Getaway Rockfestival 2010 at Gasklockorna in Gavle, Sweden





 Saturday, Day 3

The third day began with sun and a clear blue sky and it was as hot as the days before. It wasn’t possible to take a shower at the camping area and to do that you had to walk to a place outside the camping ground. The festival didn’t put up signs that pointed you in the right direction and a new rule that the festival had put up was that it was forbidden to take glass bottles with you. I saw many campers that packed their stuff this morning and I guess that they were gonna go home straight after the last show the same night. The third day was also the most boring one when it came to bands and performances. Many of the Swedish acts were booked to perform this day and Slash was gonna close the festival with his act. But one exclusive booking that took place this day was the new band of Tom G Warrior – Triptykon and I think that many of the visitors this day had come to see them. I longed to see the demons in Torture division but while I waited for Lord K and his Torture Division to play I took a short glance at Deathstars that kicked off the last day of the festival at 2.30. Just like the previous days there were many people at the festival area at this time of day but the ones who were there sat in the beer tents sipping alcohol while they were hiding for the sun. Even though I liked the festival and the atmosphere in Gavle I must say that the range of food was really poor and the same goes for the merchandise stands and the market. The market contained 4-6 stands located at the entrance and they sold pretty much the same jewellery, cd’s and t-shirts. The food had been OK if it wasn’t so expensive and believe me I have been to a lot of festivals but Getaway had the most expensive food I have experienced so far. All of the t-shirts cost too much with no exception even if it was a huge band or a local act. The festivals own t-shirt did cost way too much and the prices of the clothes scared many potential buyers away and I saw many people that walked around with bootleg t-shirts.

Not many photographers waited in line to come into the pit and we were allowed to take pictures during the first three songs with no flash. The Boss of the stage came out and pointed out again that we were only allowed to take pictures of three songs with no flash, why he did that everytime I don’t have a clue as that is the rule for every gig.


Band-members are:

Nightmare Industries – guitar

Whiplasher Bernadotte – lead vocals

Cat Casino – guitar

Bone W Machine – drums

Skinny Disco – bass

Behind the band on stage hung a huge backdrop with the bands name on it and all of the guys were dressed in military outfits and some of them had also sun glasses on. The show began with “Night Electric Night” which was followed by “Motherzone”. All of the members looked a bit tired but I guess it had been a long night for them. Bernadotte thanked the audience for being there supporting the band and introduced the next song “Mark Of The Gun” unfortunately the sound was not good during the first few songs and that took away the joy of seeing them this day. The band uses a lot of keyboards and samples in their music but no one played the keyboard during the show. Bernadotte said that all of the guys who saw them that had a girlfriend should watch out because Deathstars were in town. Songs that followed were “Tongues” and “Dead New Nation” but it didn’t seem that the audience was ready for Deathstars because the people at the front of the stage mostly stood solid on their spot or leaned towards the fence while watching the band but I understand them because the bands music suits best in a dark and smoky hot club, not during the day on a sunny festival.





“Chertograd”, “Blitzkrieg” and “Blood Stained Blonds” followed and before they played “Blood Stained Blonds” Bernadotte told us a story. He said that he was in Stockholm a few weeks ago and saw our princess Madeleine on the street at a very well known spot in Stockholm where all the rich people party and when he saw her he thought that she didn’t fit into our so called Deathland where we live. Bernadotte asked if the audience wanted to have some blood in Gavle and everyone screamed YES, then he asked if we wanted to see some blood on our Royal Family and everyone screamed YES again and then he introduced “Blood Stained Blondes”.


Last songs for the day for Deathstars were “Cyanide” and “Death Dies Hard” and after 45 minutes on stage the band left Gavle for this time. It was not the best show I’ve seen with the band but they are excused, as I said earlier their music fits better in a dark club and not a sunny festival.


Set list

Night Electric Night


Mark Of The Gun


Dead New Nation



Blood Stained Blondes


Death Dies Hard

Many people at the festival had on this day dressed up as Slash and that was something that also was going on at the Copenhagen Live Festival that I attended earlier this year so it was no doubt who the people had came to see this particular day in Gavle. The next band to see for me was the Swedish all female act Crucified Barbara on the Monster Energy Stage. The band released their second album last year and its called TIL DEATH DO US PARTY which was an album that didn’t impress me much at all. The band also competed in the Eurovision Song Contest last year and by doing that they lost a lot of cred in my eyes. However was it a while since I last saw the band live and thought that I shouldcheck them out.

