and I think I want to be a pager.

— Trevor Strnad (Black Dahlia Murder)

Kung Lao and Reptile from Mortal Kombat. I was a huge MK head. Baraka would have been badass though.

— Ezra Haynes (Allegaeon)

Freddy Krueger!!!  King of comedy serial killers!!! “Every town has an Elm Street.”

— Greg Burgess (Allegaeon)

My mother was so freaked-out about us kids wearing masks, so her and my older sister would take the same old waxy, crayon-like grease paint make up out every Halloween and try and come up with something unique to “turn me into”; they were using the same old, boring olive green, rust brown, vampire red, etc. that we’d used year after year—I never really looked much like anything in the end; ‘cept a hungover drag princess. That could explain a lot now that I think of it.

— Tommy Niemeyer (The Accused)

I remember I was “Leatherface” when i was in third grade, “Jason” when I was in fourth grade, then I ended up just adopting the whole “Wednesday Adams” from “Adams Family” costume idea of not dressing up and being a homocidal maniac. They look just like everyone else.

— Brian Werner (Infernaeon)

I’ve been a few Ninja Turtles, a robot once, a bumble-bee, but the most memorable? Micheal Jackson from Thriller.

— Vic (Vindicator)

I dressed up as Gene Simmons for two years in a row. I was not even ten years old. I also dressed up as a barbarian raider (original idea). Each costume won first place prizes in mall competitions. My dad was pretty competitive. Oh and I was Maiden’s mascot, Eddie, once. That didn’t win anything.

— Conan (Exmortus)

The Red PowerRanger, a lollipop kid from “The Wizard Of Oz” and most recently I

wore a priest robe with a “Hello my name is Judas” sticker on it.

— Cory Boyd (Spellcaster)

Growing up I would dress up as some super hero or some cheeseball “scary mask”. Recently I have developed my alter ego, Booze Bot 9000. Booze Bot 9000 only appears during Halloween or other costumed social occasions.

— Chris Birkle (Excruciator)

Trash bags and a Vader mask.

— Andy Gonzalez (Hammerwhore, Witches Mark)

I usually would try to horribly disfigure my face with latex and have puss filled oozing blisters and gaping bloody sores. I did that one year and got some great reactions. So I would just try to top myself every year.

— Robb Bockman (Witches Mark)

When I was about ten years old my mother and cousin spent far too many hours dressing me up as a mutated subhuman killer. I scared all the kids on my block. It was especially memorable because the make-up and putty froze (I grew up in Alaska) and stuck to my hair leaving me patchy and miserable from my relatives drunken haircut that night.

— Goatlord (Panzergod)

Every year for Halloween I would go as someone from Kiss, except for Paul Stanley.

— Steve Perez (Demontuary)

When I grew up our country was yet to be exposed to this symptom of a rotting western culture.

— Ola Blomkvist (Griftegård)

It was Batman for a long time until I saw Gene Simmons spit up blood. So from that year on, it was Gene all the way till my last time out running the streets till I was maybe fifteen or sixteen. Good times.

— Jason Darnell (KAOS)

I used to go all out sometimes and would make my own costumes. I would also commission people to help sew them.

If I couldn’t think of anything cool,  I’d fall back on the Grim Reaper cloak and realistic skull mask. But some of the costumes I made were a Tusken Raider, The Misifts’ “Crimson Ghost”, Boba Fett. One time I made a Frank Frazetta “Death Dealer” costume I must have spent several months on. Had glowing eyes n’ all. I actually was celebrating Halloween in Mexico (some great clubs/bars) and I remember children from the street getting pretty scared and thinking I was some sort of demon. They all came at me (must have been around twenty of them) with sticks and some of them were throwing Chickletts. They had blood in their eyes and murder in their hearts. Luckily I had this big axe that I started swinging at them. I must have kicked a few of them around. I’m not a child abuser, but those were no children… they were sub-human trolls spawned from the loins of seahags. Don’t fuck with the “Death Dealer” plain and simple. Now that I think about it, it was like a scene from the movie ” Fire and Ice”. Yes, quite memorable.

