Getaway Rockfestival 2010 at Gasklockorna in Gavle, Sweden





Friday, day 2

On the second day of the festival I woke up at 06.00 in the morning and the sun was just as hot and burning as the day before. However I felt a lot more rested this day than the day before and I took a stroll on the camping ground to see if there was some water near my tent. I could only find 4 taps with running water on the pretty large camping ground but to my joy I also found a super market located behind the camping ground where I could buy food and necessities because to be honest the food tents on the festival area didn’t have much to offer but ridiculous overpriced dishes. The beers also cost quite a lot, however I mainly drank water so I didn’t bother with the expensive beers. Even though the camping ground was pretty big weren’t there many that actually did camp, most of the people I met told me that they stayed at hotels or hostels in the central part of Gavle. The first band was scheduled to be on stage at noon which obviously was a little too early for most of the visitors because there were not many people in the area when I came at 12.30 and the first band to see for me was the English rockers in The Quireboys.



The band had recently re-launched their career but the only remaining original members are Spike and Guy Griffin, the rest of the band are “newcomers”. The band released the album HALFPENNY DANCER during last year and they have also released a 20 years anniversary edition of A BIT OF WHAT YOU FANCY in a remastered edition with some bonus tracks. It had turned up maybe about 100 people in front of the Monster Energy Stage where the band was gonna play. When the band turned up on stage were they about 15 minutes late and me and the rest of the photographers were let into the pit when the band already had turned up on stage. It was the same the day earlier, the one who was responsible for the photo pit did let the photographers into the pit when the band already were on stage. That gave us much lesser time to prepare the cameras and take pictures.

The Quireboys

Members of the latest version of The Quireboys are:

Spike – lead vocals

Guy Griffin – guitar

Paul Guerin – guitar

Keith Weir – keyboards

Phil Martini – drums

Damon Williams – bass

The band was late and didn’t start the show on time. They sounded tight and together and Spike’s voice was as hoarse as ever. They did both old classical song as well as a little more newer material like “Tramps And Thieves”, “Roses And Rings” and “Mona Lisa Smiled”. Spike apologized for being late and said that it was fun to be in Sweden again, however it didn’t seem like Spike was completely sober this day. But sober or not, the guys still got their groove going and I had forgotten how great this band actually is live on stage. Spike also said that Griffin was gonna buy everyone in the audience a beer or two after the show and needles to say that garnered huge applause for the band. “There She Goes Again” and “I Love This Dirty Old Town” followed and Spike had the audience in the palm of his hand from the early beginning of the show.




“Tears In Heaven” announced that the show shortly was going to an end but before the show was over they also played “Hey You” with some serious sing a long from the audience as well as their monstrous hit song “7 O’ Clock”. By that time the fans had gone crazy and danced around and sang a long in the songs and Spike looked all surprised up on stage. “7 O ‘ Clock” was the last song and when it was over they walked off stage. For 35 minutes The Quireboys had been on stage and it had been 35 minutes of sheer joy and party beneath the burning mid day sun. This was sure a show off in how classical English Rock n Roll should be played.




From The Quireboys I went to the Bandit Stage at the other side of the area where the Swedish act Grand Magus was about to kick off their show. I have never really paid attention to Grand Magus but after having heard their latest album was I really curious to hear and see the band live. It took a little shorter time to get into the photo pit at this stage and when I arrived to the stage were there already a lot of people that had turned up to see their favourite act.

Grand Magus

Grand Magus latest studio album is called HAMMER OF THE NORTH and the band consists of:

JB – lead vocals, guitar

Fox – bass, vocals

Sebastian – drums

JB stood on the right side of the stage, Fox on the left and Sebastian sat behind the guys in the middle. JB introduced the band and kicked off the show with “Kingslayer” from the band third album WOLF’S RETURN. The show instantly moved on with “Like The Air Strikes The Water” and “Silver Into Steel”. Both JB and Fox stood solid on their spot during the show and even though they didn’t invite the crowd to any sing a long or so were the fans really satisfied with the bands performance and music. “At Midnight They’ll Get Wise” and Wolf’s Return” followed shortly and you could sense that the guys was under time pressure. The songs kept on coming and we could enjoy “I, The Jury”, “Hammer Of The North” and the excellent “Iron Will”. JB said that it had been great to be on stage in Gavle this warm day but that it was time to end the show and what better way to say good bye than with the song “The Shadow Knows”. Grand Magus played for about 60 minutes and even though they did a good job it was a bit boring that they only stood on each side and didn’t move around at all.