Crucified Barbara

The show kicked off as scheduled and the first song out was “Killer On His Knees” and it was followed by three more songs taken from the new album. After that did singer Mia Coldheart introduce the band members which are:

Nicki Wicked – drums

Ida Evileye- bass

Klara Force – guitar

Mia Coldheart – guitar, lead vocals

Coldheart hardly didn’t do any talking at all and it went completely silence in between the songs. Not much happened on stage either and the members didn’t move around much, the only thing that happened up there was occasional headbanging. “Sex Action” and “Can’t Handle Love” followed and then Coldheart said that it was time to play “Rock ‘n’ Roll Bachelor” and Coldheart thanked the audience for being there and supporting the band. “Losing The Game” and “Play Me Hard (The Bachelors Guitar”) continued and there was actually some action going on in the audience while those two songs were played but otherwise the crowd was calm and a bit reluctant. Coldheart thanked the audience again and after that was it an awkward silence. It’s strange that Coldheart can’t take an audience despite the amount of touring the band has done since their break through. The guitarist Force took the mic and said that it was hard to be out in the blazing heat but got the respond that what are you talking about, you all are standing in the shade.




“Heaven And Hell” is the song that the band performed in the Eurovision Song Contest and it’s a slow and quite anonymous ballad but of course the band was forced to play the song and of course the speed and tempo and energy got lost in the audience when this song was played. After 50 minutes Coldheart announced that the coming song was their last one and that the band was gonna be in the merchandise stand meeting fans and signing autographs later. Last song out was “In Distortion We Trust” and after that was it good bye. I thought it wasn’t much of a show and I think that Coldheart doesn’t have the voice it takes to be singing this kind of music.




As disappointed as I was over the Crucified Barbara show, I was twice as excited  to see the next band up and which was The Haunted on the Bandit Stage. The Haunted weren’t out promoting any new album but they have released a new live CD/DVD called Road Kill that’s really great. The band was also special guest to Slayer on all of the single shows that Slayer does in Europe this summer. This time all of the photographers were let into the pit the minute they arrived to the stage and when the clock hit 5.30 was it time for one of the biggest bands out of Gothenburg to enter stage in Gavle.



The Haunted

All of the members except lead singer Dolving entered the stage together and kicked off the show with the furious  intro song “Dark Intentions” and I was hooked right from the start. The band consists of:

Peter Dolving – lead vocals

Per M Jensen – drums

Jensen – guitar

Jonas Björler – bass

Anders Björler – guitar

Dolving arrived on stage after the intro had faded out and the first song for the evening was “Bury Your Dead” which was followed right away by “99”. It was an excellent way to start the show and the party continued on with amazing songs like “Trespass” and “The Flood”. Dolving is an amazing front man and he has the ability to capture the audience with his characteristical voice and body language. The twins stood as always on their side and headbanged and Jensen delivered edgy razor sharp riffs. Jensen is an amazing guitarist and song writer and Jensen and Björler completed each other perfect on guitar. The Haunted was an untamed beast on stage and they sure showed everyone who was the king this day.





Dolving didn’t do much talking but he showed with his hands that he wanted us to form a circle-pit and he didn’t need to do much the audience knew what he wanted straight away and did as they were told. “The Medication” was the name of another great song that was played and it felt like everything worked in favour of the band this evening. The light and sound were perfect as well as the audience who shouted, screamed and banged their heads out. More and more people turned up as the show proceeded and it was really fun to see that the band could gather so many people at one time.




 “Bloodletting” and “Little Cage” followed as well as the brilliant “D.O.A”. In the middle of the song Dolving stoppped the song and told us that he wanted everyone to form a wall of death and everyone lined up and were eager for Dolving to kick off the song. He said that the band was really pleased both with the many people in the audience as well as the festival and that they really wanted to come back if there’s gonna be a Getaway Rock Festival next year as well. The last song for the show was “The Guilt Trip” and Dolving thanked everyone again for being so nice and for coming to see The Haunted. The Haunted delivered an amazing show and my high expectations weren’t let down. Even though I missed a few favourite songs I was satisfied with the set list and I walked from the show with a smile on my face and a warm heart because I love The Haunted.