— Orlando Logan Perez (Against The Plagues, Vex, Whore of Babylon)

Ninja Turtles, The Ghostbusters or “Grey Skull” from “Masters of the Universe”. Pretty much was one of them for most of my child hood.

— Wayne Holden (Omega Crom)

Anything Star Wars of course…come on now!

— Nick and Phil (Enemy Reign)

I was pretty much always a medieval warrior or viking for halloween.  Not very inventive, but i loved it.

— Dave Khan (Scythia)

I remember being “Sub-Zero” from “Mortal Kombat” in the early 90’s. My mom made a pretty cool costume, but I couldn’t actually freeze anyone, so I just went around the neighborhood throwing ice at kids. People got hurt. I may have also collected candy.

— Andrew Laurenson (Common Dead)

Kiss costumes, Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger and Hellraiser Cenobite’s.

— Mike Ikona (Black Brew)

Zombie, Pin-Head, Demon, Baby Girl

— Kurt Loun (Black Brew)

The best costume ever, made out of invisible clothes!

— Akbar Johnson (Special Ops)

I had lots of the old “Don Post” Star Wars costumes as a kid. Stormtrooper, Luke Skywalker… I mean really, would Darth Vader have worn a yellow jumpsuit with his face on it that reads “Darth Vader”? Kids costumes are so much more advanced these days. I did “army guy” for a few years which gave me a reason to carry my semi-automatic water rifle… long before super-soakers. Of course there were the later years as King Diamond, Gene Simmons… even Cliff Burton one year… Bellbottoms and all. Most unrecognized and under-appreciated costume ever.

— John Conley (Moth Eater)

It wasn’t growing, but two-three years ago. I went dressed in drag. My roommate was a professional make-up artist and she put fake eye lashes on and everything. Also, I hadn’t shaved my beard in about three months, so when I got to the party no one recognized me at first! I didn’t bother to wear a wig either, my costume was “Hooker with cancer”.

— Seb Painchaud (The Last Felony)

Swamp Thing and a dead bride.

— Dan Caycedo (Sons of Tonatiuh)

Halloween - Voodoo Skull.jpg

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Does it just have to be for Halloween? (Editor’s note:Yes!) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Now they come in that enormo Big Cup size. Where was that when I was a kid? I coulda gotten even chubbier. KitKat Chunky, with caramel, now there’s a feast. Twix are still always good. I’ve always loved combos of anything, candy or cookies that have stuff stuffed inside ’em. More for your dough. Or, dough-y figure.

— Gene Hoglan

I think all the candy I like isn’t necessarily specific to Halloween. I remember that full sized candy bars were the currency at the time though, Snickers being the most beloved. I remember hating the people that gave you pennies. What turds! I always thought it would be awesome to hand out AOL discs for Halloween… them shits used to stack up back in the day: “Here you go little boy, version 2.4!”

— Trevor Strnad (Black Dahlia Murder)

The big candy bars you would get from rich people of course. Fuck candy corn, worse candy ever! In fact it’s not even a candy, it’s just crap.

— Ezra Haynes (Allegaeon)

The free kind.

— Greg Burgess (Allegaeon)


My mother was so freaked-out about us kids wearing masks, so her and my older sister would take the same old waxy, crayon-like grease paint make up out every Halloween and try and come up with something unique to “turn me into”; they were using the same old, boring olive green, rust brown, vampire red, etc. that we’d used year after year—I never really looked much like anything in the end; ‘cept a hungover drag princess. That could explain a lot now that I think of it.

— Tommy Niemeyer (The Accused)


Anything Reese’s hands down!! No fucking question and fuck those stupid McDonalds coupons they would always give out and fuck those Christians who hand out stupid fucking bible pamphlets. Like a fucking kid gives a fuck about your stupid fucking God. Eat shit and get some fucking candy, would you please?