Set list


Like The Oar Strikes The Water

Silver Into Steel

At Midnight They’ll Get Wise

Wolf’s Return

I, The Jury

Hammer Of The North

Iron Will

The Shadow Knows

Now was it time to seek some shadow and to drink an obscene amount of water before it was time to see the next band. I also took a closer look at the merchandise stand to see what they were selling. There was one larger stand located at the Bandit Stage and one smaller at the Monster Energy stage but to be honest was I a bit depressed when I saw the prices of the t-shirts. All of the band t-shirts had the same price, 300 SEK. It didn’t matter if you were a huge band like Megadeth or a smaller band every t-shirt cost the same. Was it maybe because the festival took a percentage of the money from the t-shirts? The festival had printed their own festival t-shirt with no band logos on the back only a print on the chest that said “I’m a hard-rocker and have been to a hardrock festival” and the dates, that one costed 250 SEK. Sick prices. While Sonic Syndicate played at Monster Energy Stage did a take cover from the sun and drank some water while I waited for one of my personal favourite singer to take place on Getaway Rock Festival. When I walked around on the area I met up with the Jorn Lande guitarist Tore Moren that stood at the backstage entrance at the Bandit Stage. We killed an hour together in await of Jorn and Tore to go on stage. Jorn was about to go on stage after the Swedish act Sonic Syndicate and Jorn has recently released the tribute album DIO an album that’s really great. I asked Tore if they were gonna do the “A Song For Ronnie James” song but he said that he doubted that and couldn’t promise it, however was he gonna ask Jorn if they could play it anyway. Sad, because I had really wanted to hear the amazing song “A Song For Ronnie James” but a nice surprise was that Tore said that Jorn is about to head out on a European tour during the fall/winter.

Soon it was time for Tore to head off and for me to once again get into the photo pit. On stage was only a backdrop with the cover art work taken from the studio album SPIRIT BLACK.




The band members are:

Tor Erik Myhre – guitar

Willy Bendiksen – drums

Tore St Moren – guitar

Nic Angileri – bass

Jorn Lande – vocals

The band members entered the stage first without Jorn and kicked off the song “Road Of The Cross” and Jorn came on stage when the band had played the intro to the song. When Jorn showed up on stage the crowd went crazy and gave the Norwegian viking a really warm welcome. “Below” followed straight away and it was full speed ahead right from the start. Especially Angileri was really exited and you could count the few moments he stood still on one side during the show. Lande thanked the audience for the very warm welcome and instantly kicked off “Shadow People” and Lande ran out on the front of the stage in order to pose for the photographers in the pit. Myhre and and Moren were really tight and they completed each other really well. Angileri and Bendiksen contributed with a firm and rock solid foundation for the rest of the band to stand on. Lande sounded as good as always and he inhabits one of the worlds greatest and most majestic vocal chords. Even though no one can really replace Dio is Lande a worthy follower to Ronnie James Dio. Lande’s line-up has gone through many changes through the years but it seems like this current one are a solid one at least I hope so because they sure complete each other perfect.



Just as all the other singer and bands that I have seen this day and the day before Lande didn’t do much talking at all and that depended probably on the lack of time. He did most of his talking in either Swedish or Norwegian or English and the audience cheered and clapped their hands as a response to everything he said. Lande said that it was time to go back one year in time to 2009 and to the title track of the album SPIRIT BLACK. Then followed the 2 years old song “The Inner Road” taken from the excellent album SPIRIT BLACK. Myhre’s guitar play in “The Inner Road” was so intense that he broke a few strings on his guitar. The audience was quite calm and mostly stood still and listen and looked and Lande but there was no doubt that they loved their Norwegian neighbour. “Man Of the Dark” followed and then was it time for drummer Wild Willy to do his drum solo and Lande and the rest of the band walked off stage. It was an OK solo, not more not less but to be honest aren’t solos a bit overrated at least if you’re not Gus G or the younger and slimmer version of Yngwie Malmsteen.




