Mr. Death – Death Suits You

Reviewed: October 2010
Released: 2010, Agonia Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Mr. Death – this sort of all-star line-up of experienced Swedish metal musicians from some known (Tiamat, Treblinka) and lesser known (Digression Assassins, Septic Grave) noise & havoc causing combos, have paid a visit to studio once again – and recorded six brand-new songs of old school Death Metal, and not any other way but the Swedish way naturally.

DETACHED FROM LIFE, Mr. Death´s 11-song debut effort that was released on the Polish label Agonia Records, had basically ´100% Swedish old school Death Metal quality´ tagged all over it – and the band´s MCD, titled DEATH SUITS YOU, makes no difference in rattling those old, same bones in the name of old school Swedish Death Metal either.

So, if you have just ever dared to follow the past Swedish Death Metal scene back in the day – and dug the hell out of such cherishers of a very down-tuned tuned guitar sound as Grave, Dismember, God Macabre, Carnage and the like, you are gonna love this release, too. It´s all about rehashing once invented and widely accepted things – and not much more really. Mr. Death´s concept about horror and death is nothing to sweat your expensive pullover wet with utter fear, but it´s still fun even if a bit of sort of recycled fun that one has kind of gotten used to already.

If you accept Mr. Death´s worn-out beast claws as they were first revealed in some dusty and small rehearsal rooms around the Stockholm area for the first time back in 1988-89, then I am sure you may dig the heck out of them. Mr. Death blows you out of the murky waters with all that heaviness, grunty and bowel-deep vocals a lá Jörgen Sandström style (of ex-Grave fame) – and a brutal and crushing Death Metal sound, which the Swedish bastards will always be credited for – for a justified enough reason though.

DEATH SUITS YOU works out best in some heavily beer and booze-filled parties whenever you may get into a nostalgic mood, and want to dedicate that special evening to old school Death Metal only (preferably the Swedish type) – with some of your closest old farts who might still be into all this, just like they were some 20 years ago already. Old is good – good is old, only with a few exceptions, always.


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Track Listing:
01. March to the Dark
02. On Day 51
03. Curse of the Masses
04. The Plague and the World It Made
05. Strandead
06. Celestial Suffering

Jocke – Vocals
Stefan Lagergren – Guitar
Alex – Guitar
Jörgen \”Juck the Ripper\” – Bass
Jonas – Drums