— Brian Werner (Infernaeon)

I am a die hard fan of candy corn. There’s nothing like little chunks of pure sugar to get me pumped.

— Vic (Vindicator)

Anything dark chocolate!

— Conan (Exmortus)

Kit Kat’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups rule!

— Cory Boyd (Spellcaster)

The most sword wielding stygian slaying candy in the entire universe, Tootsie Rolls.

— Chris Birkle (Excruciator)

Candy apples with razor blades.

— Andy Gonzalez (Hammerwhore, Witches Mark)

I like the powder that’s left at the bottom of the bag when you eat Sour Patch Kids. Follow that up with a shot of Jamison, fucking good shit. Also, those mini Snickers bars are easy to wolf down in mass quantity when your eyes are red.

— Robb Bockman (Witches Mark)

Drugs or pussy. You choose.

— Goatlord (Panzergod)

I dont really like candy much, I do however like brownies.

— Steve Perez (Demontuary)

Candy, at least the variety manufactured by big multinationals, is a tool for the powers that be to control the herd via artificial sweeteners and other substances that fucks up minds and reaps souls, causing ADHD and other dysfunctions in the process.

— Ola Blomkvist (Griftegård)

My favorite candy was Reeses . Hands down. I traded other goodies, for the peanutbutter cup was the best. “Now & Later” was yummie also. I ate candy every day until it was gone back then. It was like heaven, ummmmm.

— Jason Darnell (KAOS)

Eh, most probably chocolate. Yes, chocolate bars… Like the candy we want at stores: Snickers, Nestle’s Crunch, Reeses, – all that unhealthy shit; not some bullshit , special halloween candy that no-one has heard of.

— Orlando Logan Perez (Against The Plagues, Vex, Whore of Babylon)

Apples with razor blades inside of them.

— Wayne Holden (Omega Crom)

I know I fucking hate candy corn, worst candy ever! And definitely not fruit, whatever weird mother fuckers give kids fruit on Halloween should burn in hell…oh wait, I mean rot in heaven!

— Nick and Phil (Enemy Reign)

Those mini chocolate bars. Mars, Snickers, etc.

— Dave Khan (Scythia)

Anything without a razor blade in the middle. Oh, and those fuckin’ Pop Rocks. Pure nostalgia.

— Andrew Laurenson (Common Dead)

Candy Corn.

— Mike Ikona (Black Brew)

Reeses’ Peanut Butter Cups

— Kurt Loun (Black Brew)

She blood and gun powder, nothing else like it.

— Akbar Johnson (Special Ops)

Christ, what isn’t my favorite candy?!? Gotta love the candy corn though since it’s purely seasonal.

— John Conley (Moth Eater)

Anything besides that brown chewy crap that all the cheap people give out.

— Seb Painchaud (The Last Felony)

Reese’s Pieces.

— Dan Caycedo (Sons of Tonatiuh)

Halloween - Moth.jpg

What are your favorite horror movies to watch on Halloween?

I tell ya, it’s been thirty years since I watched a horror flick on actual Halloween and it was “Halloween” on this brand new thing called a “VCR”. Remember that? That went the way of ascots and the Edsel. Favorite horror-flick? I dunno, “The 405 Traffic Nightmare”? “The Deli-Tray That Would Not Die”? “Devin T’s Frightening Follicle Follies, featuring the Ostrich Egg in a Hula Skirt”? “Val the Heathen’s (Zimmer’s Hole) Gelatinous Ass in Ass-less Chaps”? Hmmm, so many to choose from…coming soon to a RedBox near you.

— Gene Hoglan

Halloween 1 & 2, Friday the 13th Part 2, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Demons, Pet Cemetary, Return Of The Living Dead, Night Of The Living Dead, Maniac, Zombie, Susperia, Bloodfeast.

— Trevor Strnad (Black Dahlia Murder)

All Freddy movies, Freddy owns all!