When Lande and the band entered the stage again they instantly kicked off “Soul Of The Wind” which was followed by the very beautiful and majestic  before which Lande said it was time to pay tribute to one of the best singers in the world who so tragically past away earlier this year, it was “Song For Ronnie James” and I did get to hear one of my favourite songs of all time with Jorn Lande. The song gave me chills and it feels really sad that we have lost the legendary icon Ronnie James Dio. Luckily we have singers like Lande to continue where Dio left off. The song was really appreciated and Lande thanked the audience from the bottom of his heart for all the applauds and screams he got when the song was over. The final song for the ordinary set was “War Of The World” which was part of a medley of songs, the songs were “War Of the World”/”Man On The Silvermountain”/”War Of The World”.  Lande played for one hour this day with no encores which was too short in my opinion when you think of how few shows Lande does in Sweden.





Lande really showed who the king was of Getaway Rock Festival this day and the show was impressive in every possible kind of way. The sound and the set list was amazing and it was fun to hear many of my personal favourite tracks but it was a little strange that he didn’t play more songs from his solo album SPIRIT BLACK and I had waited to hear more songs from the DIO album but that maybe happens later on when he heads out on his tour later this year.

Set list

Road Of the Cross


Shadow People

Stone Cold

Spirit Black

Inner Road

Man Of The Dark

Drum Solo

Soul Of The Wind

Song For Ronnie James

War Of The World/Man On The Silvermountain/War Of The World

Overkill was about to kick off their show right away after the Jorn show so I ran as fast as I could over to the other stage to see the old thrash heroes. Overkill have recently released their latest studio album called IRONBOUND and it’s a magnificent show off how good old thrash metal ought to be played.



The band spread out on stage and began the show with the furious “The Green  And The Black” taken from IRONBOUND. The name of the members are:

Ron Lipnicki – drums

Derek Tailer – guitar

Dave Linsk – guitar

DD Verni – bass

Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth – lead vocals

Next song on the set list was “Rotten To The Core” after which Blitz asked how Sweden was doing this hot afternoon. “Wrecking Crew” followed and the shirtless Blitz looked a lot like Iggy Pop when he leaned towards the mic stand spitting out the lyrics. Verni stood beside Blitz but more to the middle and pumped out heavy bass lines through out the show. Blitz wondered if it was OK with us if they played an older song and fired off “Hello From The Guitar” taken from the album UNDER THE INFLUENCE. The audience at the front of the stage went mental when they heard the old song and jumped up and down to the music and it seemed like Overkill was moved and touched by the warm welcome they got this day. More older songs stood on the agenda when “Coma” continued before it was time to move over to some more current material with the title song “Ironbound”.




Blitz said that Overkill had been running for 25 years now and that they had survived only because of the major support of the fans. Blitz said it was really fun to stand on stage and see people from all ages in the audience, the youngest fans stood right in front of the stage and the oldest fans stood at the back. “In Union We Stand” and “Bring Me The Night” continued this magical performance and the crowd sang along in most of the songs, both the old as well as the new ones. “Elimination” followed right away and showed us the finger as an hint of the title of the last song for the show which was the Subhumans cover “Fuck You”. The show lasted for an intense hour and it felt like you had been hit by a truck afterwards. Overkill delivered a rock solid performance that I was really impressed by. The only negative thing was that the show was too short just like the Jorn performance, I had wished for at least 30 minutes more.





Set list

The Green And Black

Rotten To The Core

Wrecking Crew

Hello From The Gutter



In Union We Stand

Bring Me The Night


Fuck You

The next band on the Monster Energy Stage was the Swedish act Mustasch but just like the day before there really were not many people at all on the area. The Megadeth gig wasn’t full at all and I really wonder where all the people were. I have seen Mustasch live many times and the last time I saw them was this past winter when they played in Copenhagen. The band is still out promoting their latest studio album that was released last year. Up on the Monster Energy Stage hung a huge black backdrop with the bands name written in silver and it looked like it always have done. The only difference now was that the band had built two huge crosses that was turned up side down of amps besides the drums. It looked quite cool actually. Everyone who has seen Mustasch live knows that the guys are a really strong live act and the singer Ralf Gyllenhammar is a joker on stage.