Set list

Dark Intentions

Bury Your Dead



The Flood

The Medication


Little Cage


No Compromise

Moronic Colossus

The Guilt Trip


Deicide was supposed to be performing on the festival but cancelled their appearance and was replaced by the new Tom G Warrior act Triptykon. Even if I never been a fan of Tom G Warriors various bands or projects I decided to take a look at what he was up to now and walked over to the Monster Energy Stage to see and hear Triptykon live.



There was not many people waiting to see the band which I felt was a bit strange I mean Tom G Warrior is an icon in the extreme metal genre. When the intro was played was the photographers aloud to come into the pit and the band walked on stage. Band members are:

Tom G Warrior – lead vocals, guitar

Vanja Slajh – bass

V Santura – guitar

Norman Lonhard – drums

“Procreation Of War” was the first song and Warrior said Welcome to the land of posers and kicked off the next song which was “Goetia”. Triptykon’s songs are very long and we were kicked out of the pit when they had played only two songs and that made many of the photographers really frustrated. Warrior didn’t do much talking and he mostly only introduced the songs. “Circle Of Tyrants” followed and the small crowd did their best to give the band a good time. Warrior both looked and sounded tired but it didn’t matter to the audience and everyone seemed to be enjoying the music of Triptykon. The set list contained both Triptykon songs as well as old Celtic Frost songs and the next songs for the day was “Babylon Fell” and “Synagoga Satanae”.




The band had also incorporated the really long song “The Prolonging” which is a 20 minute long song into the set list and that song also closed the show. After the last note had faded out all of the members just dropped their instruments and left the stage. The show was better suited better to a dark club rather than on a sunny festival but I think the bad did an OK job even though that doom metal is not suitable to be played in broad daylight. It seemed like the small crowd was happy and that is what counts even though the music wasn’t my cup of tea.






While the rest of the crowd moved over to the other stage to see Cannibal Corpse I met up with a few friends that were really impressed by the Triptykon show. More and more people started to show up at the festival area and that probably depended on the fact that it was soon time for Slash to go on stage. Me and my friends were headed over to the stage that was held inside one of the houses on the area where the infamous Torture Division was gonna play. Torture Division was one of the main reasons why I even bothered to go to Gavle and I met up with the band-members earlier during the day. The guys were as always friendly fun and fearless and they are all crazy guys that love their music. I have interviewed band leader Lord K a few times earlier so if you’re interested in how the mind of a maniac works then check out the interviews. Bass player Sandstrom (ex- Entombed, Grave) told me that they had a few surprises planned for the show so it was only to head over to the stage and wait for Torture Division to go on and do their thing.


Torture Division

A huge crowd had shown up to see Torture Division playing at the smallest stage at the festival. All of the members ran up on stage while the intro was playing and the members are:

Jorgen Sandstrom – lead vocals, bass

Lord K – guitar

Tobben Gustafsson – drums

As soon as the intro had ended the evil trio kicked off the first song which was “End This Rotten World” which was an excellent start of the start and that set the mood for what we could expect from the show. “Terroreyes” followed after which Sandstrom thanked the audience and that it was fun for them to see that so many had taken the time to come and see them tonight. “Double Barrel Remedy” came next and what an excellent show it was, I was hooked right after the intro. Sandstrom felt like the natural front man and he was backed up by two solid rocks from hell in Lord K and Gustafsson. This trio must be the most evil thing Sweden’s ever come up with. Sandstrom also asked us to support the band by buying T-shirts because that’s the way they finance their demos. Instead of releasing music on a label does the band record demos that you can download for free trough their website. “Traumatic” followed and the audience was ecstatic and screamed and headbanged throughout not only that song but through the entire performance.



For some reason the band played in almost pitch black which was bad for me because it was really hard to get pictures but it was great for the band because the darkness really set the mood and brought atmosphere to the show. Many of the fans screamed for the band to play the song “Lik” that isn’t featured on any demo so Sandstrom looked at his band mates and said OK let’s do that song then. Lord K is a guitar wizard and he did deliver some really sharp guitar riffs that cut through bones and marrow and Gustafsson on drums is sure a hard hitting and technical drummer. Even though the band aren’t found of touring did all of the members seem to have a great time on stage and I think that they really enjoyed themselves. The song “Left For Dead” was dedicated to the late Mieszko Talarczyk from Nasum who passed away a few years ago. Sandstrom told us that this particular day the band had released their third and final demo in their trilogy called EVIGHETENS DÅRAR (could maybe be translated as THE FOOLS OF ETERNITY) and the song “The Axemurderer” was taken from that demo.