— Ezra Haynes (Allegaeon)

Of course, I’m gonna say the Nightmare on Elm Street’s. I like the Friday the 13th series, but I prefer a little more personality with my serial killers. You got to admit the bashing kids in sleeping bags against trees is awesome!

— Greg Burgess (Allegaeon)

Used to be that kick ass stop-motion animated Monster Mash special they’d show every year on some network; I haven’t seen it in ages, though. Some parents must’ve had it banned, I bet, because there’s a scene with monsters getting all fucked up on cocktails and we wouldn’t want junior to see that. “Evil Dead” is always good. None of that insipid “SAW”, “Hostel”, “The Ring” bullshit, though. Nor will I ever partake in even glancing at another fucking modern Hollywood, rock-star-directed horror re-make! Jesus Kee-RYST, People! At least make those bastards in Hollywood think you care about seeing quality movies! Does NO-ONE have a fucking original idea in their heads anymore? Re-makes… They are all bullshit.

— Tommy Niemeyer (The Accused)

“Pumpkinhead” for sure, all the “Hellraisers” of course. “Halloween” is always awesome, except for that stupid one without Michael Myers with the retarded masks. Fuck that movie it sucks. “Dead Alive” of course and last but not least every “Omen” ever made!!!

— Brian Werner (Infernaeon)

I know it’s beyond cliche to say “Halloween”, but it’s the truth. I have to watch the original at least once. Then a few classic black and whites like “Carnival Of Souls” and “Nosferatu”.

— Vic (Vindicator)

Too many! Any horror movie is good to watch on Halloween! Especially zombie flicks. Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead” is obviously one for me. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m gonna watch “In the Mouth of Madness” on Halloween. That movie still scares the shit out of me!

— Conan (Exmortus)

Nightmare On Elm Street series, Demons, Trick or Treat, The Lost Boys, Night Of The Demons, good eighties horror.

— Cory Boyd (Spellcaster)

“Conan the Barbarian” and “Duel to the Death” they’re not horror movies, well except maybe the acting is, but they’re just really killer flicks to watch anyway on Halloween.

— Chris Birkle (Excruciator)

Halloween (1978), The Exorcist, The Omen, Creepshow, and Night of the Living Dead.

— Andy Gonzalez (Hammerwhore, Witches Mark)

Horror Hotel, Satanic Rites of Count Dracula, Hellraiser 2, Dawn/Day of the Dead, Return of the Living Dead 3, Cannibal Holocaust, Evil Dead 1 and 2.

— Robb Bockman (Witches Mark)

I try not to spend too much time indoors this time of the year.

— Goatlord (Panzergod)

My favorite horror movies are Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Exorcist.

— Steve Perez (Demontuary)

The news cast.

— Ola Blomkvist (Griftegård)

Well of course Halloween 1 and 2 were always at the top. Friday the 13th and Nightmare On Elm Street was always a classic and The Shining. I had tons of nightmares and still do. Do I need help? Maybe just another shooter.

— Jason Darnell (KAOS)

Jesus Camp, Michael Bay’s “Transformers 2”, “Big Momma’s House 3”, anything with Tyler Perry. Those are all very very scary movies. Did you know if you watch five Tyler Perry movies in a row you’ll start hearing your brain fizzle and you become retarded?

— Orlando Logan Perez (Against The Plagues, Vex, Whore of Babylon)

“Fire In The Sky” that movie’s fucked! “Killer Clowns From Outer Space”! Classic! Any “Nightmare On Elm Street” movie, they always make me wanna puke. Any “B” Horror movie will do.

— Wayne Holden (Omega Crom)

Who the fuck watches movies on Halloween when there thousands of girls dressed up in the sluttiest way possible, death metal blasting and orange beer everywhere… it really is a great day!  — Nick and Phil (Enemy Reign)

None, I was too busy getting candy and then watching the Simpsons “Treehouse of Horrors”.