Members are:

Ralf Gyllenhammar – lead vocals, guitar

Mats “Stam” Johansson – bass

David Johannesson – guitar

Danne McKenzie – drums

The show kicked off with the intense song “In The Night” which was followed by “The Audience Is Listening”. The band have partially changed their line-up and the latest additions are Johannesson and McKenzie. Gyllenhammar stood as usual with one foot on the amp while he sang and it was easy to hear and see that the band are deeply loved by the Swedish audience because they cheered and gave the band a really warm welcome. Gyllenhammar said it was fun to be in Gavle and asked us how we were doing. “Mine” followed which is the first single from the latest album and the audience sang along in the song. Gyllenhammar asked us if we wanted to hear more music and kicked off “Damn It’s Dark” and “The Man The Myth The Wreck”. Gyllenhammar then waned us to give a warm hand to Johannesson and McKenzie and asked is again if we loved hardrock. Everyone shouted yes, but Gyllenhammar said no, I want to hear the answer short and military and the audience answered again YES!




Usually Gyllenhammar always has a bottle of Jack Daniels that he drinks from during every show but this day he drank water and beer and no whiskey at all. “Heresy Blasphemy”, “Accident Blackspot” and “I Lied” followed after each other and even though the band have gone through line up changes the music hasn’t suffered from it. Sure, McKenzie hits a lot harder and has a little more “metal” playing style if you compare with the former drummer and Johannesson has a more heavier guitar play if you compare with the old guitarist but there hasn’t been any other musical changes besides that.



During “Heresy Blasphemy” smoke came out from the front of the stage and it looked really good. Johannesson and McKenzie were given a lot of space to show off on but when Gyllenhammar cheered for his favourite soccer team did the audience booed at him but it was in a friendly way. Gyllenhammar left the introduction to the next song to McKenzie and he fired off the intro to the genius song “Black City” which was a huge crowd pleaser. “Parasite” followed and Gyllenhammar thanked everyone in the audience for being so nice to the band. When the bands breakthrough song “Down In Black” came went the crowd crazy and I have to agree with that song is one of the best songs the band has done. More excellent songs followed like “Bring Me Everyone” and “I Hunt Alone” which was a little longer than the original version. Johannesson did a guitar solo in the middle and Gyllenhammar wanted everyone to wave along and sit on each others shoulders during the song and after a while were there a bunch of people that sat on each others shoulders. Gyllenhammar was so impressed that he brought on two photographers on stage to take pictures of it. That song also ended the show for the band but the dedicated fans wanted to hear more from Mustasch. The encore was the bands most famous songs called “Double Nature” and when the audience heard the intro they exploded in happiness and joy. But after that the show was over and the band walked off stage after about one hour. I thought the show definitely was one of the better ones I’ve seen with the band during the years even though the show was a little too short. I had wanted to hear more from Gothenburgs finest rock’n’roll band. The set list down below isn’t in perfect order but I did my best.


Set list

In The Night

The Audience Is Listening


Damn It’s Dark

The Man The Myth The Wreck

Heresy Blasphemy

Accident Blackspot

I Lied

Black City


Down In Black

Bring Me Everyone

I Hunt Alone

Double Nature

By now the clock was at 8:30 and it was slightly cooler when the sun had set and it was time to catch some rest before the mighty Motorhead went on stage. It looked like more people had come to the area as well but I headed over to the beer tent to meet up with an old friend and there await Lemmy and guys to go on. My friend had done the math and said that it was 25 years since we first saw Motorhead for the first time live, my god, does that means we’re getting old perhaps?

The last time I saw Motorhead was at Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium this summer and to my surprise the band had a little different set list than they’re used to have. Time flew away and it was time to head back to the photo pit once again and just like during the Megadeth show the day before were we divided in two groups which made it possible for us to only take pictures during one song. Why not have a broader photo pit that allows all of the photographer to fit? The photographers from the bigger newspapers came into the pit first which was odd because the reviewers hardly didn’t write a single line about the festival the next day. Well, back to the show now.