A circle-pit was formed at the front of the stage and from the left side of the stage came 4 guys dressed like Freddy Kruger from Nightmare On Elm Street throwing the new Torture Division demo to the audience. When the song was over Sandstrom said that we all should give the guys in F.K.U a warm hand for helping out the band this night. “Total Death Punishment” and “Invoking The Knifer” ended the amazing Torture Division show which was a performance that I thought belonged to the best ones during the entire festival. In the middle of “Invoking The Knifer” the 4 guys from F.K.U come up on stage again pouring blood (or paint:)) on Torture Division. The audience wanted to hear and to have more from the band but that was all they gave us this evening. Only 35 minutes of hate and mayhem but what a show. I and many with me thought this was an amazing show and Torture Division really gave proof of why they are one of the best old school death metal acts in Sweden or even in the world at the moment. The new songs sounded great and the band has become really tight and well oiled killing machine and if you have missed to check out Torture Division it’s about time you do it now.




Set list


End This Rotten World


Double Barrel Remedy

Traumatic Inhuman



Left For Dead

The Axemurderer

Total Death Punishment

Invoking The Knifer

After having seen Torture Division it was again time to get something to drink and to find a place in the shadows to rest before it was time to head over and see Slash. Slash was the final show for the festival and there were lots more people at the festival ground this last night than it had been the two days before. Many photographers waited already in line in front of the main stage Monster Stage were Slash were gonna perform.

Something that struck me during these three days was that there were not many security staff or police out in the audience and on the ground. The same goes for medical staff, it felt like the organizers hadn’t realized that so many people were about to come to the festival. You can’t have too many security or medical staff at a festival. The biggest audience was the one during the Slash show, no other crowd could measure against the one during the Slash show.


As time went by more and more photographers showed up to photograph Slash and the head security for the stage asked us to line up and from nowhere came a lady and asked everyone which paper or magazine we worked for. It turned up that only the biggest magazines were allowed to take pictures of Slash and the rest of us had to go away. The rest of us weren’t important enough for the Festival but I really hope that the festival realize that they need us to promote their festival we don’t need them. That’s why I didn’t cover Slash at all, no pictures means no review.


After having seen Slash I walked back to the camping ground and tried to get a few hours of sleep before it was time to head back home to Malmoe. The most positive thing with Getaway Rock Festival was that the organizers had a great mix of bands from different genres and it was also a perfect mix of both Swedish and foreign bands. You could also enjoy older veteran acts as well as new and hungry bands the festival had something for everyone. The festival had also managed to book some exclusive gigs with Airbourne, Motorhead and Slash to mention a few. It was also nice that the camping ground were located close to the festival as well as close to the city so you could walk into town and buy food or other necessities. The light and sound were also perfect during most of the shows.



The negative things were the lack of security and medical staff and many of the staff members I asked couldn’t answer my questions either. There were also not many signs that showed you how to go to the festival from the train and bus station and it was also quite greedy to have to pay to be able to camp why not include that fee into the ticket price? The merchandise stands and the metal market was a joke just as the T-shirt prices. I also lacked a program for all the shows and I questions the idea to kick off each day at noon, I mean not many hardrockers are awake at noon if you have attended the festival the day before. The shows were also scheduled pretty close to each other so when one band had went off stage it took  5 minutes before the other act kicked off their show at the other stage. It made it hard to make it on time if you wanted to see two acts after each other on the two stages. But if the organizers could fix these things to next year I’m sure that even more people are gonna attend the show. The numbers on visitors was about 10.700 each day which is great numbers. I could really recommend this festival to everyone who loves metal and hardrock. I hope to see you next year Getaway Rock Festival.



Thanks to the head of the festival Mattias Johannesson at Getaway Rock Festival for help with press/photo-pass to the festival.
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And thanks to pressorganizers of the festival Per Bussmann and Anna Synnerö from Triada Communication for the help
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