— Dave Khan (Scythia)

“B.A.P.S.” or anything with Jennifer Lopez in it. Pretty horrifying. Maybe that new documentary “Babies”. But if I want some intentional horror, some pure classic gore-porn, I might just throw on my dad’s movie “The Wizard of Gore” and revel in the campiness (he played Greg).

— Andrew Laurenson (Common Dead)

Halloween I & II, Friday the Thirteenth I & II, Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Exorcist.

— Mike Ikona (Black Brew)

Halloween 1 & 2, Amityville Horror, Blair Witch Project.

— Kurt Loun (Black Brew)

The Sound of Music, the scariest movie out there.

— Akbar Johnson (Special Ops)

I’m a fan of the classic Universal films… Dracula, Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon. Of course you can never go wrong with the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre or the Dennis Hopper flavored Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Dog will hunt!!

— John Conley (Moth Eater)

Anything with zombies! From the classic Romero movies to “28 Days Later” or “Zombieland”.

— Seb Painchaud (The Last Felony)

“In the Mouth of Madness”

— Dan Caycedo (Sons of Tonatiuh)

Halloween Playlist.jpg

What would be your metal playlist for October 31st ?

I suppose in no particular order would be, “I Put a Spell on You”, by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, “Fire”, by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, “DOA”, by Bloodrock, a truly creepy song for it’s day, “Black Sabbath”, by Sabbath and Type O, “Face the Slayer” by Slayer, “Satan’s Fall” by Mercyful Fate, “Sails of Charon” from Scorpions, “No Quarter” by Zep, “Song for the Dead” by QOTSA, “Heaven’s on Fire” by Venom, “Progenies…” from Dimmu, that tune’s a great tribute to the “Hellraiser” title theme. Hey, one can’t forget “Monster Mash” by Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett, either. Or anything by Lady Gaga, cuz she’s scary as hell and sucks harder than a vampire.

— Gene Hoglan

Helloween, Code, Limbonic Art, Agalloch, Depresy.

— Trevor Strnad (Black Dahlia Murder)

Monster Mash, Behemoth, Vale of Pnath, Immortal Technique, Whitechapel, Black Dahlia, and Ace of Base for some reason. I’m still upset about the candy corn.

— Ezra Haynes (Allegaeon)

If I’m hanging with my friends, I know we’ll be blasting Overkill, singing “Old School”, Machine Head’s “The Blackening” record, King Diamond, and of course Slayer!

— Greg Burgess (Allegaeon)

Joseph LaDuca ‘s music composed for the soundtracks to both “Evil Dead” and “Evil Dead II – Dead By Dawn”; pure terror in every note.

— Tommy Niemeyer (The Accused)

Easy. Start off with King Diamonds “Halloween” then just run the entire rest of his discography from “Fatal Portrait” to “Give Me Your Soul” and if there is time left, start over with Mercyful Fate’s “Melissa” then run that whole catalogue all the way through “9” and that my friend is a fucking Halloween playlist!!

— Brian Werner (Infernaeon)

I’d kick it off with October 31’s “Powerhouse” rushing into Slayer’s “The Antichrist”. Next up Megadeth’s “The Conjuring” into Destruction’s “Mad Butcher”. By this point I’d need a breather, so I’d play Dark Angel’s “Merciless Death” into a time out with Iron Maiden’s “Fear Of The Dark”. While I’m re-couping I’ll rock out to Death Breath’s “Cthulhu Fhtagn!” and Demon’s “Don’t Break The Circle”. To finish it off with an epic bang Iced Earth’s “Damien” and Grim Reaper’s “See You In Hell”.

— Vic (Vindicator)

Helloween. Dur! Actually most metal music fits the atmosphere of Halloween. But you can never go wrong with Immortal. Their music compliments the already grim atmosphere that October 31st sets.

— Conan (Exmortus)

“Halloween” by King Diamond, “Halloween” by Helloween

and the entire Nightfall album by Candlemass

— Cory Boyd (Spellcaster)

Probably gonna throw on some Goat Horn. That’s all, just Goat Horn.