Lemmy – lead vocals, bass

Phil Campbell – guitar, vocals

Mikkey Dee – drums, vocals

Lemmy pounded his bass guitar a few times and began the show with the lines “ Good Evening, we are Motorhead and we play rock’n’roll”. “Iron Fist” was the first song out and do I need to say that the audience went crazy from the start? “Stay Clean” followed and as usual stood Lemmy on the right side of the stage with Dee at the back in the middle and Campbell on the left. Lemmy looked cool in his sunglasses and cowboy hat and boots. Lemmy thanked the audience for the applause and said the the band was gonna do a song from 2006 called “Be My Baby”. Campbell ran around on stage and threw off both hat and sunglasses while jumping over the amps to come out to the front of the stage. He asked us if we thought that Motorhead played loud enough which the audience didn’t so Campbell thought the band should turn up the volume a bit. Lemmy introduced the next song with the words that it was time for a golden oldie in the song “Metropolis”. Personally I think that both “Stay Clean” and “Metropolis” are show stoppers and had wished for some more up-tempo songs.


Lemmy then introduced “Over The Top” and he dedicated that song to the audience for being so nice. Then was it time to head back to the year 2006 and the album KISS OF DEATH and the song “One Night Stand” which is an OK song. I think it gets more and more clear that Lemmy is a bit tired because all of the times I’ve seen the band lately Lemmy mostly just stands still behind the mic and doesn’t move around at all. Campbell is the one that gets the crowd going while Lemmy stands still, at least has it been so on the last few shows I’ve seen with them. Songs like “The Thousand Names Of God” and “I Got Mine” followed and at the end of the stage on each side was pyro that threw up fire placed and it looked really good when the flames reached to the sky. Lemmy introduced the next song saying that this song is a B side on a single and not a usual song for them to play, it was the song “Cradle To The Grave”. The audience liked the mixed set list that included both newer as well as older songs and everyone around me sang along and headbanged to the music.


The show continued on with great songs like “In The Name Of Tragedy”, “Just Cos´You Got The Power” and the all-time favourite “Going To Brazil”. Mikkey Dee also did a shorter drum solo that wasn’t so great, it felt like Dee rushed through the solo and I have seen him do much better solos than this one. Lemmy dedicated the song “Just Cos´You Got The Power” to all the politicians world wide because politics is something he hated he said and asked us to never trust the words of a politician. The two classical songs “Killed By Death” and “Born To Raise Hell” ended the show. In the middle of “Killed By Death” two girls came out on stage and blew fire during the song. Do I need to point out that the girls were half naked? When Lemmy thanked and went off stage Motorhead had performed for about 1.10 but the ecstatic crowd wanted to hear more so they shouted for the band to come out and do encores. Lemmy returned to the stage with Mikkey Dee and Campbell on his side and introduced the band members and said that Campbell had been with him in the band for 26 years now. Behind Lemmy sat, said Lemmy, the fastest, heaviest and the hardest working drummer in the world from Sweden  – Mikkey Dee. Campbell then took over the mic and introduced Lemmy as the one and only Lemmy Kilmister and the cheers that greeted Lemmy must have been the loudest cheers during the entire day two of the festival.



“Ace Of Spades” was the first encore and it was followed by “Overkill” and what can go wrong with classics like those songs? Lemmy thanked us with saying – We are Motorhead and we play rock’n’roll don’t forget that. Motorhead stood on stage for 90 magical minutes but was it a good show? Yes, maybe for the ones who hadn’t seen the band before. But for us older geezers that have seen the band I think that it wasn’t the most mindblowing show ever. I had wished for a little more varied set list but luckily more people saw Motorhead than Megadeth the day before. Yes, the songs were great but I had wished that the band had played a few more unexpected songs.


Set list

Iron Fist

Stay Clean

Be My Baby

Rock Out


Over The Top

One Night Stand

Guitar Solo

The Thousand Names Of God

I Got Mine

Cradle To The Grave

In The Name Of Tragedy

Drum Solo

Just Cos´You Got The Power

Going To Brazil

Killed By Death

Born To Raise Hell


Ace Of Spades


The Motorhead show was the last show for me to attend this day that was even hotter than the day before. This summer broke all the heat records in Sweden. When I walked across the festival are back to the camping I noticed the age difference amongst the visitors. I could see teenagers, kids with their parents as well as death metal fans and old hardrockers that had been around since the early dawn of rock. It’s nice to see that hardrock and heavy metal unites people of all ages and believes. The last big band this day was the Swedish band Meshuggah but now it was time for me to go to sleep. The next day was Deathstars first on my list of bands to see and they started off at 14.30.




Read about the third and final day of the festival on the following page




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