— Chris Birkle (Excruciator)

King Diamond “Fatal Portrait”,  Misfits “Walk Among Us”,  Lizzy Borden “Visual Lies”, Black Sabbath “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”, Judas Priest “Sad Wings of Destiny”

— Andy Gonzalez (Hammerwhore, Witches Mark)

Mercyful Fate “Desecration Of Souls”, Diamanda Galas “Sono l’antichristo”, Leviathan “Cut With The Night Into Mine Heart”, Deicide “Dead By Dawn”, Emperor “Night Of The Graveless Souls”, King Diamond “Black Horsemen”, Helloween “Dr.Stein”, Ulver “Ind I Fjeldkamrene” Alice Cooper “I Love The Dead”

— Robb Bockman (Witches Mark)

Only black metal. Can’t say now because it depends on my mood and the atmosphere.

— Goatlord (Panzergod)

My playlist doesnt ever change much, it’s usually Exodus “Bonded By Blood”, Slayer “Hell Awaits”, Morbid Angel “Blessed Are The Sick”, Dissection “Storm of the Lights Bane”, Watchtower “Energetic Dissasembly”, and Watain “Sworn To The Dark”

— Steve Perez (Demontuary)

Sol Invictus – Death of the West (on repeat)

— Ola Blomkvist (Griftegård)

The Call of Ktulu (Metallica) Angel of death (Slayer) Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath) Hollowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden) South of Heaven (Slayer) To Tame A Land (Iron Maiden) The Wizard (Black Sabbath)

— Jason Darnell (KAOS)

Ummm. Well, if I wanted to get into the spirit of things I’d probably put on Samhain or some King Diamond. But I’ll most probably be jamming some Yes or Marillion. Or I can play Christmas music really loud in my car with the windows open while driving at about five miles per hour downtown throwing used ketchup packets at stray dogs. I see it as a way to motivate bums. It definitely makes them look better than me.

— Orlando Logan Perez (Against The Plagues, Vex, Whore of Babylon)

For some reason I like to listen to a lot of W.A.S.P. on Halloween. “Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)” and classics like “Sleeping In The Fire” go hand in hand with Halloween for me!

— Wayne Holden (Omega Crom)

Any and all songs of: Bolt Thrower, Behemoth, Bloodbath, Cannibal Corpse, Death, The Acacia Strain, Decrepit Birth, Dying Fetus, The Aborted, Decapitated, The Faceless, Nasum and Cephalic Carnage.

— Nick and Phil (Enemy Reign)

Helloween… That is all!

— Dave Khan (Scythia)

Ideally, some Emperor, Burzum, or similarly atmospheric black metal. Some industrial after that. I might throw on some Skinless or Nile, some Cannibal. I pissed off my neighbors with Anal Nosorog’s “Carpathian Swine Herb” on repeat last Halloween. But one of the true anthems of the holiday has got to be Diamond Head’s “Am I Evil?”, no matter how played out it may be.

— Andrew Laurenson (Common Dead)

Mr. Crowley, Bark At The Moon – Ozzy; Killers – Iron Maiden; Angel of Death, Dead Skin Mask, Season’s In The Abyss – Slayer; The Conjuring – Megadeth; The Four Horsemen, Am I Evil – Metallica; I Am The Law – Anthrax; Black Sabbath, NIB, Sign Of The Southern Cross, Heaven And Hell – Black Sabbath; Holy Diver – Dio

— Mike Ikona (Black Brew)

Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath – Diamond Head, Am I Evil – Ozzy, Bark at the Moon – Iron Maiden, Fear of the Dark – Helloween, Halloween – Megadeth, Black Friday – AC/DC, Hells Bells

— Kurt Loun (Black Brew)

Type O Negative (to mellow things out), Obituary, Canibal Corpse.

— Akbar Johnson (Special Ops)

Misfits, King Diamond, Howl, Macabre, Type O Negative and fucking Slayer!

— John Conley (Moth Eater)

Weirdo dissonant black metal like Deathspell Omega and Blut Aus Nord’s “The Work Which Transforms God”.

— Seb Painchaud (The Last Felony)

“Reign in Blood” by Slayer “Thru Silver & Blood” by Neurosis “Thriller” by Michael Jackson “Stop, I’m Already Dead” by Dead Boy & The Elephantmen and “Shout At The Devil” by Motley Crue

— Dan Caycedo (Sons of Tonatiuh)


Evil G


1. Fastway – After Midnight (From the Trick Or Treat movie soundtrack 1986)

2. Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

3. Slayer – Hell Awaits

4. Helloween – Halloween

5. King Diamond – Halloween

6. King Diamond – Eye Of The Witch

7. King Diamond – The Family Ghost

8. Venom – Witching Hour

9. Ozzy Osbourne – Bark At The Moon

10. Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark



1. Savatage – Necrophilia

2. Cathedral – Hopkins (Withchfinder General)

3. Count Raven – To Kill a Child

4. Metal Church – Watch the Children Pray

5. Sentenced – Killing Me, Killing You

6. Annihilator – Alison Hell

7. Razor – Evil Invaders

8. The Crown – Total Satan

9. Alice Cooper – Dead Babies

10. Infernal Majesty – None Shall Defy


1. Helloween – Dr Stein

2. Blue Oyster Cult – Don’t Fear The Reaper

3. Destruction – Mad Butcher

4. Slayer – Dead Skin Mask

5. Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark

6. Fates Warning – Night on Brocken

7. Iced Earth – Dante’s Inferno

8. Grave Digger – Morgane le Fay

9. Ozzy Osbourne – Diary of a Madman

10. Nile – Lashed to the Slave Stick


1. Helloween – Halloween

2. King Diamond – Halloween

3. Hallow’s Eve – Hallows Eve

4. Halloween – Trick Or Treat

5. Van Helsing’s Curse – Occulus Infernum (entire album)

6. Wrathchild America – Candy From A Madman

7. Broken Hope – Bag Of Parts

8. Savatage – Ghost In The Ruins

9. Grim Reaper – Night Of The Vampire

10. Iron Maiden – Fear Of The Dark

Robert Williams

1. Alice Cooper – I Love The Dead

2. Angel Witch – Sorceress

3. Iron Maiden – Murders In The Rue Morgue

4. Venom – Buried Alive

5. King Diamond – Halloween

6. W.A.S.P. – Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In The New Morgue)

7. Judas Priest – Saints In Hell

8. Manowar – Bridge of Death

9. Alice Cooper – Cold Ethyl

10. Lizzy Borden – There Will Be Blood Tonight


1. Dimmu Borgir – Progenies of The Great Apocalypse

2. Dimmu Borgir – Spellbound By The Devil

3. Elvenking – Midnight Circus

4. Helloween – Hocus Pocus Focus

5. Magica – Road To The Unknown

6. Lordi – Would You Love A Monsterman

7. Poisonblack – Soul In Flames

8. Sirenia – At Sixes and Sevens

9. Eluveitie – The Cauldron of Renascence

10. Moonspell – Night Eternal


1. WASP – The Headless Children

2. Morbid Angel – God of Emptiness

3. My Dying Bride – A Kiss To Remember

4. Celtic Frost – Triptych: Totengott

5. Judas Priest – The Ripper

6. King Diamond – At The Graves

7. D.O.A. – Bloodrock

8. Alice Cooper – Go To Hell

9. KISS – Creatures of The Night

10. Type O Negative – All Hallows Eve

Sandra Torres

1. Dokken – Dream Warriors

2. Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

3. Slayer – Dead Skin Mask

4. Helloween – Halloween

5. Megadeth – Go to Hell

6. King Diamond – Eye Of The Witch

7. Alice Cooper – He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)

8. Ozzy Osbourne – Bark At The Moon / Waiting for Darkness

9. Hallows Eve – Hallow’s Eve

10. Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark

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